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Good grief!!
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 15:32:16
  • Message: writes:

    Idly wondering why it's taking so long for the board to load... geez, haven't you hosers got anything better to do? Not that I'm complaining about the lovely views. *vbg*
    Actually the reason why I'm posting is to let you all know that the dh and I saw Star Wars this a.m. (with Rory conveniently in school) and I have to say forget any negative reviews you've seen. It's brilliant! And you know what the best part is? The chemistry between Ewan and Liam. They are just WONDERFUL together. Plus it's eerie hearing what sounds like Alec Guiness's voice coming out of Ewan's mouth. But is he lovely.. mmmmm..
    Anyway, get a sitter, take that trip, do what you have to, but SEE IT!
    Now returning you to your regularly scheduled gawking. hehe.



  • Helen: Thanks fer the review, Char! I read a long time ago in an interview that as soon as he got the role, Ewan was studying Alec Guiness' voice and trying to copy it, so it seems according to you that he was successful! What a talented laddie. Can't wait to see and hear! (n/t) (26-May-1999 15:35:34)
    Judie: Yes - Ewan definitely did a great job of sounding like Alec Guinness. I noticed that right off - didn't know he'd been TRYING! Good job. And for hosers with slow computers - set your threads to 10 so they load faster than 25! :-) (n/t) (26-May-1999 15:40:25)
    Julia: Hey, sorry about all the pics. I just had to get *LIAM* out of my system. I have seen Star Wars but I think I will go see it again. Mostly because of Liam *g* but EW is pretty fine too. I just didn't like that all EW got to do thru most of the movie was say "yes master" and "of course master" - he sounded like Alec Guiness would if he had been *Wesley* in the Princess Bride. (n/t) (26-May-1999 16:14:58)
    Terry: Aye, Char, I agree most heartily. After getting over Liam and his fiery sword, Ewan's take on Ben was what impressed me most! And I had some preconceived notions about Ewan after seeing him on some mag cover looking all scruffy and dirty - EEEWWW is what I WAS thinking - and the Ben hairdo was the coolest! (n/t) (26-May-1999 16:17:01)
    Kim Marie: I took my Star Wars obsessed son and his little brother the "whatever my brother likes, so do I" on Monday. It was a holiday for us in Canada, Victoria day! Well, let me tell you I'm not a Star Wars fan at all, but I loved it! I thought little Anikan was sooo cute. I asked Brett at the end, so when does little Anikan become Luke Skywalker? He says "Muuum (you know that whiny way they say it when they think you know nothing) Anikan is Darth Vader!!! Duhhhh! Anyway, it was cute. Brett was mezmorized by it and already is asking to go again! (n/t) (26-May-1999 16:37:33)

Here is your wallpaper, Brendan girls!
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 14:56:30
  • Message: writes:

    We Liam fans respect other candidates!!!

    Rita, maintaining a serious composure...


  • Judie: Boy, you will do ANYTHING to suck up to them, won't you FW - hahahahaha Ahhh, Adrian, but we love ya man. :-) (n/t) (26-May-1999 15:03:12)
    • Judie: Dang! (n/t) (26-May-1999 15:04:15)
      • Judie: Aw, my knight in white. (n/t) (26-May-1999 15:04:47)
      FW: Ooops!!! :-) aDrain is a big X! (n/t) (26-May-1999 15:04:28)
      • CF: Yeah, a Big X and an O and another X and more O's...XOXOXOXOXOX :::sigh::: (n/t) (26-May-1999 16:15:51)
        Diana: What's your guy's name? Hmmm, what was that name, rhymes with maim. O aye, LAIM NEEDSOME. ;-> (n/t)(26-May-1999 17:21:24)
        • Niki: Bwahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!! What a wicked lass! (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:26:47)
          PB: Sweet, demure Diana strikes again! Bwahahahahaha (n/t) (26-May-1999 19:07:23)
    Terry: Respect other candidates? As long as they bow to the fiery sword.... (n/t) (26-May-1999 16:21:15)
    Niki: Aaaaahhhh, Brendan! One of my favorite pics! So sexy and intense. As Lucky the leprechaun would say, "He's magically delicious!" (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:14:00)
    • Niki: I meant the wallpaper one is the intense one. Duh! (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:27:42)

