The Parlor


Welcome to Lallybroch. You're in the Parlor. Please take a seat and spare us a minute to be introduced to Ladies of Lallybroch.

Ladies of Lallybroch is a haven for fans of Diana Gabaldon and the Outlander series. The Ladies and Laddies of Lallybroch come from lots of different places, and we have all kinds of people here, but we all gather on the message boards and weekly chats to share this wonderful obsession with Jamie, Claire and all things Outlandish.

New people who find Ladies of Lallybroch often ask "How do I join?"

Well, the answer to that is "If you have found the message boards, you are considered JOINED!!!" :-)

Just start reading and posting!

We have many links to look at and read which you will hopefully find entertaining, and ANYONE AND EVERYONE is welcome to join us on the message boards. That's all you have to do -- start joining in!

The focus of LOL has always been the message boards. This is where the main activity occurs. Just hang out at the boards and meet people and have fun.

Each message board has the links to the other boards at the top, as well as to the LOL HomePage.

If you are new to LOL:

  • Due to extreme traffic on other boards, introductions should be made on the Welcome Board only. Please feel free to ask any question about LOL in there too.
  • Since there are so many of us, and we like to know who is who, use your last name initial after your name, unless you prefer going by a unique hosed nickname, so you won't be confused with another poster with the same name.
  • To find out who can help you on any specific LOL activity, you can check the LOL Offices.

There are not many rules around here, and if you stay, you'll find we're a very friendly community. However, we do have a few guidelines to help us keep Lallybroch this way.

First and foremost, be polite and respect the other posters. Basically, do not flame, and that includes the characters. You don't have to LIKE them all, but if you are going to say something you don't like about them, please be constructive.

Do not post anonymously. We keep a friendly and fun community, and we do not like anonymous posts on our message boards. Anonymous posts, even if on topic, will be deleted. If you just forgot to sign your name, please post it in a reply message.

Do not discuss religion, politics or other controversial issues on LOL boards. We all have our own views on these matters, but that's not why LOL is here. If you want to discuss these with your lallypals, first make sure they're interested in talking about it and then take it to private e-mail or get your own message board to do it (they're free at, for instance). Threads about politics, religion, and similar issues WILL BE DELETED.

Keep your posts on topic. Lallybroch presently keeps several message boards. Please chose the appropriate one for your post.

Please use the bulletin board post for personal contact if you have no other means of contacting someone.. We make a Bulletin Board post each day so that people can post various topics in replies, which helps keep the board from scrolling quickly. Thanks for your assistance in this. :-)

Before posting, read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). It will help you to post and use the boards and do basic HTML. This will help cut down on board traffic due to repeated questions that are covered in the FAQ files. Further help can be found in the Step-by-step posting instructions.

Don't forget to practice posting and your HTML skills in the HTML Practice Board.

Ladies of Lallybroch also maintains a Mailing List at Yahoo!Groups.

Note that this is exclusively a moderated announcements list (discussion about the books takes place on the message boards).

The Mailing List is used for special announcements and LOL contests.

To get on the mailing list you have to be at least 18 years old. If you want to be on the LOL Mailing List, email me at I will require a few simple details about you to verify it is a legitimate request. No information will be shared with other LOL members unless you wish it.


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Learn your Lallyvocabulary!


Some of these are pretty obvious, but the list of the non-obvious ones was very small :-) If you need help with any other acronym, just let us know!

DG - Diana Gabaldon, Herself
DIA - Dragonfly in Amber
DH - Dear Husband (on good days...)
DOA - Drums of Autumn
FWA - What Jamie likes... a Fine Wide Arse
Gabbers - #LallyGabbers, the LOL chat room at Talkcity.
MIK - What we all like... Men in Kilts
PB & FW - That's Princess Buttercup (Lady CF) and the Foreign Woman (Lady Rita)
WTFDIK - What In Fact Do I Know (weird... the initials don't match the acronym...)

If you stay at Lallybroch, you'll often hear the expression "hoser" or "hosed". Read all about it, in the following pages:

What is a hoser? - You'll hear this word a lot...

What is Clan MacHoser? - Lady Niki gives us our Clan name!

You Know You're Hosed When... - Inspired by Lady Hope... with help from the Clan!

You Know You're Hosed When... (continued!) - Compiled by Lady Claudia from contributions of the Ladies and Lads of Lallybroch!

For other mysterious abreviations used on the boards, see Common Chat Abbreviations.


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Check these useful sites too:


World Clock will help you know the Chat schedules in your time zone.

Computer Virus Myths Home Page

Have fun!