Second Annual Ladies of Lallybroch Chat
Diana Gabaldon

June 29, 2000



Once again, Diana Gabaldon, Herself, kindly agreed to chat with the Ladies and Laddies of Lallybroch, on June 29, 2000, at 9pm Pacific Time. Below is the integral transcript of the moderated chat. Though the order of some of the interventions was slightly re-arranged to make the conversation easier to follow nothing Diana Gabaldon said was left out of this transcript.

Diana Gabaldon used <Dgabaldon> as her nickname.

Ladies of Lallybroch thanks Diana Gabaldon for this wonderful evening!


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The Chat Staff

A-Yodolf - Lady Judie
ValerieL2 - Lady ValerieL
Charyl - Lady Charyl
LadyCFC - Lady CF
LOLChris - Lady Chris
SuesLOL - Lady Sues
ttlyhosed - Lady Kristi
RDawn - Lady Rita Dawn
Laird_JP - JP
Ritavz - Lady Rita


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<unmoderated chat>

*** Dgabaldon has joined #Lallybroch

<A-Yodolf> Yep - so - oh there is DG!

<jeety> Love you madly Diana (or your books anyway hehee)
<LadyGwen> Hahahahah Judie
<A-Yodolf> Good Evening Diana!
<LoLShadow> one of my friends from Cleveland is participating at the games there and she just started a reread of the books!
<LadyGillian> hello all!
<Dgabaldon> Yep, here I am!
<WendyR> Good Evening, Diana!
<LOLmichelle> hello hello!
<Aperci> Good Evening Diana!
<AmandaW> Hi Diana from Auckland
<LadyGillian> hello Diana!
<Dgabaldon> Thanks. <g>
<ElizabethG> Hello Diana!
<LOLSharonB> Hi Diana
<Skyeona> is that really her?
<SuesLOL> Welcome hello hi how are ya!!!
<Ritavz> Hi Diana!
<LadyGwen> Hi Diana how are you?
<Dori> Hello, Diana!
<JaniceM> Hi, Diana!
<LadyJulieAnne> welcome diana!
<LadyMaria> Hi Diana!
<Laird_JP> Good evening Diana, it's a pleasure and honor to chat with you tonight!
<LoLShadow> hello!
<Smurf0> Hello
<lady_elaine> Hi, Diana!
<JeannineLOL> Hello from Tucson!!
<RachelleK> Hi Diana!
<BevAtLOL> Hi Diana!
<LOLChris> Hi Diana!!!
<phroggie> Hello
<LadyCzrena> Hello!
<jeety> Hello from Brisbane Australia
<healls> Hi Diana!!! We are honored!
<Kelticlas> hello from a fellow Phoenician
<LadyLeeC> Hello!
<LoLKarin> Hi Diana!!
<LadyGwen> Thanks for coming
<Daintry> Just thrilled you could join us, Diana
<jodiW> Hi Diana!!!!!
<RDawn> She made it!
<Mairghread> Hi Diana from Vancouver
<Dgabaldon> Gee, I _hope_ it's really me. <g>
<LadyJewell> Hi Diana! Thanks for coming!
<LOLmichelle> your not the stunt diana are you?
<Skyeona> Greetings!!!
<BetsyRoo> Hello Diana!!!
<mercmac> Hi Diana!
* phroggie waving madly hello
<anniebananie> Hi Diana
<chesnuttb> Hi!
<Dgabaldon> Nope, the Real Thing. <g> <waving back>
<VickiLOL> Hi Diana!
<Skyeona> that IS the real Diana, isn't it?
<jeety> are we curtseying to the real Diana? WOW!!
<LoLShadow> This is so great!
<JeannineLOL> we are so excited!!
<RDawn> Diana's evil twin??
<Dgabaldon> Thanks for inviting me!
<JaniceM> We are very thrilled to have you here.
* LadyJulieAnne salaaming in respect
<Skyeona> we just can't hide i!
<LadyLeeC> Herself!
<jodiW> WOW is right!!! This is so exciting!
<jeety> Welcome :-)
<LOLCherie> Hi Diana, this is a great thrill.
<Dgabaldon> Yeah, I tried signing on as Herself, but evidently they already have one. <g>
<Skyeona> B-B-B-Butterflies...
<RachelleK> Welcome to Lallybroch Diana
*** gatti has joined #Lallybroch
<LadyCFC> :-D
<LadyLeeC> The nerve!
<LOLmichelle> LOL.....thats me!!!!!
<ttlyhosed> another one...must be a fake!
<ElizabethG> oh no only one herself!
<Mairghread> try for The Herself
<A-Yodolf> Whoever that Herself is must be an imposter! <g>
<ANGELAT> Hello Diana!!!
<jeety> Trembling in the cold here...Oh you are the only one Herself for us
<LOLSharonB> Hi Rosana
<Smurf0> or tis herself
<Dori> Not another herself, never.
<mercmac> No Big Books this year? *g*
<LoLShadow> I am utterly enthralled
<lady_elaine> Rosana, too?
<birdlady7402> hello Diana
<Dgabaldon> Well, the nice thing about "dgabaldon" is that nobody else is _ever_ using it. <g>
<Laird_JP> how dare they! CF, can't you fix that... your the technoqueen!
<Mairghread> or herself!!
<LoLShadow> hahah
<SuesLOL> Handy!
<Dgabaldon> JP! Had a bottle of your wine just the other day!
<LadyGwen> Hi Rosana
<SkierBev> Hi Diana!
<Dgabaldon> VEEERY good! <G>
* Laird_JP blushes
<LadyCFC> Would that I could, JP :-D