Wednesday, 26-May-1999 14:49:00
  • Message: writes:

    I've been on the "puter more then I've been off today!!! The DH went off to work (second shift) totally disgusted w/ me!!!! I haven't been this obsessed since I picked up OUTLANDER for the first time!!!! The pictures are AMAZING!!!!! The voting is so hosed and I must say I'm taking on a whole NEW appreation for Brendon Frasier!!! (Adonis INDEED!!) Now I really must get on w/ the day,,,,Oh well AFTER I go and check the votes!!



  • Niki: You better be voting for Mr. FRASER while you are checking those votes! (n/t) (26-May-1999 16:55:32)

A great article about my favorite man...LIAM!!
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 14:22:10
  • Message: writes:

    There is a great article about JAMIE (our man Liam Neeson) that you should check out. He said something sweet about teachers tham made my day!! Here is the url incase I messed up the link:



  • Julia: That's not the picture I wanted to post, but anyway, now you know what he looks like in the morning!! *g* (n/t)(26-May-1999 14:23:05)
    • Rita: That's a photo from NELL, wonderful movie! Liam's mesmerizing talent shinning as usual! (n/t) (26-May-1999 14:33:38)
    Judie: Hey, I LOVE his pyjamas! *g* But this guy is a real man See how much fun we're having - he loves this kind of stuff! He's wild and wicked! :-) (n/t) (26-May-1999 14:24:18)

Wednesday, 26-May-1999 14:19:48
  • Message: writes:

    Sorry to be such a board hog, but I want to start a petition for the Wallpaper Goddess to put up Niki's black and white picture of Brendan (the next to the last one below) up as wallpaper some time soon. I's sure that would make my day and Niki's--but I bet there are a few more of you out there. Lets let her know!! : )



  • Rita, campaigning for her man :-): LOL!!! After our display of mature behaviour, to call your sensible and discrete posts "board hogging" is too funny, Josephine!! :-) I saved the pic, so he'll be wallpaper soon... this wallpaper is no good, anyway! Meanwhile, could I interest you in a vote for Liam? (n/t) (26-May-1999 14:32:26)
    Mrs. Brendan (lissakay) JAMES Fraser..... (ohhhh Myyyyyy): Now this is what I'm talking about!!! Go Brendan!! Just look at him looking at me.... You gotta love`em! (n/t) (26-May-1999 15:39:51)
    Rae aka The real Mrs. Jamie/Brendan Fraser: Sorry Lissakay but I hardly see how he could be looking at you when he is very clearly undressing me with his eyes. (n/t) (26-May-1999 16:32:52)
    Niki: He's obviously mine. I told him to think sexy thoughts of me while I took his picture and you see the result! (n/t) (26-May-1999 16:51:58)
    • Lissakay....... restorting back to my own name for the DH's sake!: Excuse me ladies (clearing throat loudly), Bow out gracefully would you! I remember the exact moment this photo was taken..... And Nikki, you were nowhere around. Mr Frase here, and I have had quite a thing happening for a while now. I snapped this picture after and intense night of pleasure... !! (just don't tell the DH, he gets a little jealous)!! (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:37:55)
    Rae: I think it's so sad when young minds snap like that, and become delusional. Now why don't you both go laydown somewhere quiet and give Brendan and I some privacy. (n/t) (26-May-1999 17:48:09)

Okay, youve won me over, Niki
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 14:06:38
  • Message: writes:

    Ok, you guys, I saw "The Mummy" for time number three last night, I come on the posting board, and what is the first thing I see? BRENDANBRENDANBRENDANBRENDANBRENDAN
    I can take a hint :) I am going to vote right now. Take heart everyone! Dont be pressured by your peers! Liam and Adrian have plenty of support, lets show the other guys what we think of them :) Have a great day, all!



