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Let's see if you can turn this joke into a wallpaper battle?
Friday, 28-May-1999 22:12:25
  • Message: writes:

    Mr. Larson got himself a new secretary. She was young sweet and very polite.

    One day, while taking dictation, she noticed his fly was open. While leaving the room she said, "Mr. Larson, your barracks door is open."

    He did not understand her remark, but later on he happened to look down and saw that his zipper was open.

    He decided to have some fun with his new secretary. Calling her in he asked, "By the way Ms. Jones, when you saw my barracks door open this morning, did you also notice a soldier standing at attention?"

    Ms Jones, replied, "Why no sir! All I saw was a little disabled veteran sitting on two duffle bags."



  • Julia: If I could draw a picture of AP's disabled little veteran I would, unfortunately my little paint program doesn't come with a magnifying glass!! *hehe* That was a really funny joke too! (n/t) (28-May-1999 22:55:03)
    • CF: okay julia, be nice,lass, or Liam will pay the consequences (n/t) (29-May-1999 00:17:06)
      • FW: Oh, really???? (n/t) (29-May-1999 10:08:11)
        • Terry, Linking Arms with FW to Form a Human Chain of Protection...Lionesses Circling Around Their Lion....: You just try getting past us. (n/t) (29-May-1999 12:43:49)
        Julia (shaking in her shoes) *g*: oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...*shiver* (n/t) (29-May-1999 16:08:42)
        • Terry: Julia, you are one of us Lionesses. I was talking to CF. HAHAHA! (n/t) (29-May-1999 22:11:19)
          • FW: Er, you mean Liam-nesses? :-) (n/t) (30-May-1999 10:20:25)
            • CF: Naw, FW, Laimnesses (n/t) (30-May-1999 10:36:31)
              Terry: Roar, baby, roar! (n/t) (30-May-1999 10:40:39)

Well, a poor Foreign Woman cannot even go and eat sausage in peace and quiet!!!
Friday, 28-May-1999 17:28:05
  • Message: writes:

    Yes, I've seen the pics down below... they have the sign of PB's clumsy paintbrush all over them... Those pictures are as FAKE as the Italian guy's... err-- yes, exactly what you're thinking!

    But this one, I didn't even have to touch it!!! Yo, PB and Judolf!! Here's the man of your dreams!!!!



  • FW: Hehehehe! One shouldna laugh while posting HTML. Never mind... here it is: (n/t) (28-May-1999 17:32:56)
    • PB: Touchee, FW....Touchee!!!!!! (n/t) (28-May-1999 17:45:04)
      JulieH: Rita, darling, at least he still looks gorgeous in make up and a dress! I'll flip his skirts anytime! I canna say the same after looking at purple Liam below! (n/t) (28-May-1999 18:46:15)
      Helen: WHERE in the world did this piccie come from? When did AP ever dress up like this? Yeesh! (n/t) (28-May-1999 21:03:29)
      • Rita: Oh, he does it all the time, when he thinks nobody's watching, Helen! (n/t) (28-May-1999 21:11:33)
        CF: It's from the HL episode "Timeless." This shot is from one of the flashbacks where Duncan is playing Kate from "Taming of the Shrew." BTW, Duncan was an awful actor :) (Notice, Julia and FW, I said *Duncan*, not Adrian (n/t) (29-May-1999 00:27:13)
      Kathleen: I guess this means that AP is a true non-homophobic (n/t) (29-May-1999 00:11:38)
    Cara: Wallpaper Wars, Part 2. And just imagine, we all did study, got a job with some serious responsibility or a raising a family, and yet we are fighting over That Italian Guy and Liam "Rob Roy" Neeson like fresh from Kindergarten. Keep it coming. I love it. I sort of feared you might stop when the poll was closed, but no! I love that! (n/t) (28-May-1999 18:29:01)

Friday, 28-May-1999 14:05:18
  • Message: writes:

    Okay, I don't know how to post pictures or links YET, so let me just strongly advise everyone to check out the cover of the June issue of George magazine (possibly posted online - I'll go check). You might want to have someone standing behind you to catch you when you SWOON!



