A Chat with
Diana Gabaldon

July 19, 1999


These are the transcripts of my own mIRC logs of the MSN Chat with Diana Gabaldon, who took place July 20, 1999. I edited the logs, removing all the cross talk and mIRCs messages, to make them easier to read, but no questions were left out of this transcript. But if you doubt this, the unedited version of the logs is available here. :-)



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dgabaldon I'm here! Hi, guys!
dgabaldon Happy to see y'all! <g>
dgabaldon Happy to talk--what does anyone want to know?

ladyelaine Hi, Diana, long time no see from Seattle!
dgabaldon Seattle....oh, yes. That was about two weeks and
dgabaldon a million miles back. <g>

windsongj How was your book tour?
dgabaldon Got home yesterday morning. <pant, gasp>

Duchess Diana, long time no see from Toronto!
dgabaldon Hi, Duchess! Yes, that does seem a long time back. <g>

Belle2 Diana, I just FINALLY got Erma, one of our illustrious pseudo bosses hooked - she jsut finished Outlander
Erma Yes, I'm in love with Jaime, thanks to Belle. :)
Belle2 he's a stud <wg>
dgabaldon Tell Belle thanks. <g>

JJ2 Can you tell us why Dougal seeks Colum's help with regard to Geillis? He was a widower, and could have married her. He had to suspect that Colum's methods would not be gentle!
dgabaldon I rather think Dougal was afraid to marry that particular Black Widow.

Stevo1 Diana Gabaldon is the best-selling author of the Outlander series featuring Jamie and Claire Fraser, which includes the titles "Outlander," "Dragonfly in Amber," "Voyager," and "Drums of Autumn."
Stevo1 Diana's most recent book is "The Outlandish Companion:" the ultimate companion guide to her bestselling series, the book only she could write--a beautifully illustrated compendium of all things Outlandish. Welcome, Diana, to Microsoft Network's Books and Reading Community chat room.
dgabaldon Thanks, Steve!
Stevo1 Glad to have you here
dgabaldon My pleasure--thanks for inviting me!
Stevo1 Dioane when you are finished answering a question, please type "ga"

SuzannefromLI Are you writing about Brian And Ellen and if so when will it be out. Thank You
dgabaldon I have a "prequel" under contract--this is a book that
dgabaldon deals with Jamie Fraser's parents and the 1715 Rising.
dgabaldon However, I haven't begun writing it yet, so I can't say when it will be out.
dgabaldon ga

Duchess Now that Brianna is in the past with Roger, what effect will that have on the Fraser Prophecy?
dgabaldon Duchess--I don't know. <g> ga

JAMIELOVER Hi Diana, my name is Helen I'm from Ontario. What has inspired you in your writing?
dgabaldon WHat has inspired me? Geez, what hasn't? <g> I get ideas from absolutely everywhere--REal Life, movies, books, pictures, etc. ga

JJ2 At the time that you wrote Outlander, did you plan to have Geillis return in Voyager?
dgabaldon No, I didn't plan to have Geillis return, especially. I did know she wasn't dead, though. ga

Erma Were you prepared for the huge success of this series? Why do you think it captured all our hearts?
dgabaldon No, I had no idea I'd ever evven publish the first book, let alone have it be so popular. As for what people like...you name it, but the most common thing people say they like is simply the characters themselves. ga

LadySolace Diana, not to be repetitive from the earlier Barnes and Noble Chat, but you've said that Claire takes the story and runs. Does she ever do anything that annoys or confounds YOU?
dgabaldon No, Claire doesn't annoy me--I know _why_ she does what she does, so it's like the French say..."Tour compredre, c'est tout pardonner." (To understand everything is to forgive everything). ga

Belle2 Is Geillis the skull found at the beginning of Voyager?
dgabaldon Yes, that's Geillis's skull at the beginning of VOYAGER. ga

brooke2 do you ever think of writing kids books
dgabaldon No, I've never thought of writing for kids. Why? ga