  • Judie: Yeah - all you ladies go vote for Brendan and Sean Bean - no more votes for Liam! Only Adrian or the others - hahahahha Mmmm - look at THAT sword. By the way - I am waging this war without my partner in crime, CF, who is at the dentist office this morning. Yikes! CF return soon! :-) (n/t) (26-May-1999 14:12:10)
    • Cheri: Since CF is gone I'll help you out Judie! (n/t) (26-May-1999 14:36:53)
    Niki: Oh yes! MJ and I have plans to go watch Mr. Fraser in action in The Mummy when she comes for her hosed weekend visit In June! He is too adorable and kissable and sexy for words! So, maybe drool would express it better!=oP - - - - - - - - - (<-- Me with my tongue hanging out!) (n/t) (26-May-1999 16:53:55)

For those of you sick of looking at AP and Liam>>>>
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 13:37:52
  • Message: writes:

    Here is some of Mr. Delicious himself!
    (no offense ladies)



  • Niki: CRAP!!!! I'm sorry! I meant to makle the pics smaller and didn't mean to hog up so much of the board! (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:39:56)
    • Rita: Now, Niki! Don't need to be shy!! Tell us how you really feel about this guy... (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:43:58)
      • Niki: I have more pictures of Brendan FRASER (need I say more?) but I didn't want anyone to think I was getting carried away and overdoing it! Hahahaha!!! (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:52:09)
      Niki: Oh, and by the way........Your little voting booth hasn't been counting Brendan's votes! You hit reload and the vote isn't tallied you big cheaters! (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:44:41)
      • Rita: No, Niki --- this is serious -- we can't mix up the votes in there. before you vote, make sure you reload the page, otherwise if yuour man is not on the same position anymore you end up voting for another candidate. But not even I and PB (the booth owners) can alter the votes that any candidate has, or prevent him from scoring... do you think Liam would be second (in this poll only!!!) if we could?? :-) (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:50:17)
        • Niki: OCH! It better not have given my vote to Sean Bean! If it gave it to Mel, well, that's ok. (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:58:24)
          • Rita: Oh, and I wouldn't mind voting for Brendan too, if my Liam didn't need my vote at this time. Pretty good young Jamie. (n/t) (26-May-1999 14:13:59)
    Holly: EEEEEYOW! Take all the space you need for that! Let me qualify by saing ..while the first picture of Brendan up there is EXACTLY how I think of young Jamie... Liam is still the best "all around" Jamie... IMHO(for whatever that's worth!) (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:45:35)
    • Holly..whose suddenly feeling fickle!: Oh and I reserve the right to change my vote if I ever get to see Brendan in a kilt! :) (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:49:13)
      • Niki: Oh come on! I gave ye the lad practically nekkid! Use your imagination lass! Hahaha!! Just imagine that he WAS wearing a kilt but you just removed it so you could ravish him! (Hmmm, can you tell I've thought of this before?) Haha! (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:56:08)
        • Holly: Ahh yesss.. Now I'm getting the picture... Oh man I gotta get outta here! LIAM! LIAM! rescue me! (n/t) (26-May-1999 14:03:42)
    Rae: How could anyone not want this man!!!! (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:55:20)
    • Judie - Adrian Lover!: It's easy - just ask me *g* (n/t) (26-May-1999 14:15:27)
    Cheri: Great pics Niki! I love Brendan... not quite as much as my Adrian babe... but i will be keeping this pics for future reference ; ) Thanks! (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:55:37)
    Denise: Niki, no offense could possibly be taken over this. Anyone who canna appreciate this hunk should go back to the pics and feast their eyes. Breathtaking, aye?!?! (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:57:11)
    • Lissakay......: Thanks so much.... I've been saying this for days!! Love this man.... !!! (n/t) (26-May-1999 14:16:49)
    MJ: Hey Neighbor!!!! You Go Girl!!!!! This man is Yummy!!! Now, how about some Mel, Patrick, Harrison (he looks great on the book board BTW), and any other fine looking laddie aye? Great Job Ladies! (n/t) (26-May-1999 16:37:37)
    • Lissakay..... ( who got a sudden ugre to watch GOTJ with the kids) !!: Patrick Who?? (n/t) (26-May-1999 19:49:05)

I am happy in the knowledge...
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 13:16:39
  • Message: writes:

    ... that the Foreign Woman must go to bed soon and stop her evil CHEATING!