  • Lea: A hint, please....before I go flying off to the drugstore. (n/t) (28-May-1999 16:44:30)
    • Chris: A hint? Well, he's got a grrreat lightsaber!!!! And he tied for favorite wallpaper, though he would have won if I'd had a chance to vote on the last day! haha! (n/t) (28-May-1999 17:24:41)
    Julia (fresh back from Star Wars and ready to fight the unbelievers of the FORCE): Sandy, I looked for it but you can only find it online at AOL, which I don't have. Someone on AOL get over there and find that man!! The keyword is George. I will love you forever if you do!! (n/t) (28-May-1999 19:44:52)
    • Sandy: Well, you are right. It used to be online. :( I say go to the store - unless you're one of those who likes the Italian guy better (I don't understand that).(nt) (n/t) (28-May-1999 20:41:47)
      • Sandy: P.S. George is a great magazine regardless of who is on the cover. (n/t) (28-May-1999 20:45:04)
    Kathleen: Julie in here>>> (28-May-1999 21:37:33)
    • Kathleen {whose dh is screeming for his ice cream in the back ground}: CLICK ON THIS ONE (n/t) (28-May-1999 21:42:31)
      Kathleen: What I did was search Liem Neeson on open directory. I picked the second one and you will find a message board to LM with pictures. I canna figure out why it will not open (n/t) (28-May-1999 21:48:28)
      Rita: HERE! HERE! The URL had an extra "s", Kathleen. Some of the messages are too funny! :-) CLICK HERE! (n/t) (29-May-1999 13:13:13)

I actually came on today to share a joke and got carried away with other things!!
Friday, 28-May-1999 10:03:01
  • Message: writes:

    So here's the Joke:

    The 90's

    You try to enter your password on the microwave.
    You now think of three espressos as "getting wasted."
    You haven't played solitaire with a real deck of cards in years.
    You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of 3.
    You e-mail your son in his room to tell him that dinner is ready, and he emails you back "What's for dinner?"
    Your daughter sells Girl Scout Cookies via her web site.
    You chat several times a day with a stranger from South Africa, but you haven't spoken to your next door neighbor yet this year. [I have some of those]
    You didn't give your valentine a card this year, but you posted one for your email buddies via a Web page.
    Your daughter just bought a CD which has all the records your college roommate use to play that you most despised.
    Every commercial on TV has a website address at the bottom of the screen
    You buy a computer and a week later it is out of date and now sells for half the price you paid.
    The concept of using real money, instead of credit or debit, to make a purchase is foreign to you.
    Your reason for not staying in touch with family is that they do not have email addresses. You consider 2d day air delivery painfully slow
    You refer to your dining room table as the flat filing cabinet
    Your idea of being organized is multiple colored post-it notes.
    You hear most of your jokes via email instead of inperson.

    Board hog is now going to finish her laundry. I vill be back!