Cameron-MacLeod Hi Diana! It is a pleasure to meet/chat with you! What plans do you have after you finish the Outlandish books? Or is that too far ahead to think about?
dgabaldon Cameron--I have a separate series dealing with Master Raymond, that I'll do after I've finished with the OUTLANDER books. ga

SuzannefromLI Claire will be close to 60 at start of the Revolution I hope its not a bit much for her
SuzannefromLI I asked about Claires age a the start of the revolution and if it will be a bit to much for her
SuzannefromLI About Claire??
dgabaldon I missed a few questions, I think--people jamming them in too fast. You wanted to know what about Claire, Suzanne? ga
SuzannefromLI Yes if being 60 at the start of the revolution would be a bit to much for her?
dgabaldon No, Suzanne--she isn't 60; more in her early to mid-50's. And no, I don't think that's too old (I'm 47 myself <g>). ga
SuzannefromLI Oh sorry, thought she would be older

Stevo1 Tell us about "The Outlandish Companion." What was it like collecting material for the book? Was writing it harder than actually writing an "Outlander" novel?
dgabaldon Steve--no, the COMPANION is--essentially--nonfiction, which is always lots easier to write than fiction.
dgabaldon I had a lot of the material already, as a result of answering
dgabaldon people's quesitons for years. <g> ga

LadySpider I loved your first book, Outlander, Diana....so full of facts and history. Who would have known I would have flown to Scotland myself and gotten married to a Scot!! <g>
dgabaldon Congratulations, LadySpider! ga

miss_vicki2 Will we discover the identity of the skull with Claire in Drums?
dgabaldon Oh, the skull. Yes, we'll find out who it is. Eventually. <g> ga

Londubh Have you read Anya Seton,Norah Lofts,or Mary Stewart(The Merlin Trilagy)?
dgabaldon Yes, I've read all of those authors, Londubh. ga

LadySpider How did you do your research for the first book? Books or actually visiting the country?
dgabaldon LadyS--I did the first book entirely from library research--since I was writing for practice, I couldn't very well tell my husband I had to go to Scotland to do research. <g> I've been three or four times since then, thanks! ga
Londubh Your writing style reminds me of them and I loved them all.

Ritavz I'd like to know if we'll ever see a "non-edited" Outlander version, with all the bits that were left out because they were not essential to the plot.
dgabaldon No. I "edited" OUTLANDER myself, and everything I wanted in the book is there. NOBODY lays violent hands on my manuscripts, believe me. <g> ga
Ritavz A pity :-) Thank you, Diana!

Duchess Will Claire meet any of her ancesters?
dgabaldon Yes, Master Raymond is (I think) one of Claire's (very distant) ancestors. I don't know for sure, but I think she might quite possibly meet other ancestors. Won't know 'til I write it, though! ga

ladyelaine What was wrong with the original title of King, Farewell? Why did you change it?
dgabaldon I haven't written the book yet, let alone formally decided on the title! I just thought that KING, FAREWELL seemed not the best, because people couldn't remember it. <g> Also, I quite like SONS OF LIBERTY, because it fits the book well. But we'll see
dgabaldon what happens when I actually write it! ga

LadySpider How difficult was it breaking into the writing industry?
dgabaldon LS--It wasn't difficult to "break in," as such--I got an agent, he sent the book to five editors, and three of them wanted to buy it. shrug I got lucky. <g>
dgabaldon ga

JAMIELOVER What type of books did you read at 16 years old?
dgabaldon Same type I read now--everything, and lots of it. <g> ga

LadySolace Okay...here's a naieve question to be sure..But It's one I've been dying to know ever since i can remember, and I figure you must know something I don't. :-) Does love like that really exist, outside of books and movies? ::blushing::
dgabaldon Er...I've been with my husband for 27 years, and didn't plan to trade him in. <g> Does that help? ga

SuzannefromLI Jamie really did a number on Bree in the cave was that so necessary?
dgabaldon Suz--Well, Jamie understands a whole lot more about the experience of being raped than I do. I reckon _he_ thought it was necessary. ga

Ritavz Hi Diana, again! Will we ever find out what happened to Raniel Rawlings, the doctor whose instruments Claire uses?
dgabaldon Yes, we'll hear about Daniel Rawlings. Quite a lot, in fact. <g> ga
Ritavz Thanks!