<LOLmichelle> Rosana.....thank you for the wonderful job on your site!!!!!
<healls> My husband is reading Outlander now! Says to tell you hi! :-)
<Skyeona> I tremble in your presence, O High Queen of Caledonian Delight
<Laird_JP> Diana, shall I smuggle another to you in Fergus?
<RachelleK> and thank you for all the excerpts!
<Dgabaldon> Rosana--great to see you! And yes, you DO do a wonderful job with the site!
<LoLShadow> My goodness, what a crowd!
<SuesLOL> hello Rosana!!!!!! *waving*
<Dgabaldon> JP--I dunno; I don't want the Mounties to arrest you. <g>
<gatti> Well, this is my first time at a chat, so I don't even know what I'm doing
<LOLmichelle> JP likes mounties! *G*
<gatti> forgive me if I totally blow it :-)
<LadyCFC> You got here. That's 3/4s of the battle
<LadyGwen> You're doing fine
* Aperci wishes everyone hello and waves heartily
<lady_elaine> You'll get caught up in it, Rosana!
<chesnuttb> you're doing fine Rosana
<jeety> My husband thinks you're terrific too...all other authors pale in comparison :-)
<A-Yodolf> Diana - do you mind doing a bit of open chatting here for a few as it's only 8:55 or so and we'd like to give it a few minutes for the 9:00 crowd? <g>
<LoLShadow> oh noooo I am lagged again
<LadyJulieAnne> Nah, there's only one M&M!!
<LadyGwen> Rosana even
<Dgabaldon> Well, I think we just sort of mill around for a little while, and then
<ElizabethG> don't worry Rosana you probably won't be the only one!
<RDawn> JP! Are ye bootleggin' gain?!?!?
<jeety> Bonus for us being early?
<Dgabaldon> when we get to Official Opening Time, it all settles down a little. <g>
<Mairghread> milling's good... :)
<Skyeona> Milling around with DG!! I may SWOON!
<ElizabethG> JP you better be bringing lots of those bottles!
<Ritavz> Seems to be working fine, Rosana
<Laird_JP> Diana, I'll have to send you a link for the Winery that it comes from ....they ship UPS.... I order frequently {grin}
<Aperci> Great Site Rosana
<AmandaW> Diana - I had the pleasure of meeting you in Auckland, NZ a couple of years ago and its great to "see" you again
<ttlyhosed> well at least he shares dawn
<LadyLeeC> Thank you so much for your advice on writing Diana
<gatti> Well, I'm not sure is this where we're supposed to be?
<Aperci> What winery is that JP?
<Dgabaldon> Great to see you too, Amanda!
<jeety> When are you gonna visit us downunder again...please?
<gatti> Thanks to all of you for your kind words about the site.
<JaniceM> JP only shares with the best....
<BlakDouglas> Greetings from Florida
* Mairghread waves smelling salts under Skyeona's nose
<chesnuttb> yes, rosana, you are in the right place
<LOLmichelle> rosana you are doing fine!
<Dgabaldon> Rosana--yes, this is the place.
<AmandaW> ditto jeety
<LadyGwen> Have you ever been to Wales Diana?
<SuesLOL> you still have your bracelet???
<Laird_JP> It is a small winery in Pennsylvania.... The Winery at Wilcox
<LadyGillian> hearty greetings from northern BC Canada!!
<JeannineLOL> Diana, I tried to get you some diet coke and milkeyway darks didn't work out..;o(
<Aperci> Cool!
<LadyJulieAnne> What about The Only Herself?
<Skyeona> Thanks, Mair!! I need it!
<gatti> Is Rita around?
<Dgabaldon> Our friend Yodolf the great will sort of call things to order when we get to the Real Thing, I think.
<chesnuttb> hmmm fuel for writing hmm
<Aperci> That would be my kind of package!
<Dgabaldon> Sue--Yes! Definitely have the bracelet--it's great
<jeety> heheheheehe the Australasia contingent needs you...but after the next book *g*
<Dgabaldon> !
<A-Yodolf> Rosana - you have ops too if you feel like commenting during the chat. :-)
<Ritavz> Diana can you tell Niki, The Voyager pirates were Spanish? They were mistaken for Portuguese, but they were Spanish
<Laird_JP> yes, Diana..... write faster!
<JeannineLOL> yes food for incentive!!
<LadyGwen> Hahahaha Rita
<SuesLOL> Oh cool! If you need any more just ask!
<LOLmichelle> hahahhahahah rita
<ttlyhosed> heehee rita
<Laird_JP> if food will do it, I'll drive it there myself!
<VickiLOL> lol
<ElizabethG> as fast as this board is moving should do it!
<SuesLOL> heeee Rita!
<LOLChris> heehee Rita
<RDawn> Give it up Rita!!
<lady_elaine> Do not rush GREATNESS!
<JaniceM> Funny, Rita!
<Skyeona> oh, no! poor Shadow had screen freeze WB, Shadow!
<Dgabaldon> I reckon the VOYAGER pirates were all sorts--but fwiw, "Bruja" is the Spanish word for "witch." Don't know what it is in Portuguese.
