WORCESTER, MA. - JULY 16, 1999

Diana Gabaldon attended a book signing, and dinned with the Northeastern Hosers. Here are the events of the day, reported by Lady Lissakay, Lady Char2 and Lady LeeC.
Photos and Captions by Lady Lissakay
This is at Tatnucks Booksellers Store in Worcester Mass. Waiting for Herself to arrive.
Front row: Mr. LeeC, LeeC, LisaB, Becki
Back row: Lissakay, Char, Barb, a friend of DianaH, DianaH, DianaH's Mother



Lea and HERSELF!!! Wooohooo!!
This is a very excited me meeting HERSELF!! VERY BIG WOOOWOOOOHOOOOO!!!

Lady Lissakay speaks:

Well, it all started about 2 months ago...We saw through Diana's web site that she would be coming to Boston on her Tour promoting the Outlandish Companion.

I thought... well, if the Surrey ladies can do it, why not us!

I sent Diana several emails asking, well okay, begging her to join us for a NE LOL gathering.

My proper address didn't show up on her (DG) computer, so in speaking with our very own Judie of LOL, Diana asked her to pass on that she would love to get together, but..... she would have to wait and see what her publisher had planned for her.

Then we read the news that Lauriats book store was closing and that her stop there was canceled. WE WERE HEARTBROKEN!!

Anyway, several of us sent letters out asking for a new location.

Then during Diana's tour in Canada, my friend Marielle asked her about the Mass. signing. Diana asked Marielle to pass on that the signing would now take place in Worcester, Mass. THANK YOU MARIELLE!!

The actual signing was great. What struck me most about Diana is that I WAS NOT expecting her to be a giggler! She giggles all the time and just truly as a glow from within. A very beautiful woman!

Diana and Mr. Iain Taylor

The neatest moment has to be when someone during the Q&A time at the signing, someone asked Diana how she learned the Gallic for her books. She went right in to her spiel about this man by the name of Iain Mckinnon Taylor contacting the publisher and hooking her up with him for help with the Gallic. And lo and behold.... there he was, right with us!! Wooohooo! Talk about your openers! We all were like.... Oh, she doesn't know he's here! I raised my hand and said.... "Diana, we would like to introduce you to Mr. Iain Taylor."She was sooooo shocked. We didn't know until a few minutes earlier that they had never met, and she had no idea that he would be there. It was wonderful.

Mr. Taylor just happened to post on the LOL social board a few days earlier, so I sent him an invite to join us! I love it when things work out!! Mr. Taylor and his wife are both lovely people, so glad that they were able to join us as well.

After the book signing, we took off for O'Connors Pub in Worcester. I have to add here that my own DH helped pick the restaurant. Lovely job!! Herself loves potato skins!!

We had a lovely dinner, and wonderful conversation. Diana was warm, friendly and very open and honest! And she did seem to truly enjoy being with us. And the same goes for the Hosers as well!

When it was time to leave, I have to admit.... I was more than a wee bit nervous! Seems Diana needed a ride back to Boston, and lucky for me (very nervous grin) I was the closest in that direction. So, thank Goodness, I had cleaned my car out that day! Anyway, the ride home was lovely. I don't know whether she was trying to make me feel at ease or not. Somehow, I think this is just how she is. She got in the car, and turned towards me, all comfortable like. And just chatted away! I, of course desperately wanted to ask her all kinds of questions, but somehow, refrained from doing so. In fact, we talked very little about the books. She told me all about giving birth. She had some Whopper children, 10 and 11 pounds! My goodness! Talked about marriage, motherhood, family.

Here's my reason for thinking Diana writes so wonderfully, she is really and truly a happy woman. She is very much in love with her husband and loves being a mother. And you can just tell that she has created this perfect harmony within her own family! And above all else, she knows what she was meant to do with her life. She's very centered. It's something that goes unnoticed in everyday life, until you see it first hand. Diana is the least pretentious person I have ever met, and very comfortable in her own skin! We made it to the hotel finally, after a few wrong turns. And she hugged me and wished me well!

And three hours later, I made it home! It's only a 45 minute drive!! Lost in Boston for awhile.... but so worth it!

I am grateful!




This is at O`Connors restaurant in Worcester, Mass. As you can see, Diana is having a miserable time with us and found us to be a big bore. Heeheehee! I would like to add here that my own husband picked out the restaurant.... He done good!! We were well pleased!!



Lady Char2 speaks:

While waiting we had a very special guest show up! Char and Mr. Liam....... her date!!

