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Here's your Hunk Of The Day...
Thursday, 27-May-1999 10:58:34
  • Message: writes:

    Let's take a break from Liam and Adrain, and take a look at a fresh face:

    Enjoy, Ladies!



  • Rae: I think he would be a great Frank Randall!! (n/t) (27-May-1999 11:01:20)
    • Kathleen: NO!! NO!! Ben Cross is perrrrrrfect for BJR!! He plays a slimy crazy "REALLY" WELL!! (n/t) (27-May-1999 16:35:10)
    Elizabeth I: Yummy...those eyes!!! But I agree with you, Rae. Perfect for BJR!! (n/t) (27-May-1999 11:09:41)
    • Elizabeth I...needing a LOT more coffee!!: Major typo!! I DID mean Frank. Sorry! (n/t) (27-May-1999 11:11:41)
    Julia (counting down the days till my escape...): But I don't like Frank, and how can you NOT like this man? Plus he'd have to BJR, and we REALLY don't want to like him. (n/t) (27-May-1999 11:12:05)
    Scoop: OH MY GOD, I LOVE THIS MAN!!! I have been in love with Pierce Brosnan since his "Remington Steele" days. Unfortunately, I dinna like the James Bond films so I havena seen his gorgeous face for a while. Thanks, thanks ,thanks,!!! (n/t) (27-May-1999 11:42:10)
    • Cheri: I remember watching that show all the time just to see him...yummy!!! (n/t) (27-May-1999 12:05:41)
      Lady Jenny B: Me too, me too! He is soooooooo cute! (n/t) (27-May-1999 15:55:13)
      • Page: I fell in love with him watching "Remington Steele", too! My mother was so impressed....I liked a guy who wore a suit! *VBG* (n/t) (27-May-1999 18:49:01)
    M&M: I love this guy! You can have Adrian, Liam, Mel , and Harrison just for this one! (n/t) (27-May-1999 11:55:12)
    Evelyn: Nah, I've seen him play a creep VERY convincingly. He'd be excellent. (n/t) (27-May-1999 12:34:14)
    dancer (waiting impatiently for the release of the Thomas Crowne Affair) : oh, baby. oh, darlin'. err...excuse me, ladies....getting a bit carried away here. THANK YOU JULIA! (n/t) (27-May-1999 12:52:28)
    Doll: Giirrrrl, you got me lookin' at white men - again! Thank you, thank you, thank you. When the all the fuss about him playing Bond back in the Steele days, I thought he was entirely too young, and when he finally did play Bond a few years ago, I said, "Perfect!!!" And he finally learned how to R U N. As Steele he ran like a "girl." Ah h h h (n/t) (27-May-1999 13:05:38)
    • CF: Hehehehehehehe, Doll. He was a bit of the "refined Englishman" back in the Steele days, wasn't he? (n/t) (27-May-1999 15:39:30)
      Page: A beautiful man is a beautiful man, right Doll? I'm currently having hot flashes over Corliss Williamson of the Sacremento Kings NBA team! I need to find a character in DG's books to project his image onto in my hosed little mind! (n/t) (27-May-1999 18:54:18)
    Julia: As I remember, Frank was described as being: suave, urbane, and sophisticated. I think that fits him rather nicely! So if he can be a convincing ''bad guy'' then we've found our Frank. (n/t) (27-May-1999 14:13:10)
    • Kathleen: NOPE!! {with arms crossed & head shaking} It really is Ben Cross. He fits the suave, urbane and sophisticated, has already played bad guys and does it verra well!!! (n/t) (27-May-1999 16:45:53)
      • Evelyn: I'd go for Ben, too, on this one, and he can be VERY creepy. (n/t) (28-May-1999 09:15:56)
    Cara: Excuse me - but Frank is a bore (apologize formally to everybody who might actually like Frank) and Pierce Brosnan is simply georgous....... (n/t) (27-May-1999 14:58:37)
    My favorite Pierce Brosnan moment is when he gets pelted with an orange on the back of his head by Robin Williams in (n/t) (27-May-1999 15:12:02)
    • Helen for this and above cutoff!!: "mrs Doubtfire" .. I don't have anything against him (unfortunately, heehee), but for some reason I really liked that scene! (n/t) (27-May-1999 15:14:19)
      Kate Marie: Oh I love that one!! What was it --- "drive by fruiting"? bwa ha ha! You just HAVE to love this guy... (n/t) (27-May-1999 16:24:32)