    While she is asleep she will be having nightmares because Adrian will be jumping into the lead.

    Sorry, Rita ... I shouldn't take satisfaction in your misery. Please forgive me. But Liam is in a top box office draw at the moment - and Adrian manages to keep neck and neck with him.

    Ah, that's my lad. The lad with the big, fiery sausa.... er ... sword!



  • Vina: Liam's sword is bigger! (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:19:47)
    Julia (having a Liam fit): Dinna fash, Rita, I've got some backups here that can help us out whilst you're sleepin'...becuase LIAM RULES!! (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:21:33)
    Cara couldn't keep it: did he, like, get a perm? (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:25:29)
    Holly suddenly having Liam Luancy as well!: Yeah I have a few fans of SERIOUS actors who can help keep Liam on top too!*g* (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:26:11)
    FW: Judolf, don't you know the Foreign Woman never sleeps...? (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:46:19)
    Katie: All I have to say is if I had a maid like a certain Foreign Woman (and I'm not naming any names here) I'd have plenty of time to vote for Adrian all day! But, alas, I must scrub my own toilets. (n/t) (26-May-1999 15:43:33)
    Terry: Uh, 'scuse me a sec', but am I the ONLY one who thinks the ITALIAN guy looks a little silly in a KILT??? I love you only, Liam... (n/t) (26-May-1999 16:43:02)
    • Julia (who in all actuality has no idea what she's talking about): Hey, remember the last time there was an Italian guy in a kilt? We ended up with Bonnie Prince Charlie. Hmmmmmm, maybe we better keep the Italian guys in britches and not kilts, seems safer! (n/t) (26-May-1999 18:19:19)
      • Terry, with her Stuart geneology chart in lap...: Och, Lass! Let's no' be forgettin' the bonnie prince was of Scottish descent, great-great-great grandson of King James IV of Scotland, although his Nona Mary (grannie) was from Italy, alas. (n/t) (26-May-1999 20:45:11)
        • T. again: Forgot to add my TOTAL AGREEMENT to keep the Italian lads out of KILTS! Hee Hee (n/t) (26-May-1999 20:47:18)
    Kate Marie (who is STILL trying to find a games to go to so she can take pictures of some midwest MIK-sluts!): Please forgive my lack of knowledge, but I have a question - what is this picture from? I know we have kilted pics of Liam from Rob Roy...but why Adrian? *ducking her head and hiding her face in shame* (n/t) (26-May-1999 22:07:19)
    • Terry o' the Liam Obsessed But You All Did It To Me...: HAHAHAHAHAAH! I love it! Stand tall, Lass! Hold your head up! My question, exactly! Why Adrian indeed! AHAHAHA I'm crrrracking up. The ultimate conclusion to the wallpaper poll! Liam RULES! (n/t) (27-May-1999 16:09:30)

Quoting dear PB in her Trivia game: "A picture is worth a thousand words!"
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 13:03:15
  • Message: writes:



  • Vina: who is that goof on the left? heh heh heh (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:08:16)
    Holly: That is too cool!! *g* Yeah Liam!! He's our man.... (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:09:38)
    Julia (who is supposed to be teaching today but is giving kids free time the last week of school): Awwright Rita!! That is awesome. Would make a nice billboard ad, wouldn't it? Shouting to the world the truth that LIAM IS JAMIE! (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:14:53)
    Diana: Who's the HAIRY CHICK IN THE MADRAS SKIRT on the right? hehehe (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:21:43)
    • Judie: hahahahahahahahahaha (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:23:46)
      Rita: Why, it's Jamie, Diana!!! Don't you recognize him?? Och, you must be paying too much attention to Stephen Bonnett then!!! ;-> (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:53:02)
      • Judie: Nope - that's Rob Roy AT BEST - not our Jamie! This is Jamie ... and ME, of course. See how happy he looks! :-) (n/t) (26-May-1999 14:18:08)
        • Terry: Uh, no, the ITALIAN guy is saying, "Is the spaghetti done yet?" (n/t) (26-May-1999 16:47:14)

