Three Hosemigos at the New Hampshire Games
Report by Lady Annabelle
June 5, 1999

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The favorite drink of the day, of course, was BEER! Here are the Three Hosemigos (DianaH, Annabelle, and Lissakay).


Before the opening ceremonies, we had the pleasure of seeing the wee bagpipe player in action (under a tree no less!)...


This is the ONLY photo I could get of all the clans that didn't have a big, fat HEAD in the center! It was verra interesting seeing all the plaid and even a peasant or two!


LOVE this one! All of us wee lassies are in our glory! (Annabelle, handsome kilted lad, Lissakay, and DianaH)


OH, YES!!! Here is Annabelle's favorite kilted laddie. She was SO taken aback by his manliness, that she feigned shyness and didna ASK for his photo!


Hee hee! This is the hunky lad who had the honor of getting his photo taken with Lissakay. When he asked how he should pose, Lissa's reply was, "Just pretend you love me!" Too bad his young lassie was within earshot... she never left his side after that!


This is Lissakay's photo debut! We have a dashing feathered man on the right, (he ended up giving a speech during the ceremony.) DianaH is next, then Annabelle, and finally a kind lad who rather looks like #1 (Jonathon Frakes) in a kilt! Please note that the clan name "MacTavish" has a list of other names associated with it. Can you find which one we're interested in?


We were SO hosed, that when leaving the festival, we passed a "special" sign... Lissakay turned around just so we could trespass! Aren't we HOSED? I "stitched" the two photos together, so it would be "artistic". (DianaH on the right... Lissakay on the left)


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