Belle2 In the companion, the genealogies seem very ligitimate, are they purely fictional, created just for your characters or do they begin with true historical figures of those surnames - and if so, how do we tell where the historical gives way to the fictional?
dgabaldon Belle--the genealogies are entirely factual...up to a certain point. <g> They were done for me as a favor by an ex-member of the Royal College of Heralds. ga

Duchess C & J will be part of the revolution I'm sure (read Sara's book), but what about Roger and Brianna??
dgabaldon I don't know how big a part Roger and Bree have in the Revolution; it sort of depends on where this book ends. <g> ga
Cameron-MacLeod Sarah's book duchess?
Duchess Cameron - Sara Donati's book "Into the Wilderness" had J&C in it in a cameo appearance.
dgabaldon Yes--they didn't appear as characters; one of Sara's characters referred to J&C as historical people. ga
Cameron-MacLeod I'll add it to my look for list!

JJ2 Is there any chance Claire will have another child? A "change of life" baby?
dgabaldon I suppose it's vaguely possible <frowning dubiously>. Not real likely, given her obstetrical history, though. ga

LadyLeeC Will Jamie and Willie meet on opposite sides of a battlefield?
dgabaldon LL-- don't know, but I think it's highly possible. They're certainly on opposing sides of the Revolution. ga
LadyLeeC Thank you Diana!

kiwi Hello from NZ - I am asking for a friend in Oz who can't get on do you write every day, without fail
dgabaldon kiwi--yes, I try to write about 6 days out of 7. Don't always manage, but I try. <g> ga

Ritavz Diana, Since you like to write big books :-) and we all love to read them, any remote chance the next two books will get extended into three books? Or more?
dgabaldon Rita--don't know. I _think_ there are only two more, but I can't be totally positive until I write them. ga

ladyelaine Someone already asked this, but I don't think you had a chance to answer. When we will find out who the skull with the fillings was?
dgabaldon Probably you'll find out about the skull in FIERY CROSS. ga

kiwi Diana - Ellen asks do you edit page by page as you go... or when its all finished
dgabaldon I edit word by _word_ as I go. <g> ga

Eponine In the next companion will you show us what the historical clothing looked like?
dgabaldon Ep--if people want to know that, sure; nobody asked me, on this one. ga
Eponine thanks

Duchess There's been much debate on my list about the article about the fire. Has Bree prevented that??
dgabaldon Duchess--we won't know for awhile, now, will we? <g> ga

SuzannefromLI I wondered if Jamie and Claire stay in America?
dgabaldon Suz--I don't know. We'll have to see how the Revolution goes. <g> ga

Lissa2 I wanted to thank Diana again from the NE Hosers LOL, I made it back home 3 hours later... but it was worth it. Boston is an interesting place to get lost in at 3 am!! :)
LadyLeeC Oh no! Lissa!!!
dgabaldon Glad you made it home, Liss!
Lissa2 Thank you .... Again it was well worth it!! Thanks again!

kiwi Diana are you going to be doing another scheduled chat soon so that we gals down under can organise ourselves
dgabaldon kiwi--hey, invite me! ga
kiwi You would surely be very welcome Diana

Belle2 are the crests/ arms also historically accurate?
dgabaldon Yes, the crests/arms are historically accurate. The arms and badge for Jamie are quite accurate--they are exactly what he would have borne. ga

Stevo1 ga belleplease kick 7 foot
*** ^37466F6F7450656E69732D31466F6F7444696132 was kicked by Ishie
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dgabaldon Gee, I hope they didn't leave together! <g> ga