Wednesday, 26-May-1999 17:33:16
  • Message: writes:

    I Sleep and look what happens! No wonder I couldn't get the board to load last nite.... all those yummy pics of Liam on here that I was missing.... must have been the italian guys' fault.....I missed the voting booth too, I might have tipped the scales for Liam, but it wouldn't load.... so really Liam won if you count my vote really late....... LOL!!~!!!!!


Maybe it's just me, and I know I will be punished without mercy but...Liam just doesn't do anything for me. Ive tried because I can see his Jamieness in the side views with J.Lang but I just don't get it. I have never seen Rob Roy, if I do will it all become clear? Help me understand.
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 17:02:14
  • Message: writes:

    Rae (feeling very afraid at this point)


  • Rita: Rae, you will be punished without mercy... :-) No really, I always liked Liam as an actor, and watched a lot of his movies, but I went overboard with Rob Roy... From that moment on, I'm Liam's woman for life! You try it! :-) (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:05:48)
    PB: Confirmed Adrian fan that I am, Rae...let me give you this advice. Go rent Rob Roy. 'Tis a fine film, and Liam is...well, he's... Geesh...I just can't say it... Yes I can. I'm a bigger woman than that Damned FW (in more ways than one). He's mighty fine, Rae, you won't be able to resist liking Liam even a little bit. (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:07:07)
    • FW: Och, PB! I never thought I'd see the day!!! I'm moved :`) You know... your guy... Adrian... well, he looks good in a kilt too! (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:09:20)
      • Judie: hahahaha - it's nice to see you two kiss and make up - hahahahahahaha (n/t) (26-May-1999 21:03:28)
    Cara: You should definitely watch Rob Roy. It's in the Highlands, and features supreme heroic acts, sword fighting, landscape, tragedy, drama and also has some pervert thrown in. And Liam is very Jamie-like in his devotion to his wife....verra heroic ending - bawled my eyes out (like I don't always) (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:07:16)
    Rae (very relieved): I will rent it this weekend and let you know. Im sure your right I'll probably be drooling over him by Monday. (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:11:09)
    • Terry: Och, Rae! I posted THIS EXACT SAME POST nae sae long ago and my fellow LOL said these verra same words to me ("RENT ROB ROY!") (I thought Liam was a big-nosed foppy looking guy) but nowwwww....weel, I guess ye can tell how I feel by my comments on the board of late, eh? (n/t) (26-May-1999 19:15:12)
    Katie: Rae, I sorta feel the same way you do. I think Liam is a nice looking man and he is a wonderful actor. After you're done watching Rob Roy go get Les Miserables. He was soooo good in that. It's just that Adrian makes my knees weak! (n/t) (26-May-1999 18:30:37)
    Helen: Well, there is a statue of Rob Roy outside Aberdeen at the river he jumped to escape the English, and it looks bloody awful! I think they ought to fashion one from Liam and stand it there instead! He was THAT GOOD in the movie! (n/t) (26-May-1999 19:47:59)
    TOC: Re: Maybe it's just me, and I know I will be punished without mercy but...Liam just doesn't do anything for me. Ive tried because I can see his Jamieness in the side views with J.Lang but I just don't get it. I have never seen Rob Roy, if I do will it all become clear? Help me understand. (26-May-1999 22:46:24)
    • Gwen: Liam a twit????? OMG, that is a terrible thing to say TOC don't let Rita hear that! *g* (n/t) (27-May-1999 06:01:26)
    Josephine: Okay, Rae, I know how you feel. . .or, sort of. Liam DOES do it for me, but NOT as Jamie. Im sorry you guys--I know he looks great in a kilt, but really. . .I pictured someone a bit younger. (n/t) (26-May-1999 23:02:51)
    Leigh: Yeah, what Josephine says...exactly! (n/t)(27-May-1999 02:08:49)
    • Gwen: I'll third that, he's a dish, but not my Jamie. (n/t) (27-May-1999 06:02:55)
      • Mandi : It has to be Mel, and only him........although I admit he isn't really tall enough, but those EYES! ahhhhhhhh - but like I always say, I hope they never make it into a movie, coz it would ruin it for me (n/t) (27-May-1999 19:23:27)
    Char2 : Liam certainly isn't pretty boy handsome, but he is just so.... I don't know... Celtic! BTW, he was in a movie a couple of years ago with some scenes filmed here in Springfield. Talked to a couple of people who met him and they said he's the nicest, most unpretentious guy you'd ever hope to meet. A big sweetie. (n/t) (27-May-1999 10:47:45)

