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16.08.28 - Important Announcement! Due to the ubiquitousness of everything Outlander and Gabaldon, the Ladies of Lallybroch(TM) website can never hope to keep up with the latest news. Aside from the fact the website has been wildly out of date for the last many years anyway. :) So, enjoy the archives that are here at this time. Most people are on Facebook, and you can find the LOL FB group there. However, for those who are not on Facebook, and just because we still love them, our Voy messages boards are still current and we welcome you: Click here for the Social Board. Thank you. ~ Judie

13.08.04 - Outlander TV adaptation wiki page Official website about the Outlander TV adaptation. HERE ~ Judie

13.08.04 - Outlander TV adaptation wiki page Outlander Wiki - An encyclopedia and episode guide to the Starz television series, that anyone can edit... Aims to cover the Novels as the show progresses. HERE ~ Judie

11.07.25 - Diana's Bench!!! For Christmas 2010 and Diana's birthday 2011, the Ladies of Lallybroch™ bought a bench in her honour for the gardens at Culloden House Hotel. There was a dedication ceremony on July 25th and Judy Lowstuter and Elenna Loughlin represented the LOL gang for the dedication with Diana. Elenna took some gorgeous photos and you can see them HERE ~ Judie

10.02-14 - Ladies of Lallybroch™ now has a Facebook Group and a Facebook Fan Page - look for us! ~ Judie

09.07-29 - Two articles written by Jean Brittain - The Outlander Lady and Looking For Lallybroch - have been uploaded to the site. These are her original submissions to Scottish Memories magazine and she has kindly granted permission to let me upload them to the website. Our own Judy Lowstuter of Celtic Journeys is mentioned in both articles. Kind thanks to Pierre McKenzie and Barbara Schnell for the use of their photos. ~ Judie

08.11-16 - Article about LOLer Judy Lowstuter's Celtic Journeys OUTLANDER TOUR. Article in the Tampa Tribune online, November 14, 2008 by Penny Carnathan. Ever wonder what it's like to go on an exclusive tour to Scotland. Well, now you can get the scoop firsthand from someone who has been there. Click here to read. After folks discover the gem that Judy's tour is, it might be quite difficult to get a seat on the next one - better call her today!!! ~ Judie

08.09-21 - Culloden Visitors Centre Links. LucyD presents Diana with a replica of her Culloden Walk stone on February 25th, 2007, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Click here to read. And on April 16th, 2008, Diana was a special guest invited by the Culloden Visitors Centre folks to attend the dedication. Click here to read. ~ Judie

05.08-16 - Just a general note that Lady Jay has been making additions and updates here and there around the site. Check out Outlandish Illustrations for a few new graphics and keep an eye on the cover gallery in the next few weeks as she'll be adding quite a few. Thank you to everyone who has sent in covers over the past year, sorry we're so slow, but we do appreciate your efforts. If we missed any covers it would be my fault - and please just resend anything we've missed if you notice it. :-) Thanks. And thanks, Lady Jay, for all your help!!!!!!! ~ Judie

04.10-12 - New addition - Where Have You Lived. Thanks to Lady Naiad for doing the HTML coding for this page.

04.09-02 - Updates made to the Wallpaper Gallery with the addition of Lady Iris's Jamie.

04.08-06 - Lady Jay and I have been doing updates here and there as we find dead links etc. Today Lady Jay updated the Outlandish Illustrations page. Thank you to all who have sent us their visions of Jamie and Claire and company. We will continue to update as we find things needing updating, and Rita aka FW aka our web mistress is scheduled to be back with us in October and will be ready to update the maps. We will keep everyone informed via the Social Board - so stay tuned.

03.11.29 - A thread on LOL Intros has been saved from the social board.: Find out a bit about your lallypals here. Thank you, Lady Web, for creating this page for us. :-)

03.09.27 - Whoa! Long time, no see! *G*: As you can see, the web site has a new look. Because Rita aka FW aka webmistress is so busy, we've switched over to frames so that the web pages can be edited/updated by those of us with limited skills. *G* We hope Rita will be able to help us out when she has more time. All that has been updated so far is the Outlandish Illustrations page with a new addition by Lady Claudine in Quebec. She is a graphics art student. Thank you, Claudine!