Ritavz Is Woodhill's Patriots a real book-in-print? Or is Woodhill someone we'll meet in the next books?
dgabaldon Woodhill is real and so is the book; it's on my reference shelf. ga
Ritavz Thank you, Diana!

kiwi Just to ask again. Any other chats scheduled soon Diana?
dgabaldon kiwi--I don't have any other chats scheduled, but am happy to come chat almost anyplace, time permitting. ga

LadyShannon Diana, do your children help you research for your books?
dgabaldon LS--my kids? Er...no. How, exactly? ga

kiwi Diana how long do you spend on research for each book?
dgabaldon kiwi--I do the research concurrently with the writing, so there's no real answer; I just don't stop. ga

JJ2 What supernatural or natural force caused Claire's shoes to arrive at Fraser's Ridge?
dgabaldon JJ--I reckon the ghost Claire saw moved them, don't you? ga

Wanderer2 Diana, I'm very sorry, but I have not had the opportunity to read your work...could you tell me what would be good for me to read as a first???
dgabaldon Wan--read OUTLANDER first. This is a series of books, and while they do stand alone, it's best if read as a series, in order. ga
Wanderer2 Thanks very much Diana

kiwi Diana would you mind us contacting you by email to arrange a chat schedule?
dgabaldon That would be fine, kiwi! ga

SuzannefromLI Sorry Do you know if the scots who came over after culloden were aloud to where their kilts?
dgabaldon Suz--yes, they were. Or rather...there were no particular laws to stop them, and certainly no force able to police them (there weren't any British
dgabaldon troops in the Colonies from about 1771 to 1774). ga

kiwi Diana - when you work/research concurrently, what sort of schedule do you have, i.e. writing in a.m. and then research at night for the next day?
dgabaldon kiwi--no, I just do as much writing as I can and as much research as I need to. <g> ga

Jeanine If Roger's ancestors emigrated to the states way back, how does he end up back in Scotland? Or should one just assume they returned at some point?
dgabaldon Jean--_I'd_ assume they went back at some point. ga

Duchess Diana, several people who met you on the tour have pictures (with you) that they would like me to post on my site. Is that okay with you??
dgabaldon Duchess--yes, that's fine (I hope I don't look too grotesque <g>). ga

Belle2 I've figured out the math, and it appears that Jamie, Clair and Ian will all be alive (according to Sara's book) after you say you will end yor series - does this mean you will end the last book with them all still alive?
dgabaldon Belle--nah. Sara's book is set in 1797, but her character is _referring_ to 1777--when the
dgabaldon Battle of Saratoga was fought--when he mentions Claire and Jamie. See, C& J aren't actually _in_ Sara's book at all; one of her characters just talks about them,
dgabaldon as though they were real historical people (which they were, of course <g>). ga
Belle2 crap - thought I had you there! LOL

* LadyLeeC slaps GandalfBilbo around a bit with a large trout
GandalfBilbo hey i like fish yum
dgabaldon If you mean me, Wan--thank you! <g> ga

irish I'm a newbie to chat. So, the next two books are Revo. and what?
irish but what is Revolution ?
irish I took it to be the next titile in the series???
dgabaldon Irish--they mean the American Revolution--which is the subject matter, but not the title, of the next two books. ga
irish sorry.

Cameron-MacLeod Do you have any plans...even far off to do a book tour here in the South? Say GA, FL or TN?...Anywhere in the south!
dgabaldon Cam--I don't set up book tours. The publisher has a publicist who decides where I go. I probably won't do an official tour in the US again until the next book is out, though.
dgabaldon If you want me anywhere in particular <g>, tell your local bookstores to bother the Bantam sales reps to ask for me. ga

thors have you ever wanted to team up with another writer and if so who would it be ...
dgabaldon Thor--No, I don't really care for the notion of collaboration--though I _have_ co-authored short stories with two of my three children. That was for them, though, not for me. <g> ga

Ritavz Diana, will there be a happy end for John Grey? Will there be someone for him? He's one of my favourite characters!
dgabaldon Rita--I honestly don't know. I hope so! ga
Ritavz So do I! :-) thanks!