Thank You, Wallpaper Goddess!
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 17:01:06
  • Message: writes:

    Hey, Rita, thanks a bunch--you rock!! The new wallpaper looks FABULOUS!!! And, BTW, I am a huge Liam fan, too. I even had my fiance buy me the Qui Gon Jinn action figure to play with *VBG*. Too bad there are no "Mummy" action figures, eh Niki? : )



  • Niki: I would rather play with real Brendan but he would be um, harder to explain to the dh than an action figure! I'd take a Rick (The Mummy) action figure or George of the Jungle with his fly flap! (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:19:20)
    • Josephine: Yeah, George figures would have been great. . .I REALLY need to buy that movie. . . (n/t) (26-May-1999 23:05:38)
    Vina: LOL ... I have the Qui-Gon Jinn action figure too!! And the Spin Top -- you know, you push the button and the lollipop stuck in his head twirls around as he waves his light saber around (sounds like a verra strange toy, hmmm). I noticed they had the Barbie-sized dolls of Jar Jar Binks and Queen Amidala, I'm hoping for the full-size Jinn too!! (n/t) (26-May-1999 18:44:53)

Wednesday, 26-May-1999 16:47:45
  • Message: writes:

    'Twas a valiant effort on everyone's part, but madness has reigned supreme today, so we've decided to bring an end to the wallpaper poll. Thank you all for participating...

    Finally tally:

    Adrian Paul 556 (notice how I put him first)
    Liam Neeson 556
    Sean Bean 148 (give a hand to these fans for such a fine showing)
    Brendan Fraser 39
    Mel Gibson 38
    Matthew McConaughy 33
    William Shockley 17
    Colin Firth 16
    Ewan MacGregor 13
    Ioan Gruffudd 11
    Sean Connery 10
    Harrison Ford 10
    Patrick Rafter 9
    Joseph Fiennes 6
    Brad Pitt 4
    Joe Lando 4
    Kevin Sorbo 3
    David Boreanaz 1

    We're gonna have to do this again...real soon. (well, maybe noy so soon...gotta wait till Rita gets out of debtor's prison)