<JeannineLOL> well, I am only 2 hours away! Diana!! can I make a personal delivery???
<Chardeux> I hope the bad thunderstorms have stopped Diana.
<gatti> Thank you for the ops capability, of course, I don't know what that means.
<Skyeona> it is BRUXA, DG
<AmandaW> Very clever!
<LOLmichelle> Its "rita" in Portuguese! LOL
<jeety> Take your time Diana, we'll just reread and reread etc
<SuesLOL> There ya go Rita!!!
<LadyCFC> Rita is our resident Foreign Woman, Diana
<ttlyhosed> hahaha M&M
<ElizabethG> haha M&M!
<Ritavz> Oh, good, that confirms my Spanish theory, see Niki?? ;-)
<LFhere> Listening to Voyager by Davina right now and LOVING IT!
* Laird_JP laughing at MM
<Dgabaldon> It's not raining here yet. It was in Flagstaff, though.
<LadyCFC> She's in Portugal as we type
<mercmac> LOL Michelle!
<LoLShadow> okay, I see things moving again
<Kelticlas> Yes, Diana, the storms aren't so bad now, mostly up north
<LadyGwen> There you go Rita!
<lady_elaine> somebody call Rosana and help her!
<LoLShadow> This is so scary!
<Chardeux> Just watching the weather channel and it looked bad.
<chesnuttb> yes, I just finished outlander again the other night.
<A-Yodolf> Rosana - it means that you can TALK if you want during the chat - the only people with CHANNEL OPERATOR
<Dgabaldon> Did Rosana lose her link?
<Ritavz> And I'm NOT telling the Portuguese word... still more books to come, and I can't be too cautious!
<gatti> BTW, Rita, I'll be in Spain in a few weeks, but too far from Portugal.
<ElizabethG> listening to DIA and Drums here!
<A-Yodolf> privileges are Diana, the hostesses, the people working the chat room and the question askers in turn - so
<LadyGwen> Hahahah Rita
<lady_elaine> No, but she's unfamiliar with how this works!
<ElizabethG> don't ask why two at once!
<Laird_JP> Cautious, NEVER
<gatti> NO, I'm still here, but I thought I typed fast, but I can't keep up with this :-)
<A-Yodolf> you have them too should you feel like making a comment at any time. :-)
<LadyCFC> She is a little lagged, but Rosana is still here
<Capric> Hey where are you guys with the bad weather, storms here also
<jeety> Is it 2oclock?
<ttlyhosed> hey diana do ya stil think liam is handsomer than adrian???
<AmandaW> ooh dangerous ground
<A-Yodolf> Kristi give it up!
<A-Yodolf> hahahahahahahahahaha
<ElizabethG> ohoh Rita did you tell her to ask that!
<LOLmichelle> adrian who?????????????????????
<Dgabaldon> Yeah; I like big fair guys; stocky little dark ones aren't my type. <g>
<Ritavz> Pitty, Rosana!
<ttlyhosed> weel I just thought I'd ask :O)
<A-Yodolf> wow - major loss of chatters there!
<LadyGwen> Wooo hooooo Diana
<Laird_JP> uh oh.... massive exit... something went down
<RachelleK> ADRIAN RULZ (next to Jamie of course)
<Chardeux> hehe Diana. good one.
<gatti> Rita, can I post the chat when you get it done?
<jeety> big redheaded guys?
<LadyCFC> It's called a netsplit
<jeety> oh yeahhhhhhhh
<Dgabaldon> Especially big red-headed guys. <g>
<A-Yodolf> STOCKY LITTLE DARK ONES!!!?????? CF - are you ready to RUMMMMMMMMBLE!?
<LoLShadow> That's the same server that I was on
<LadyCFC> There they go
<LadyCFC> Okay's 9. I'm going to set to moderated
<jeety> ME TOO!!
<ElizabethG> oh yeah we all like the big red headed ones!
<Dori> Or guy.
<Ritavz> LOL!!!! I'm posting this on special big font in the site tomorrow! On my special Liam room!
<ttlyhosed> ohh I sense a war brewing watch out!!
<LadyGwen> What about Ioan Gruffudd Diana? Roger?
<JeannineLOL> remember Dgs DH IS a big red head!!
<Laird_JP> hate it when that happens
<lady_elaine> what's a netsplit? Like a stock split?
<LOLmichelle> adrian mug anyone only 3.95
<Skyeona> what server is that, Shadow?
<JaniceM> AP is gorgeous....but Judie admit it you he is HUGE!!
<Chardeux> thanks CF
<Ritavz> And Rosana, sure!!
<LadyGwen> See you
<A-Yodolf> She is going to be more incorrigible than ever!
<Dgabaldon> Well, Adrian Paul as compared to Liam Neeson, I mean. I doubt AP reaches LN's shoulder.
<LadyCFC> I don't want to cut you folks off, but I'm going to
<RachelleK> thanks in advance Diana!
<LOLChris> Yeah, we all LOVE one particular red-heided fella
<ttlyhosed> liam doncha mean ap?
<A-Yodolf> Janice - hahahahahahaha ROFL
<jeety> all raise hands if you love a big redheaded guy rotfl