  • Julia: We should add: When you spend all work day on the LOL board arguing about who is a better Jamie, LIAM NEESON or that Italian guy. (n/t) (28-May-1999 10:18:33)
    • CF: Uh...the "Italian guy" is 1/2 English, and he has a name. It's Adrian Paul And just in case you've forgotten what he looks like (n/t) (28-May-1999 15:16:43)
      Lee C: Bunny-nose? (n/t) (28-May-1999 15:19:40)
      • Lee C: Ha! Ha! CF, you posted while I was. Too funny. (Though he doesn't look very bunny-nosish in this pic, they must have air brushed it.) :-P (n/t) (28-May-1999 15:23:39)
        • CF: Cute, Lee....real cute. At least it's not a big old broken honker like Laim's :) (n/t)(28-May-1999 15:32:56)
          • Julia: In case you have forgotten, JAMIE's nose is broken too... (n/t) (28-May-1999 15:49:44)
            Terry: Gettin' a WEEEEEEEE bit testy about your man, CF? (n/t) (28-May-1999 17:56:20)
            • CF: Who me???? Only in fun, Terry, only in fun!!!! (n/t)(28-May-1999 18:07:11)
              • Terry: Aye, I ken ye weel, Lass. (n/t) (28-May-1999 20:41:38)
        FW, strikes back!!: YEP!!!!!!! (n/t) (28-May-1999 15:43:50)
        • CF: Okay, time to fight picture with picture (n/t) (28-May-1999 15:47:06)
          • Judie: Anyone seen my purse???? (n/t) (28-May-1999 16:57:38)
      Sandy: I sure don't want to make anyone mad but I just can't see any Jamieness in Adrian. None whatsoever. (n/t) (28-May-1999 21:19:55)
      • Gwen: I quite agree Sandy, he's verra nice but Jamie he's not!!!! (n/t) (29-May-1999 09:37:23)
    Helen: Oh, CF!! As gorgeous as AP is, ya just gotta love FW! : ) Come on, he looks so cute like this.... : ) (n/t) (28-May-1999 15:42:23)
    • CF: Yeah, but I deleted it anyway heheheheheheeheh. (n/t) (28-May-1999 15:44:14)
      • FW: hehehehehehehehe, indeed!!! (n/t) (28-May-1999 15:46:06)
        • FW: P.S. I'm going to have dinner.... but I'll be back, PB!! Me and my Photoshop brush! (n/t) (28-May-1999 15:48:14)
          • cf: Of course I'm going to regret this, but, BEAT YOU TO IT, RITA!!!!! (n/t) (28-May-1999 17:14:05)
      Helen: SO I NOTICED!!! *bg* Fasten your seatbelts, ladies, I think it's going to be another bumpy AP/LN night!! (n/t) (28-May-1999 15:45:50)
      • Julia (off to see Star Wars for the 3rd time - be back soon): I am always ready to defend the rights of my JAMIE, Liam Neeson. I will be out in full force tonite so watch out! (n/t) (28-May-1999 15:52:31)
        • CF: Uh, Julia, you might want to keep your eyes out for *this* lovely creature while you're out. Be sure to notice his, uh her, fine taste in jewelry (n/t)(28-May-1999 16:53:14)
          • Judie: And he's so old and decrepit he needs a cane too now .... - hahahahaha (n/t)(28-May-1999 16:56:26)
            Judie: Hey LOOK ^^^ at Liam's brooch! She has some class after all! :-D (n/t) (28-May-1999 17:07:46)
            • M&M: I just hope I dont get any of you three mad at me! And if you have any pics of me send them back! you are all too funny! (n/t) (28-May-1999 18:15:55)
            Sandy: HYSTERICAL! (n/t) (28-May-1999 21:25:42)
    Julia: Until I figure out how to vandalize that Italian boy, I will just have to keep posting pictures of the real Jamie till you come to your senses. Liam can use the Force on me anytime! (n/t) (28-May-1999 20:11:22)
    • Sandy: Here, Here! Me Too! He is the Perfect Older if we could just find the Young Jamie....I used to date a guy like that one (long ago and far away) (n/t) (28-May-1999 21:28:36)
    Julia: So take this!! (n/t) (28-May-1999 20:12:54)
    • Judie: "Oh my, I really need a makeover!" :-) (n/t) (28-May-1999 20:38:14)
    Julia (on the rampage): Oh, just you wait till I figure out how to do that! I have decorated several pics of that Italian boy, I just don't know how to post them. But when I do you're in for it! :) (n/t) (28-May-1999 20:54:53)
    • Rita: Oh, Julia! Just send them over to my email!!! Believe me, it will be NO SACRIFICE AT ALL to post them! heheheheh (n/t) (28-May-1999 21:26:45)
      • Judie: bwahahahahahaha :-D (n/t) (28-May-1999 21:35:18)
    Julia: Ok, you poser hosers, Rita and I are on the rampage! We'rer gonna chew Adrain up and spit him out!! *insert evil chuckle* (n/t) (28-May-1999 21:42:32)
    CF: Bwahahahaha...oh, did I forget to tell you, Julia, that I have delete power? No? Well guess what? I have delete power. (It was the teeth, lass. If you'd left the teeth alone, I could've lived with it hehehehehehe). (n/t) (29-May-1999 01:20:25)
    • Judie: I can see what TODAY'S game is going to be - eh, Rita????? hahahaha (n/t) (29-May-1999 12:45:09)
    Julia: Hey, no fair! (n/t) (29-May-1999 12:51:57)
    • JR for CF: :-) (n/t) (29-May-1999 13:18:21)
    Julia: Alright FW!!! You da woman!! :) (n/t) (29-May-1999 16:06:25)
    • Judie: you two behave! :-) (n/t)(29-May-1999 16:33:09)
    • Rita: Sure!(n/t) (30-May-1999 19:07:48)
    CF: Geesh, I go away for a day...... (n/t) (30-May-1999 00:56:42)