LadySolace This isn't really a question, I just wanted to thank Diana for being so gracious to and patient with her fans. It means a lot to us to learn what goes on in the mind of our favorite author. We know you don't HAVE to take the time for us like this.
dgabaldon Thank you, guys! I enjoy it. Smile ga

DawnMichele Diana, I just wanted to tell you that I have been rereading Outlander and for the last two nights I have dreamed about Jamie and Claire!
dgabaldon DM--that's more than I do! <g> ga

Londubh Do you ever have a chance to do any herb gardening?( or anything else but write!)
dgabaldon L--yes, I keep a vegetable/flower/herb garden. Too hot for it now, thought! Growing season is January-May, here. ga

Jeanine If Roger's ancestors emigrated to the states way back, how does he end up back in Scotland? Or should one just assume they returned at some point?
dgabaldon Jeanine--I reckon they did return at some point--but bear in mind that there could be a lot of to and fro in two hundred years! ga
Jeanine true. thank you ;

LadyShannon Are Roger and Brianna going back to the 1900's?
dgabaldon LS--That's the sort of thing I wouldn't tell you, if I _did_ know. <g> ga

LadyCFC You mentioned at another chat that sometimes you have to chisel the story out of rock. How exactly do you do that?
dgabaldon LadyCFC--Well...I just sit there at the keyboard and go tap...tap...tap...<g> ga

Cameron-MacLeod Do you ever go to speak at writer's festivals? If so, how would one contact you to see about being a guest speaker? I think you would be a great asset to one I work with in FL.
dgabaldon Yes, I do go to writers conferences, Cam. Which ones depends on where they are, what kind of conferences they are, what they wnat me to do--and what my other time commitments are. I try not to do more than one major event a month, bar
dgabaldon the book tours I do when there's a new book out (those run for weeks, in different countries,
dgabaldon and are _real_ exhausting). ga

Ritavz We have "seen" the story through Claire's PVO, and also Jamie's and Brianna. And you said we'd see it through Young Ian's voice too. Will we ever see Willie's POV?
dgabaldon Rita--yes, in the sixth book. ga
Ritavz Oh good!
LadyLeeC Yes!

kiwi What advice do you have for new romance writers? I have just co-authored a time travel romance set in 1st C Israel. Any advice?
dgabaldon kiwi--I don't personally write romances. But I'd have the same advice for ANY writer: 1. READ
dgabaldon 2. WRITE.
dgabaldon 3. DON'T STOP!!! <g> ga

Belle2 We know that Cast Leoch is fictional, ,,,
Belle2 is the pic in the companion on page 11 actually the Castle....
Belle2 Leod that you mention later in the book?
dgabaldon Belle--the picture in the COMPANION is the honest-to-goodness Castle Leod--home of the chief of Clan MacKenzie! ga
Belle2 Very cool!
dgabaldon I thought so. <g> ga

Wanderer2 what type of an audience do you aim your writing for?
dgabaldon Wan--I don't. I just write stories the way I like them, and am glad that other people seem to like them too.
dgabaldon The audience seems to cover the ground, though--male/female, straight/gay, ages from 13 to 96. I suppose I must be doing _something_ right! <g> ga
Wanderer2 ok...thanks

JJ2 Will Bree find something to do in the 18th century? She seems a bit lost.
dgabaldon Oh, Bree? I reckon she'll think of something. <g> ga