<moderated chat>

<A-Yodolf> Go CF!
<LadyCFC> Okay, we're on moderated
<Ritavz> YOU GO, DIANA!!!!!!!!!!
<LadyCFC> shaddup, FW!!!!!
<LadyCFC> hehehehehehe
<Dgabaldon> Ready when you are. <G>
<Ritavz> Yeah, CF, run while you can...
<A-Yodolf> Good evening everyone and welcome Diana! It's great to have you back again! ...
<A-Yodolf> Before we get going I have one BURNING question (I am ready to burn! <G>)
<Dgabaldon> Thanks for asking me back--great to be here!
<Dgabaldon> OK, shoot. <g>
<A-Yodolf> Remember someone bought the rights to Outlander? Have there been any developments
<A-Yodolf> on that since last Fall? Anything you can tell us about it? Like what major BABE might
<A-Yodolf> be playing Jamie? :-) ga
<Dgabaldon> Well, the rights haven't been officially _sold_ yet, but they're sort of working on it. IF and when, you'll know as much as I do. <G>
<A-Yodolf> hahahahahahaha - I think I've heard that answer before. :-)
<A-Yodolf> Ok - thanks - no harm in asking. :-) (DANG!)
<Dgabaldon> But the bottom line is that nobody's said a word to me about casting, and all I said to them was that I didn't want Tom Cruise.
<Ritavz> Hope they make it a loooooong TV series
<A-Yodolf> hahahahaha - ok - well, I for one can't wait - thanks!
<A-Yodolf> Yes - VERRA LONG!
<Dgabaldon> So--exactly why _are_ you called Yodolf? <G>
<A-Yodolf> hahahaha
<A-Yodolf> Well, when I have to get ORNERY at Lallybroch I am known as Judolf>>>
<Dgabaldon> Is that like a cross between Yoda and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer?
<LadyJulieAnne> finally - its scrolling
<A-Yodolf> and since I'm short and refer to myself often as Yoda, Yodolf seemed like a natural. :-)
<Dgabaldon> Oh, well, I was close, then. <g>
<A-Yodolf> Rudolf can work too. :)
<Ritavz> Judie's still practicing her backwards speech though...
<A-Yodolf> Yes, am I.
<Dgabaldon> Difficult it is!
<A-Yodolf> Too quick by half, you are. :-)