Hunk of the Day
Friday, 28-May-1999 08:24:07
  • Message: writes:

    He's not a Kilt Boy but he's still beautiful, yes?



  • Kathleen : He's Irish!!! that's why!!! (n/t) (28-May-1999 09:02:34)
    • Josephine: He is also one of my fellow Texans. Got to LOVE that East Texas drawl. . . YUM (n/t) (28-May-1999 13:31:19)
    Elizabeth I: I wouldn't mind warming my toes under his bedsheets!!! *g* (n/t) (28-May-1999 09:08:34)
    Khelli: WOW What a way to start the day. I was feeling a bit drowsy until I saw this this now my hearts a twittering. (sigh) (n/t) (28-May-1999 09:34:39)
    Sandy: Re: Hunk of the Day (28-May-1999 14:21:47)
    Merc: Now THAT's what I'Mtalking about!!! Yikeys! (n/t) (28-May-1999 14:36:25)
    Sandy: He's a mighty fine long, tall, drink of water - and that's not even a great picture of our Texas neighbor! (n/t)(28-May-1999 21:51:52)
    * Annabelle * (with a BIG smile on her face from the sight of Matthew...): YES! (n/t) (29-May-1999 08:26:52)

Roy Roy CD
Thursday, 27-May-1999 22:31:03
  • Message: writes:

    Yesterday while I was surfing the web for Liam pictures I found this link for a Rob Roy interactive CD, to go along with the movie. Has anyone seen this?

    Rob Roy CD



  • Bink (Lover of all that is Liam): Yes, I have this. It's verra nice. (n/t) (27-May-1999 23:08:23)
    • Vina, Lover of all that is Liam, too but keeping an eye on the budget: so is it worth $30? (n/t) (27-May-1999 23:11:22)
      • Judie: Vina, I have it too. Bought it especially from MGM when I got a CD ROM player 2 years ago. I looked through it and haven't touched it since *g*. I guess it depends how much of a fanatic you are??? :-) (n/t) (28-May-1999 01:23:47)
        Bink (Liam Lover with limited resources, too): I got my copy from for just $12 plus shipping. They resell software, which I'm not sure is too legal, but I guess they've found a way around that. (n/t) (28-May-1999 09:44:12)
    Kathleen: I just downloaded some of the video from that site and "oh, my!" 'tis soooo nice to see Liem walk around in a kilt! Right in front of my verra own eyes, in my back bedroom! Whew! 'tis gettn hot in here!! (n/t) (28-May-1999 09:42:54)
    • Kathleen: Let me try a clickith here tis only the place to start downloading sorry (n/t) (28-May-1999 09:47:21)
      • Kathleen: Oh well, I gooffeedd!! "It's Liem's fault, he's in the kilt" explore the site above and you'll find it. (n/t) (28-May-1999 09:51:33)

Liam Ladies have a convert!
Thursday, 27-May-1999 19:03:46
  • Message: writes:

    I was telling my friend Karen about the Great Wallpaper Vote today, when she said she had never thought Liam Neeson was good-looking or sexy until she saw a poster for "Phantom Menace." I thought you Liam-Ladies would be pleased to note she was drooling!



  • Rita: Yes, it's like that with Liam... you can get addicted to him with just one look :-) (n/t) (27-May-1999 20:47:01)
    Julia: It's because HE'S THE MAN!! (n/t) (28-May-1999 11:24:40)

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