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From Diana's Blog entry November 10, 2008::

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From Diana Gabaldon, Herself:
Friday, November 17th, 2000

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You know, on the list of Most Frequently Asked questions, #1 is undoubtedly "Is there another book?"

#2 is "So when is it coming out, already!?!" <g>

But #3 is almost always, "Has anybody thought of making a movie of these books?"

Well, sure they have. The books have been optioned a few times, and that's as far as it's gone. I always said I'd tell y'all if and when it ever went farther than that--so it has, and I am. <g>

I have the pleasure to announce that I've signed a contract for the production of a four-hour mini-series based on OUTLANDER, said mini-series presumably to be aired sometime next year on ABC.

All right. Now, when you quit whooping and hollering, cast your eye back over that paragraph. Focus your attention on that "presumably," OK?

The producers of this mini-series have prepared a script, and ABC likes it--or so they tell me. However, the Ultimate Powers at ABC still need to approve said script, in order to begin actual casting, shooting, and all that. So, while I can't absolutely guarantee that this show will go on...it's looking pretty good.

Now, I want to make a couple of things Perfectly Clear. <g>

1. I do not have ONE THING to say about the casting of this show. Aside from the fact that I don't watch a lot of TV or movies, and therefore don't know anything about actors, the casting really has to be determined by the people who are making the movie.

2. Ditto, I don't have the power to force anyone to make it a six-hour, eight-hour, etc. mini-series. Four hours is what they think they want, and I'm sure they'll do a good job of adapting the book to that length.

3. I am not writing the script. I am (God willing) writing THE FIERY CROSS, and if not too much distracted by the film business, will finish it pretty soon. But I can't afford a whole lot of distraction of any kind, OK?

OK. That being so, PLEASE don't deluge me with casting suggestions, exhortations to "make sure they don't change a thing!" or suggestions about what should be included in the script. I got nothin' to say about it.

On the other hand....<cough>. I suppose it might be helpful for ABC to hear any such suggestions--to say nothing of wild expressions of enthusiasm that might cause them to realize that the OUTLANDER series does have a sizable audience, and therefore to think that approving this project is a Really Good idea.

ABC has a website, which provides a channel for comment on "Movies and Specials," and it seems to me that this might be a good place for people to go and express their opinions--whether these have to do with casting, script, or merely that you think it's great that they have this project in development. The link is abc.go.com; at the foot of the main page is a menu selection for "Contact"--and if you click on that, you get a choice of categories for comment, and an email form.

So if the spirit moves you...I'd certainly appreciate your support!



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