<Ritavz> Okay, the first official question of the night, belongs to JulieAnne. Hi JulieAnne!

<HUGE server glitch and about 80% of the chatters, including Herself, were booted out of the room for a few minutes>

<LadyCFC> wait a sec. major netsplit!

<Ritavz> So are you *FINALLY* convinced on the Liam vs AP issue?
<LadyCFC> shaddup, FW!
<gatti> What was the Liam vs. AP issue (of course, I fall in the AP camp.)

*** Dgabaldon has joined #lallybroch

<Ritavz> Well, Rosana, last year CF and Judie tried to have Diana favouring Adrian Paul over Liam Neeson, and it didn't work quite the way they were expecting
<LadyCFC> Well, that was fun
<Dgabaldon> That's assuming I'm not interrupted too much--oh, good, they're all back. Or most of them...I don't see Yodolf the Great yet.
<LadyCFC> She's on her way
<Dgabaldon> Any of you guys got "talk" capacity?
<gatti> But I'll vote for Adrian any day.
<Ritavz> Seems they tried again this year with the same results...
<LadyCFC> Gotta admit...that was fun
<Ritavz> Hi again, Diana
<LadyCFC> Ah...Rosana, you have great taste!!!!!!
<Ritavz> What???!!! Rosana, don't tell them that!
<gatti> Of course, I do!
<LadyJulieAnne> hello again
<gatti> I'm in love with Adrian Paul. Go Duncan!
<LadyCFC> Only 64 days till HL IV!!!!!!
<gatti> I like Liam, too, but just not like I LIKE Adrian.
<gatti> Yes!
<Dgabaldon> Oh, good; I was getting nervous talking to myself. <G>
<Ritavz> Oh, well... :-)
<gatti> No we're still here, Diana.
<Dgabaldon> Well, Adrian Paul is _cute_, all right, but he does the _worst_ Scottish accent...
<gatti> What, Rita, you don't appreciate Adrian?
<LadyCFC> Sorry about this, Diana. Technical difficulties are just wonderful aren't they?
<gatti> Who cares about the accent. I didn't necessarily say I wanted him to be Jamie.
<Ritavz> You won't catch me dead admitting that, Rosana. I have a public LOL image to keep ;-)
<Dgabaldon> Rosana--is your husband dark? <g>
<gatti> Yes, Italian through and through. Dark hair, dark eyes.
<Dgabaldon> No problemo. Last time I did a chat for somebody, the whole _server_ went down, and didn't come back up!
<Dgabaldon> Well, to each her own. <g>
<gatti> Matthew is dark too. Oh my, we have girls calling, Diana. Calling Matt I mean.
<Ritavz> Uh, Diana, that's not something we like to hear right now :-)
<Dgabaldon> Whoa--looks like the fun is starting at your house. <g>
<gatti> My favorite redhead happens to be Sean Bean aka Sharpe.

