The Original
Jamie Fraser



Fraser HinesDiana Gabaldon chose the Jacobite period as the setting for the Outlander series after seeing a nice lad in a kilt, in a rerun of the old English SciFi TV series "Doctor Who"

According to the Doctor Who FAQ, "Doctor Who is, or was, the longest-running science-fiction series in the history of television. Created by the BBC in 1963 as a children's sci-fi series, Doctor Who eventually expanded its boundaries to just about every possible genre of television except for the musical. Spanning 26 seasons, the original BBC series had seven different actors taking on the lead role."

Along his travels, Doctor Who picked up several companions. One of them was this man, who Diana Gabaldon thought looked good in his kilt.

That lad was Frazer Hines, and he played the part of Jamie MacCrimmon, a young Scottish Jacobite who proudly wore his kilt through many different space and time dimensions, accompanying Doctor Who.

Fraser HinesLady MelissaJ found the original Jamie for us, and yes... he does look good in a kilt! (Even if this picture is not very good... but it was the best I could find. If anyone happens to know of a better one, we'd appreciate it.)

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