  • Cara: I mean okay it's fair that Liam and Adrian both have won........but .......uh......couldn't we just keep it up a little bit longer? The Walpaper War has gone a bit out of hand really was fun, and I do hope we do it again! Does that mean a sudden stop to pictures on the board?? Say NO! (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:02:19)
    Rita: yeah, what she said... EXCEPT, notice how in the poll page LIAM is first? (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:02:23)
    Julia: If you reopen the wallpaper poll I *promise* to stop with the Liam pictures. I was just playing around and didn't mean to ruin everyone's fun. It was my fault today, I'm sorry, I'll go stand in the corner now. *sniff* (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:11:47)
    • PB: Och, no, sweet lass. It's not your fault. Your pictures were the supreme display of hoserosity, and I can think of no finer compliment on this board. You were a trendsetter, and we thank you for it. It's just...well, the FW, Judolf and I really have to get lives.... (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:21:38)
      PB: And we promise new polls soon... but this time no Liam or Adrian!!! The FW has no saving account left!!! :-) (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:23:27)
      Rita: Julia, Liam wouldna have made it without you, Vina, Holly, Terry, Bink, KellyW, Hedy, LizLiz, Char2, M&M, KimB, Gwen, Chris, and all other Liam-ites that I'm sorry if I can't remember now, but helped put our man UP there :-) Oh, and Judie too, cuz I know she has nice taste in men... and she voted for Liam too!!! (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:45:46)
      • Julia: I am not usually as silly as I was today, I just got a bad case of hoseritis and had to do something. You know, like an itch that you have to scratch and you don't care who's looking! But I promise if I get the urge on the next poll that I will NOT hog the board and start a war! (Even though, LIAM RULES!) Sorry, couldn't help it. (n/t) (26-May-1999 18:23:51)
        • Rita: OCH!!! NO!!!! Please promise me you WILL HOG THE BOARD!!!! It was so much fun!! :-) Really we had it scheduled for the weekend only at first, but it was such fun we let it on a few more days! LIAM Rules!!! :-P~~~~ (n/t) (26-May-1999 18:41:04)
          • Guess who?: Adrian's better!!!! (n/t) (26-May-1999 18:53:35)
            • FW, tired but alive and lusting for Liam to the end!: Oh, yeah? Then why is Liam on the 1st place in the poll, uh? LIAM RULES!!! (n/t) (26-May-1999 18:56:51)
              • PB: Uh, cuz you used less than honorable tactics, perhaps? Moi? Me use the same less than honorable tactics? caught me :) (n/t) (26-May-1999 19:39:16)
                Julia: God, I love that picture. There is such tenderness and carefully restrained lust that I want to just jump right in there in the picture!! That hair, those lips, oooohhhhhhhhhh... (n/t) (26-May-1999 20:38:43)
                • Julia: That comment is supposed to be under the picture of LIAM!I guess that is a sign that my computer is too hosed tonight. (n/t) (26-May-1999 20:40:08)
              Julia: I did have a lot of fun but I sure didn't get anything done at school. Good thing that it's the las full week of school, and they got to watch a video! 6 more days and then I can torment you hosers all day! (And yes, Liam rules.) (n/t) (26-May-1999 20:37:01)
    Niki : Oh sure! Notice how as soon as I post pics of Brendan and everyone sees how babelicious he is, the polls close. Uh huh, I think a couple ladies got a little scared that the real Mr. FRASER aka Jamie would whoop some @$$!!! Hahaha!!! (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:21:03)
    • Josephine: yeah, Niki--this really is really a "moral victory" for the Brendan crowd, right? *VBG* (n/t) (26-May-1999 23:10:51)
    Karin: I hate to say it , but it's a good thing you ladies closed the polls. I spent ALL day ( this is at work, mind you ) going back & forth between Netscape & IE, voting my little heart out. Oh & one more thing, AP RULES !!!!! (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:32:24)
    Rae: Niki, Your words are so true. Poor scared lasses. (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:32:42)
    Holly: Thanks so much for the poll! I had lots of fun! (n/t) (26-May-1999 18:17:44)

All right. Back from the Dentist.
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 16:03:18
  • Message: writes:

    And look at what you guys have done to the board. Oh my!!! What fun...I get to play catch-up.

    Hurray for Adrian!!!!!!



  • Terry (my e-addy begins with "Jedi"...: "The Force Is Not With You," said the Jedi Master with the Fiery Sword (n/t) (26-May-1999 16:19:14)
    JulieH: ADRIAN FANS GO AND VOTE! LIMA IS STILL AHEAD BY 7 VOTES! The FW has her nephews, her maid and her dog voting! Come on girls! Adrian needs you! (n/t) (26-May-1999 16:24:03)
    Lee C: Hey! It's Bunny-nose. (n/t) (26-May-1999 19:36:12)
    Judie: ADRIAN ROCKS! :-D (n/t) (26-May-1999 21:06:09)
    • PB: Yeah!!! See everyone, even Al agrees :-D (n/t) (26-May-1999 22:24:14)

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