WordWiz Diana is there a question that you've always wondered why your readers haven't asked it?
dgabaldon WW--no, though I'm often surprised at the questions they _do_ ask! ga

summer94 Is Black Jack Randall really dead
dgabaldon summer--yes, he's dead. We've seen his body, which is a good indication, even in _my_ books. <g> ga

maya7 what advice to you have for an aspiring young female writer?
dgabaldon maya--1. READ, 2. WRITE, 3. DON'T STOP!! <g> ga
maya7 thanks! :)

mc22 your favorite book or author, Diana?
dgabaldon Favorite? Dozens. Check out "The Methadone List" in the back of the COMPANION. ga

rocky22 Do you have your books all planned out when you begin to write it?
dgabaldon rocky--no, I don't plan them out at all ahead of time. I don't even write in a straight line. <g> ga

Erma I called Outlander an adventure novel. What genre would you place it in or is it best described as fiction?
dgabaldon Erma--"fiction" is about as close as I could come, though "historical adventure" is certainly accurate, as far as it goes. <g> ga

irish I loved the series; read one continously for 24 hours until done. I await a next book. I thank you all for your patience; & wish you good night.
dgabaldon Thanks, irish! ga

Duchess Did Jamie kill Randall or was Randall protecting Jamie on the Battlefield?
dgabaldon Duchess--ha, you think I'll tell you that? <g> Wait and see. ga

windsongj Do you desire to time travel?
dgabaldon windsong--er...well...I _do_ time-travel. gaa
WordWiz Me too everytime I pick up a book! dgabaldon WordWiz--yes, exactly. <g> ga

highpriestess60 Diana, It's Marcia from Tennessee. I want to say again how much I love Companion - especially the explanation of how you came to write the books! What are the 3 best things that have happened to you since you have been published??
dgabaldon Thanks, Marcia! 3 best things? Er...I got to write full-time, I didn't have to worry about putting my kids through college, and my husband got to become a professional drag-racer. ga

kiwi Do you discuss book as writing with friends etc or is it private till done?
dgabaldon Nah, I'll talk to almost anybody about what I'm doing--within limits. <g> ga

LadyShannon Diana, I have a friend with LOL and we met you in Dayton. She is an awesome writer and wants to send you an excerpt. Will you readi it and give her advice?
dgabaldon LS--No, I really can't. My agent doesn't let me read unpublished stuff from people neither he nor I know--legal concerns, you know. I'm sorry. You might suggest to your friend that she come join
dgabaldon one of the writing workshops in the Writers Forum on COmpuserve, though--she can get guaranteed feedback and very accomplished critiques there! (and tell her good luck for me, please!) ga
LadyShannon She is on the phone...and understands. Thank you Diana for your time tonight.

maya7 How much time to you spend on the Internet & do you find it useful for research?
dgabaldon maya--mostly I use the Internet just for email and Compuserve Forum work/conversations. Most of what I need to look up really requires a library--though
dgabaldon once in awhile I'll find something helpful on the WEb. ga

Wanderer2 you seem to be a humurous person...do you use humour in your books?
dgabaldon Wan--Ha--like I could _not_ use humor! <g> ga

miss_vicki2 Will we ever find out why BJR is buried so far away from England? Was he just so disgusting that none of his fellow soldiers cared to take him home? Or with the Duke gone, there was no one to look out and over see him, and make sure he got home safely?
dgabaldon missv--Yes, I reckon we'll find out. Not yet, though. <g> ga

LadyLeeC Did Randall give Jamie his wound in the thigh?
dgabaldon LL--We won't know that until (and unless) Jamie recovers his memory of what really happened at Culloden. ga

Ritavz Diana, do you think your books will be translated in Portuguese? Hard to make new hosers when they aren't published here. Made me a very lonely obssessed fan until I got internet! And thank you for all your answers tonight!
dgabaldon Rita--don't know, but I'm sure my foreign agent will look into it. ga
Ritavz Hope so! Thank you!

reader9000 ga when did you realize writing was your passion
dgabaldon reader9--I've know since I was about 8 years old that I was _supposed_ to be a writer. Just didn't know_how_. ga

LadyCFC Do you belong to a regular critique group?
dgabaldon LadyC--no. I know critique groups are helpful to some people, but I don't think they'd be at all helpful to me, personally. ga

Londubh I just want to thank you for the delightful evening Friday.we all had a ball!(Leah-LOL-to your right at the table)
Lissa2 I wanted to say congratulations on your tour and wish you and your family a happy rest of the summer. I know you missed them. We love you!! Thanks for taking the time tonight!
dgabaldon Thanks, guys! I've enjoyed it all!