02.09.29 - New Book of the Month review: Lady DonnaC reviews Winter Solstice, by Rosamunde Pilcher. Thank you to Lady Rose McGlew for sending in her article about LOL, Discovering the Ladies of Lallybroch! Do not miss the latest in Lady Belinda's "The Reduced Gabaldon" series, The Fiery Cross-in-a-minute! (mind the spoilers, if you still haven't read the book!) There's a good article about Diana Gabaldon at EDP24 - Author's Formula for Success. Lots of new covers, sent in by Lady Carmen and Lady Layla:  new German covers,  new Spanish paperbacks, the new Finnish and Russian covers for Outlander and the cover for the paperback edition of Naked Came the Phoenix. Thank you also to Lady Carmen for sending the link to a great video interview with Diana (look for the link on the bottom next to where it says "video-clip"). Thank you to Lady Sheila for sending in a beautiful illustration! Added new guests to the wallpaper gallery pages. Thank you to the ladies who contributed!

02.07.14 - New Book of the Month review: Lady Jewell reviews Sticks and Scones, by Diane Mott Davidson. Lots of new covers, sent in by Lady Carmen:  new Canadian cover for The Fiery Cross,  new Polish cover for Voyager and the cover for the German edition of Naked Came the Phoenix, to be out on January 2003, along with the information that a Finnish edition of Outlander comes out in August and hopefully the Dutch edion of FC. Thank you also to Lady Carmen for sending the link to an article about Diana in the German Magazin "Spotlight", a magazine in English for learners, Writer Gabaldon: toilet paper from her fans and the scan for the slightly different articled in the printed edition: click here Thank you to Lady Kerry and Lady Angela for sending two gorgeous illustrations! Added new guests to the wallpaper gallery pages. Thank you to the ladies who contributed! Check out Lady Dana's revamped website, Sassenach's Outlandish Fans Site!

02.06.16 - New Book of the Month review: Lady SylviaA reviews The Stephanie Plum Series, by Janet Evanovich. Lots of new covers, sent in by Lady Carmen:  new German covers,  and the Korean cover for Mothers and Daughters Anthology. Thank you! Added new guests to the wallpaper gallery pages. Thank you to the ladies who contributed! Added the link to an interview with Diana Gabaldon, at January Magazine.

02.04.21 - New Book of the Month review. This month Lady SylviaA reviews The Dark Saga, by Christine Feehan. Lots of new covers, sent in by Lady Carmen:  new German covers, a new UK cover for The Fiery Cross and the Korean covers for Outlander. Thank you! Lady Jeannine sent me the new link for her homepage, featuring lots and lots of photos from the Arizona LOL Gatherings, with wonderful photos of Herself: click here! Those who are looking for more reading recommendations should check Ousted by Outlander: Lady M&M gathered a list of Hosers favorite books preceding Outlander. I've added a very hosed Green Eggs and Ham Revisited to the Best of LOL section. There's a whole gathering of new lads at the wallpaper gallery pages. Thanks to the ladies who contributed!

02.02.03 - New Book of the Month review, by Lady SylviaA. This month's book is The Shell Seekers, by Rosamunde Pilcher. Lady Carmen sent me the new cover for Jenseits of Avalon (anthologies covers) and Lady Kathy sent me word one of the covers for a German edition of Dragonfly In Amber, is a reused cover from a book by another author (check German covers). Thank you! If you missed it in the boards last month, you can still check the archived version of the Diana Gabaldon Birthday Contest: Hosed Books Title, organized by Lady M&M and Diana Gabaldon's Birthday Message Board, with Herself's comments on the contest. There are several new articles and interviews with Diana Gabaldon linked from the links page, all marked with "new" so they're easy to find. LOL is famous :-) Check out the article from Macleans Magazine, January 14, 2002. Catching up on my archives to finish this long overdue update, I realized I had never added the link to the Surrey 2001 Gathering!

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