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Literary Guild Magazine - Cover

Lady Lea sent us these beautiful scans from the February 1994 Literary Guild Magazine. The text on the picture below says:

     "If you would cross the boundaries of time and fate to be with your one true love, then you are a VOYAGER. Guild members flooded our mailroom with praise for Diana Gabaldon first time-traveling novel, Outlander, and its sequel, Dragonfly in Amber. Critics agree she writes a 'richly textured...and compelling love story' (Library Journal) full of 'marvellous and fantastic adventures, romance [and] sex' (San Francisco Chronicle). Now, with the publication of Voyager, the love affair that spans two centuries continues...
     Dr. Claire Fraser had bidden farewell to James Fraser, an 18th-century Scottish clansman, on the eve of a battle he was destined to lose. Only because she was carrying his child did she agree to go back from whence she came: 20th-century Boston. Now, 20 years later, touring Scotland with their grown daughter, Claire uncovers a remarkable truth: Jamie survived the English victory at Culloden. Vowing nothing will separate them ever again, Claire travels back in time to be with her one true love.
     Their reunion is a moment of perfection. But time has not stood still for Jamie. However longed for, the sudden appearance of Claire in his already complicated life arouses suspicion. Soon their loving idyll is besieged by a host of conspirators. Jealous women, hanging judges, bootleggers, pirates and voodoo queens all work to destroy Claire and Jamie's happiness, which the lovers have no intention of surrendering. Much more than a historical novel, Voyager is an elaborate testament to the power of love."

Literary Guild Magazine - Voyager


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Outlandish Companion - Promo 99

This promo ad for the Outlandish Companion, was given to Lady Judie at Chapters, when she attended Diana Gabaldon's book signing. The photo of Diana Gabaldon was taken at Clava Cairns in Scotland.


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Drums of Autumn Sampler

This is the Drums of Autumn sampler that came out before the book, courtesy of Lady Niki.


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Diana Gabaldon and Laura Watkins

Found this in my hard drive! It's a promo for "Dream a Little Dream for Me", the short story that Diana wrote with her daughter Laura Watkins for the "Mothers and Daughters" Anthology. Sorry, but I don't remember who posted this at the time...