Since BarbP lives in Springfield too, I arranged to pick her up and we drove to Worcester together (about 50 minutes). I was glad to have Barb along not only for the company but also to navigate as once we hit the streets of Worcester it got a bit confusing. Luckily we had directions printed out from the web site and between the two of us didn't have too much trouble. (Unlike some other people traveling alone haha).

We were the first ones to arrive at the bookstore. I asked at the restaurant for the "Hoser" table and the hostess looked at me as if I'd lost my mind. Grrrrrrr LissaKay, did you do that just to be funny? *g* Barb backed me up, thank goodness, "yes, she (LissaKay) did say Hoser!" Well, we finally got it sorted out and we plunked down at a large table to await everyone else. Next was Becky, then a long wait, and LeeC and Diana (with mom and mom's friend in tow) and LissaKay. Poor LissaKay had gotten lost but fortunately finally found the place.

Just have to add - Tatnuck's is an awesome bookstore. Didn't have time to wander around but I would like to get back there sometime.

We also didn't have time for anything besides a beer (or daquiri) or two before Mr. Iain Taylor and his wife showed up, and then DG.

It was fun listening to DG talk, and then she answered some questions from the audience and read an excerpt from an upcoming book. Of course any question I may have had was driven totally out of my brain. duh.

At last Lea showed up (thank goodness!); we were afraid something had happened to her.

When DG mentioned Mr. Taylor in her talk, we started poking one another and giggling until LissaKay finally stood up and introduced him from the audience. DG looked properly shocked (*g*) and afterward had a nice chat with him.

I don't know who asked DG to join us for dinner but word finally came that she would indeed join us. Woo Hoo! All she needed was a ride back to Boston; I would have loved to volunteer but unfortunately Barb and I live in the opposite direction. :-( Anyway, LissaKay did volunteer, though expressing some trepidation about directions. Getting into Boston isn't that hard, I told her (it's getting out that's difficult. Bwahahahaha).

Finally we managed to pry DG out of the bookstore (after she graciously chatted with several fans) and we were off to O'Conners, about a 15-minute drive away. Fortunately nobody got lost.

At O'Connor's, we sat in the bar for a while and then got a table in a private room. Somewhat squashed but not bad. I sat across from DG (lucky me!) and we all had a great chat. I felt that I was babbling perhaps a bit too much (I have a tendency to do that when I'm nervous) but tried to keep myself in check.

We talked about ghosts, about fanatic fans (luckily she hasn't been bothered), about Stephen King's accident, about the characters (noting that Roger is the living embodiment of Murphy's Law).

We also talked about something I find fascinating... the tendency of certain characters to take on a life of their own as you write about them. I once interviewed King, and he said when he wrote The Shining he didn't have a clue about what Jack Torrance would do next. He said he actually felt afraid of the guy. I haven't done much writing myself, but I had a simliar experience once... I was just typing and watching; the characters were doing their own thing.

DG said she's had the same thing happen (she talks about it a bit in the Companion) and that it's great. Makes writing a lot easier! Funny phenomenon, that. I wonder if it happens to all writers?

Anyway, we stuffed ourselves sick (nobody could finish dinner). *g*

Finally had to say goodbye about 11 p.m. and head back into the west.


Just got to say that DG was wonderful, even hearing things I'm sure she's heard a meeeellion times before. I hope she had a good time.

We sure did!




These are Claire's hands..... oops, I mean Diana Gabaldon's!!
One Silver and One Gold!



Lady LeeC speaks:

This is while waiting for Diana to finish. Becki is nervous because Diana would be riding with her to the restaurant!! In pic: Mr. LeeC, Char, LeeC, Becki.

The evening with DG. It was wonderful. Too often the word wonderful is inserted in text, so the true definition of the word, how it really applies, is lost. Wonderful. Won-der-ful. A feeling of airiness and light that lingers long after the evening has closed. My bubbling elation took days to finally dissipate. There was so much knowledge communicated that I am still digesting it. I think and think and think over the conversations and events of that evening. Such affirmation and enlightenment about so many things and the eclectic range of discussions! Having DG confirm Jamie is built more along the lines of a basketball player than a football player. All of us staring at our hands and realizing that love was linked in some way with the adornments we wore on our fingers. Finding out Anne Rice has a fan that wears a live spider in a vial around their neck. Hildegard of Bengin is Mother Hildegard. Charlotte spoke of an eerie haunted feeling she had on a tropical island and I thought, days later, my God - just like in Voyager. Stuff like that, a lot of it, all packed into a few short hours. It was almost surreal, but too good to be surreal, it was...wonderful.

Lee C






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