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We used to have some videos of events - like Diana and the Lallyquilters at Moultrie, GA for the Scottish Weekend 2000, and the August 12, 2000 gathering at Fergus, Ontario. Unfortunately, wherever they were stored has, of course, long since vanished. :)

Instead, here is a link to Starz' Outlander page, where you will find lots of videos, photos, links to their Facebook and Twitter pages. Lots of fun things to keep you going. :)

Lady Belinda's "Books-in-a-minute"

Back in 1999 Lady Belinda wrote these hilarious "Books in a Minute". Lady Belinda, we are still looking for you - please come back and finish the series. :)

Here are the first five books for your enjoyment: Click here to read the "Books-in-a-minute", by Lady Belinda



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