You hoser have finally converted me. All the AP pics conviced me....I am his until I die!!!! I especially like to one with him in a leather vest and no shoes!!!!!! He gets my vote!!
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 13:00:55
  • Message: writes:



  • Vina: Jodie, shame on you!! :) Vote for Liam (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:02:17)
    Holly: Who paid you to say that?! :) *g* (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:06:09)
    Terry: Somebody rent this woman "Rob Roy." (n/t) (26-May-1999 16:51:08)

Ah Adrian Lad, you dinna have a chance!
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 12:50:24
  • Message: writes:

    Holly(praying she doesn't screw this up!)


  • Vina: Excellent choice, Holly!! (n/t) (26-May-1999 12:52:27)
    JenniferA - passing on a little tidbit....: Did anyone else know that Liam is short for William -- Wil"liam". I just found that out. (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:08:31)
    Holly: In a family full of Williams I tried to convince my sister to name her lil one (due Aug.17th) LIAM...(wonder why!)..but alas it's a lass, so no Liam shall we have! (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:14:32)
    Denise: Ladies, Ladies, give it up! Liam is too short and not nearly good looking enough to be Jamie!! (n/t) (26-May-1999 14:00:59)
    • Terry: Somebody rent this woman "Rob Roy," too! (n/t) (26-May-1999 16:52:37)
    Julia: Honey, Liam is 6"4'. I don't think that's short! Plus as long as his FIREY SWORD isn't too short who cares? (n/t) (26-May-1999 14:17:12)
    Leigh (not giving e-mail address for fear of reprisals...hehe!): Sorry Ladies, but I just HAVE TO SAY that Liam just doesna do it for me (not as Jamie, anyways). Sure, he's a fabulous actor, but he's too old. So who do I wanna see as Jamie? I dunno. I'm soooo confoooosed! I'm sorta leaning towards delicious Ewan tho... (n/t) (26-May-1999 22:50:15)

Vote for LIAM!
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 12:49:11
  • Message: writes:

    I thought for a bit of inspiration you ladies might love to see Liam with his sword :)



  • Vina: You'll notice it's a BIG sword. ;-) Much bigger than the Highlander's sword. (n/t) (26-May-1999 12:50:55)
    Holly: Vina ..we did that at the same time!! Hossssssed! (n/t) (26-May-1999 12:53:29)
    Vina: ha ha ha, great minds think alike!! Don't you just love Liam's big sword? ;-) *VBG* (n/t) (26-May-1999 12:56:49)
    Holly: Yes indeed I do! He can handle a big sword, aim a gigantic gun..and wield a HUGE lightsaber! What more can we possibly want?!? (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:04:29)
    Vina: What more could I possibly want from Liam? Hmmm ... whew, is it hot in here or what? I must go compose myself. :-) Let's just say, Liam could wave his lightsaber around here anytime! (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:10:55)

This means WAR!!! Calling all of Liam's Ladies!!!
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 12:42:37
  • Message: writes:

    Now get out there and vote for the man we all know and love as Jamie! *g*


I can't believe....
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 12:03:57
  • Message: writes:

    ... that the Adrian Paul lovers are going to let our man fall behind in the wallpaper poll!

    What is going on in your heads, lasses? :-)

    I just want you to know that the Foreign Woman has some really good ways of cheating, and CF and I can't for the life of us figure out how she does it!


    She claims she isn't even using her whole family, which over in Portugal is huge, I'm sure! :-)

    Anyway, we must not roll over and play dead!

    Show Adrian you love him and get over there and vote. The link is right at the top of the board.