Lo2man I know you believe in ghost, have you seen a SSSSGhost?
dgabaldon Yes, I've _met_ a ghost, though I didn't see him.

kiwi Do you get weary of writing a book or is it always fresh?
dgabaldon No, I don't get tired of writing. Worn out sometimes, but not tired. <g>

Stevo1 What are your current and future projects?
dgabaldon Steve--I have two more novels for the OUTLANDER series, two contemporary mysteries, and a "prequel"book (about Jamie Fraser's parents) under contract. Then a series about Master Raymond planned.

dgabaldon Yes, I'm afraid Murtagh is dead. Too bad. :(
Belle2 he didn't grab his throat ang go Gack! though Duch <g>
Belle2 crud
LadyLeeC :-(
dgabaldon Nah, but he died in Jamie's arms.
Belle2 oh, I see......
Erma What a way to go! sigh :)
miss_vicki2 But Fergus is just as loyal...
Belle2 hate that
Karen___SFF lol erma
Londubh The only way to go!
LadySolace ROFL @ Erma.
Lissa2 AHH....What a way to go... In Jamies arms
Belle2 just like the 'wiry little fellow' <g>
Belle2 Lissa - ROFL
dgabaldon Belle--Well, we do get to see him again; he gets one of the three novellas in the prequel books.
Londubh Fishy
Belle2 oh good!

Cameron-MacLeod Too cool! Love your books Will be aiting with baited breth for all future endeavors!
dgabaldon Cam--"bated." <g> Thanks!!
Cameron-MacLeod Oops! I don't think when I type!
dgabaldon No prob, Cam. <g>

dgabaldon Had fun with youse guys on Friday, Londubh!
ladyelaine Diana, you're just like Star Wars!
dgabaldon Thanks, Ladyelaine! I think. <g>

Stevo1 Thank you, Diana, for chatting with us in Microsoft Network's Books and Reading Community chat room. "The Outlandish Companion," is available in bookstores or at a special price from Barnes and Noble at http://plaza.msn.com. Visit Diana's official website at http://www.cco.caltech.edu/~gatti/gabaldon/gabaldon.html.
dgabaldon Thanks, Steve! Appreciate your asking me!
dgabaldon Glad y'all have had a good time--I did! ga
dgabaldon Thanks very much, all! I gotta go--booked to go have dessert with my in-laws. <g> ga
dgabaldon Well, I _like_ my in-laws. <g>
dgabaldon After all--they produced my husband, didn't they? <g>
Londubh Are they red heided too
dgabaldon My mother-in-law is a tall red-head.
Stevo1 Have that dessert inside - it will melt in Phoenix heat if outside
dgabaldon No one in their right mind would eat outside now, Steve. <g>
ladyelaine What do your in-laws think of your books?

lor after you've read the books, try listening to them on audio-cassette! I am.
dgabaldon Yeah--but get the UNabridged cassettes from REcorded Books, if you can.

Stevo1 I forgot to ask Diana if her husband wore underwear when he drag races
dgabaldon Steve--yes, he does. He says it makes him feel more secure. <cough>
Stevo1 You said that when you met him, he didn't wear any. ;-)
dgabaldon Yes, but he didn't drag race then, either. He played the French Horn. <g>

ladyelaine Diana, does your red-headed m-i-l like your books?
dgabaldon le--my mother-in-law reads mostly nonfiction.

dgabaldon Gotta go, guys. Husband is waiting! Bye!!

*** dgabaldon has left #Reading_1