Reading Recommendations


What to read while we wait for the next book?

Well, first of all of course we'd suggest reading Diana Gabaldon's Books again... But if your books are out on loan, or if your family threatens to put you away in an asylum if they see you buried in those books again, you may have to move on to other reading. In that case, we hope these pages will help you.

The main list of the Lallybroch Reading Recommendations was put together by Lady LisaB and Lady NancyV, from suggestions posted on the boards throughout these past months. Thank you, ladies, for the great work!

This selection of the favorite other books of the Ladies of Lallybroch was posted on the Lallybroch Reading Recommendations Board open to comments and discussion. Everyone is more than welcome to add new books.

This same list is posted here in the Reading Recommendations pages, but organized by genres and with some extra info on each book. Under each book is the link to specific comments on that book on the Reading Recommendations Board. Feel free to add your comments too!

Main Sections

Since we haven't read all these books, they were classified according to the info that was provided to us, or more or less by what the book description "looked like" when there was no info available. If you find some book is totally out of place, please let us know.

Symbols used to signalize special "hoser" interest

Scottish Setting Scottish setting or Scottish main characters.
Time Travel Time travel.
Recommended by Diana Gabaldon On The Outlandish Companion "methadone list", or recommended by Diana Gabaldon.


Fantasy & SciFi Mostly fantasy...
General Fiction & Literature All fiction that I couldn't classify any other way. It includes "young adults" books too.
Historical Fantasy Historical fiction with magic or mystic aspects in the story.
Historical Fiction "Straight" historical fiction. The unpolluted facts...
Mysteries Mysteries and Romantic Suspense. Can it be a coincidence that, apart from a monk, all other detectives in the selected books are women? :-)
Non Fiction Cooking books, books about Scotland... the name says it all...
Romance These are "pure" romance, if there is such a thing... :-)
Romantic Fiction I was really not very sure about this category, but I tried to place here books that are historical fiction, yet with a very strong romantic perspective. Not quite romance, not quite historical fiction... some have paranormal aspects too.
Suspense & Horror Scary things in here!

Special Pages

These are pages particularly devoted to beloved authors!

Dorothy Dunnett Under Construction! Dorothy Dunnett writes wonderful historical fiction, and is especially beloved by me (Rita) :-) so I'll make a special page for her books real soon!
Sharon Kay Penman Under Construction! Sharon Kay Penman writes historical fiction and historical mysteries and she is especially beloved by so many Ladies of Lallybroch, that it's impossible to mention them all. Our own Lady ValerieL is Sharon Kay Penman's copy editor!
William G. Tapply William G. Tapply writes the Brady Coyne mysteries, and is especially beloved by Judie and CF. Click here for an exclusive Q & A with Bill!

If you decide to buy any of these books, don't forget you can order them from and through this site, and help maintaining the Ladies of Lallybroch site. There is absolutely no extra cost to you! If there is a link for the specific book you want to order, please use that link instead of the general Amazon link on the top left corner of every page. It won't cost you more, and we get a bigger percentage with purchases made through direct links to books.



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Where to get Out of Print Books online?

A lot of the books recommended here are out of print and some of them are downright hard to find. We listed them anyway, though, because we don't want these pages to be just " buy-books-from-us" pages. :-) All books listed here were enjoyed by other Outlandish fans, and if they sound interesting to you, maybe you can get them from libraries or be able to find a used copy. Some books out of print in the US are available in the UK, and vice-versa.

There are lots of places online that carry used books. and offer a free out of print book search service. Prices are sometimes high, but since we get to approve the price before they send us the books, it doesn't hurt to ask them to search for a book we want... Who knows? They might turn out with a fair price after all... It has been known to happen... And also Amazon's Rare and Collectibles Book Search.

These are my favorite search engines for out of print and hard to find books:

You can also check the auctions at Ebay. A lot of out of print books appear for sale there, In fact, a lot of the covers featured here for the out of print books were taken from ebay, where people had them listed for sale. Don't forget to follow Ebay's instructions on safe bidding...

That's it! Enjoy!


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