  • Judie: I'm all yours, lasses (n/t) (26-May-1999 12:05:39)
    PB: Ra! Ra! Sis Koom Ba!!!!!! Gooooooo Judie!(or however it goes...can you tell, I was never a cheerleader?) (n/t) (26-May-1999 12:09:01)
    RIE: HE needs 4 more votes!!!! sorry Rita Liam is TRULY lovely but AAAAADDDDDRRRRIIIIAAAANNN RULES!!!! (n/t) (26-May-1999 12:12:32)
    Katie: Just for the record, I vote everytime I get on line!!!! In fact, the other morning (when I should have been doing something more productive) I disconnected and re-connected about 10 times just to vote for dear Adrian! (n/t) (26-May-1999 12:33:39)
    • Judie: Now THAT is dedication - thank you so much Katie :-) I'm going to try harder myself! (n/t) (26-May-1999 12:35:02)
      • FW, -- nothing she won't do for her man!: No! Dedication is doing that, WHILE PAYING MINIMUN FEE FOR EACH CONNECTION!!!! (If I disappear from cyber life next month, it's cuz they took me to debtors prison...) (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:08:32)
        • Judie: Dinna fash, FW - CF and I will be there with you. I'm going to have to fire myself after all my neglect of my work -hahahahahaha (n/t) (26-May-1999 13:18:55)

Calling all Adrian fans
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 11:35:48
  • Message: writes:

    Well, she's done it. Rita has cheated her way to the top. Rita has cheated better than I have. And now she's using brain-washing tactics. Come on Adrian Fans!!!!! Get out there and vote. Vote everytime you log on. If we don't do something, and do it fast the poll will close and we'll be caught with our votes down.

    So..for a little inspiration, here's a present:



  • Julia: Nice pic, but Liam is still the man. *g* (n/t) (26-May-1999 11:39:41)
    Judie: Oh Adrian, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Unfortunately I promised the Foreign Woman I'd vote at LEAST once for Liam .... sigh ... and now I have to do that. (n/t) (26-May-1999 11:50:38)
    RIE: GOD he's perfect....right down to his toes!!!!! (n/t) (26-May-1999 11:51:27)
    • Judie: I'll kiss his feet! (n/t) (26-May-1999 11:53:43)

THE Sensuous Man
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 10:04:41
  • Message: writes:

    Just reminding you all who REALLY is Jamie. *g*



  • KellyW: I agree....down to his pointy little ears! (n/t) (26-May-1999 10:23:54)
    Bink: Oh yes... without a doubt. (n/t) (26-May-1999 10:27:01)
    Hedy: Mmmmmmphmmmmm! Liam! Liam! Liam! (n/t) (26-May-1999 10:34:48)
    Rita: Can't help it! Everytime I look at this man, my heart goes *TUHD!!!* I can feel his hands on my neck, I can feel his breath on my face, I can feel his lips on my forehead, I can feel..... Errr, back to work, Rita!!! :-) Thank you, Julia!!! (n/t) (26-May-1999 10:54:58)
    Julia: Hey, I have taken it upon myself to keep a picture of Liam on the board at all times for our viewing pleasure...Enjoy, ladies! (n/t) (26-May-1999 11:11:17)
    LizLiz: Yum, yum. He can massage me anytime (nt). (n/t) (26-May-1999 12:45:17)

Love that Highlander....
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 08:11:26
  • Message: writes:

    Check this out!

    Highlander Movie

    This takes a couple minutes to load but it's pretty cool!



  • Cheri: If something comes up saying plug in didn't work or whatever... try hitting the reload button! (n/t) (26-May-1999 08:18:10)
    Judie: Now, THAT was SUPER! Adrian rules! :-) (n/t) (26-May-1999 11:55:36)
    Vina: Hey, did you read some of the stories on this site? Pretty cool!! (n/t) (26-May-1999 12:01:14)
    • Kate Marie: My computer loaded the movie just fine, but I couldn't figure out what site it actually came from - does anyone have the address? (n/t) (26-May-1999 22:25:09)
      • Rita: Kate Marie, try *here* (n/t) (27-May-1999 05:17:08)

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