<Dgabaldon> Rita--Oh, it wasn't IRC; some off-brand server. <g>
<LOLChris> You'll have to teach me that trick
<gatti> Fun? uh huh!
<Ritavz> Good :-)
<Dgabaldon> Now, I haven't seen any of the Sharpe films yet; I wonder if they're available on video?
<RDawn> Just right click the screen fer room options
<LOLmichelle> nice rita dawn!!!!!
<ValerieL2> You're good, lass
<LOLChris> ok! :-)
<Dgabaldon> Oh, _there's_ Yodolf!
<ValerieL2> Talk away while we wait
<RDawn> But ye can only do it if ye are ops
<Dgabaldon> Only she can't talk, I don't think.
<RDawn> Newname???
<LOLmichelle> oh rita dawn i sent roarke to scotland today *G*
<LadyCFC> Judie...can you see this?
<LOLChris> yes Skyeona
<Dgabaldon> There she is!
<A-Yodolf> thanks
<LOLChris> here we go!
<A-Yodolf> I'm afraid there are a lot of people in the last room who don't realize it's no longer working
<A-Yodolf> yep CF
<gatti> Yes, they are. I think I saw them at Blockbuster. You'd like them.
<Dgabaldon> Have we moved?
<Dgabaldon> I'll check next time I hit Blockbuster--do you remember which category they put them in?
<Dgabaldon> It's so hard to find things in there, even when you know what you're looking for.
<ValerieL2> I have copies of all the Sharpes... I can make copies for you
<ValerieL2> Sharpe is wonderful!!!!!!!
<LadyCFC> Okay, is everyone back?
<LadyCFC> Sorry about the confusion everyone
<Dgabaldon> Valerie--Well, that's nice of you! Don't want to get you in trouble with the FBI, though; <g> I'll check out Blockbuster first.
<A-Yodolf> That was one WEIRD experience. :-)
<Dgabaldon> Wasn't it, though?
<LadyCFC> what a mess :-D
<ValerieL2> Hahaha, I've done this A LOT! I am a prime Sean Bean fan
<Ritavz> Okay, JulieAnne, since you resisted the major drop-out, you do get to ask your question!
<Dgabaldon> Did y'all get disembodied and transported through the astral plane?
<A-Yodolf> Yeah - I think I saw Jamie for a second or two! :-D
<gatti> ValerieL2, I love Sharpe, the movies and the books.
<Dgabaldon> Reckon he enjoyed the encounter. <g>
<LOLChris> think so CF
<A-Yodolf> You bet! :-D
<Charyl> JulieAnn are you here?
<ValerieL2> have the books too...Cornwell is verra good
<LadyJulieAnne> Ok, I'll start off with my question and get things rolling!!!
<ValerieL2> And the Beaners want Sean for Stephen Bonnet
<Dgabaldon> Great!
<LadyJulieAnne> Can you read me?
<gatti> Yes
<Dgabaldon> Loud and clear, JA. Over and out.
<Ritavz> Yes, JulieAnne
<Charyl> yes Julie
<ValerieL2> Yes, Julieanne...go for it
<Dgabaldon> Or should that be Ten-Four?
<A-Yodolf> ok .... the room begins to hush as JulieAnne types her question....

<LadyJulieAnne> We've learned a lot about Jamie's childhood through the books. Will we learn more about Claire's and what can you tell us about it?
<Dgabaldon> Hm. Well, I can't tell you anything about it right now, because I don't _know_ anything in particular yet. But yes, you _may_ find out a little more about Claire's life pre-Frank (and/or in the intervals of Frank--i.e., the War). Probably not 'til the sixth book, though. ga
<LadyJulieAnne> That's good to know - I used a bit of her childhood in a QOTD recently. thanks Diana
<Dgabaldon> Well, except the War stuff. I'm pretty sure that's in FC. What's a QOTD?
<LadyJulieAnne> Quote of the Day
<Dgabaldon> Oh, wait, I know--Quote of the Day, right?
<Dgabaldon> Ah, good.
<LadyJulieAnne> It was the scene with Uncle Lamb and not playing with Persian Grave figurines
<Dgabaldon> <g> I'm very fond of Uncle Lamb, myself. Claire isn't one to look backward, though, as you may have noticed.

<ValerieL2> Diana, Holly M couldn't be here but wanted to know what your favorite books were when you were a teenager.
<Dgabaldon> Geez, I read everything in the Flagstaff Public Library when I was a teenager! You name it. WAR AND PEACE, Maneaters of Tsavo, Five Little Peppers, all the OZ books (I read those a lot earlier, but reread them periodically)..
<ValerieL2> Could you be a bit more specific...what got you going?
<Dgabaldon> What do you mean, what got me going? I've been reading since I was three years old. <g>
<ValerieL2> No, what got your juices flowing when you were young? I remember historical novels that moved me.
<Dgabaldon> CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, all of DH Lawrence, all of Lawrence Durrell...
<ValerieL2> Love the Alexandria Quartet...thank you very much.
<Ritavz> War and Peace is still one of my favourite books
<Dgabaldon> I can't think of any specific book--I just liked _lots_ of books!
<Ritavz> That hasn't changed much, judging from the Methadone List :-)
<Dgabaldon> Oh, and QUO VADIS. I remember that one, because my oldest daughter just read it and loved it.
<ValerieL2> Like the rest of us...your list is long & varied...we LOVE to read!
<Dgabaldon> Well, no--once a reader, always a reader, I think. I just don't understand people who tell me they haven't read a book in years. I mean, I _believe_ them; it just seems horrifying. <g>
<ValerieL2> Thank you for sharing.

<LadyCFC> I have a question from MJ who couldn't be here tonight
<Ritavz> MJ can't be with us tonight, so her partner CF will ask her question instead
<LadyCFC> She's in the middle of wheat harvest
<Dgabaldon> Better her than me--but I hope the harvest goes well!
<LadyCFC> Me too
<LadyCFC> Do you have to be in a certain "zone" to write or are you a sit-down-anytime-of-the-day writer? I can't imagine with a dh and children, house, and everyday hassles that you could focus on the books every time you sit down to write. do you get to this "zone" (if you have one) *G* I could use some zone time myself!
<Dgabaldon> As for the question...well, see, I'm a professional. Do you have to be in the mood to get up and go to your office--or out to the wheat field? <g> Naturally, some times are more conducive than others, but it isn't only a matter of time of day--it's what's going on in my head at any given point.
<LadyCFC> So...the ideas flow all the time?
<Dgabaldon> No, it isn't that ideas flow all the time--though there's usually _something_ going on in the back room <g>. It's that if you sit down and work _anyway_, then things happen. I don't know _any_ professional (aka published) writers who only write when they're in the mood. They may have different working patterns--one person I know just thinks about the book for days and weeks and has it all figured out, then sits down and writes nonstop in a huge burst; others work day by day, regular office-type hours. But it's not only a job; it's a calling. This isn't something you can do just when you're in the mood; you live with it. Since you live with husband and children and all that, _too_ <g> naturally you need to make accommodations and set priorities and rejigger things all the time--but people who work regular jobs have those constraints too. A writer in fact has much more flexibility--which can be both curse or blessing. But generally speaking, I have times of day that I'm in the _habit_ of working--and people are in the habit of letting me <g> so it's often easier to work then--late at night, or mid-morning. But when a book is going well, I can and do work all hours.
<Dgabaldon> That's OK, I think I'm done--for the moment. <g> Anything else?
<LadyCFC> Thanks. I think I have it :-D

<A-Yodolf> Diana - when you finish an answer if you could do the "ga" thing it would be a great prompt for us behind the scenes. :-)

<ValerieL2> Diana, Gillian has a question to ask you next.
<LadyGillian> Hiya Diana! Such an honour to chat with u! my question for u is: is there any relation between Geillis and Bonnett? Both having such striking green eyes made me wonder... :)
<LadyGillian> oops! didn't mean to jump in on your train of thought there! :)
<ValerieL2> Gillian, would you like to repeat your question?
<A-Yodolf> GA - means "go ahead" for those who are not sure what it means.
<Dgabaldon> Oh! Sure thing--sorry! ga <g>
<LadyGillian> sure thing!
<A-Yodolf> No problem - we just don't want to cut you off mid-sentence/thought. :-)
<ValerieL2> We're all a bit ga ga tonight
<Dgabaldon> Hard to tell with a windbag like me. <g> ga
<Ritavz> We are all a bit ga ga-- period
<A-Yodolf> I'm still reliving my encounter with Jamie. :-)
<Dgabaldon> Hang on a sec--the dog wants to go out.

<LadyGillian> question is: is there any relation between geillis and bonnett? both having such striking green eyes makes one wonder.....
<A-Yodolf> CF - is that you? <g>
<LadyCFC> sounds like my house
<Ritavz> Mine usually want to get in...
<gatti> Rita, are you in Portugal?
<ValerieL2> Gillian, you may need to retype that again.
<Ritavz> Yes, Rosana
<gatti> Whereabouts?

<Dgabaldon> Back again. (Like I said, there are priorities <G>...)..
<LadyCFC> gillian, just hit your up arrow on your keyboard
<Ritavz> land of non-Pirates and small pox ;-)
<LadyCFC> the q should appear again
<LadyGillian> question is: is there any relation between geillis and bonnett? both having such striking green eyes makes one wonder.....
<Dgabaldon> No, I got the question, I think--Geillis and Bonnet?
<ValerieL2> Right
<LadyGillian> yes
<Dgabaldon> I don't _think_ there's a connection. Bonnet's eyes aren't the striking moss-green of Roger's and Geillis's, anyway--they're a light, cat-like green. But you never know, do you? <g> ga
<LadyGillian> verra interesting! thanks diana!
<Ritavz> That would be interesting... it would mean Roger and Stephen were related too
<Dgabaldon> Well, they would be, if Geilis had anything to do with Bonnet. As it is, though, we _do_ know that she did have a child--who isn't Bonnet, but might just play a part in the story. ga

<Ritavz> Next is LOL's Question Queen, Sharon!
<LOLSharonB> Hi, Diana! It is wonderful to have an opportunity to spend some time with you. Although I'm sure that many of us feel that we spend every waking moment with you. My question has 3 linked parts. I will pause for your comments in between. -
<Dgabaldon> Go ahead, Sharon.
<Dgabaldon> OK

<LOLSharonB> 1. On various occasions you have described how your characters develop lives of their own while enduring the writing process. They lead you to them rather than you inventing them. Can we assume that this would have a significant effect on the story? -
<Dgabaldon> Well, sure. I find out things that I didn't know, and naturally that affects the plot. I also discover incidents happening right in front of me that I didn't plan-- just last night, Jamie and Brianna came across one of the River Run maids, dead drunk on top of a manure heap in the kitchen gardens, and now I have this fascinating thing going on where none of us knows whether it was only drink, or was it laudanum, and if it _was_ laudanum (Jamie thinks so, but isn't sure, and they can't ask Claire because she's in the stables with Philip Wylie), then who was it meant for, or did the maid steal it? And if she did, was she trying to commit suicide (Brianna thinks so, Jamie doesn't), or was she just a recreational user? See, that sort of thing happens all the time. <g> But _I_ wasn't expecting to find the maid there in the first place! ga

<LOLSharonB> 2.Is there a plot line you had intended to develop but had to change because the characters were moving in a different direction than you?
<Dgabaldon> Not usually. I don't really _have_ "lines" as such. I will often know about certain _events_ that I know or think will happen, and often I see those vividly--but just as often. I only know the vague outline, and the actual sequence of events won't come clear to me until later. But the "lines" sort of develop as I go along, and as the bits and pieces start to stick together, rather than being something I've invented ahead of time. ga

<LOLSharonB> 3.If this did happen can you tell us which plot line was involved and if you are happy with the characters' choice over your own intentions?
<Dgabaldon> Well, I sort of wasn't expecting Rupert to die at Falkirk. I was _very_ upset!
<A-Yodolf> Damn that Rupert!
<Dgabaldon> There he was, though, dead as a doornail. <shaking head dolefully>
<Ritavz> Very selfish of him...
<LadyCFC> Shocked the heck out of you, I'll bet
<Dgabaldon> I really hated for Murtagh to die at Culloden, too, but there wasn't really a choice about it--that's just what happened, so I had to write it. ga
<LOLSharonB> Thanks Diana
<A-Yodolf> Hated to see both of those guys go, I did!
<Dgabaldon> Yeah--but think about it; if we didn't lose real people, wars wouldn't seem as serious as they are. ga

<ValerieL2> Diana...Dorothyei wanted us to ask...Now that Bree is an adult, will we see her get a more realistic perspective on Frank, ie his affairs, etc., or will she still keep her idealized version of "Daddy"? Thank you.
<Dgabaldon> Oh, I reckon Bree will come to a more adult view of Frank--especially as she becomes aware of a few things....
<ValerieL2> Like????
<Dgabaldon> for instance, she asks herself, why would a 20th century history professor teach his daughter to shoot, and to ride, when he hadn't had any previous interest in those sports himself?
<ValerieL2> Interesting question...which might lead to others
<Dgabaldon> Besides, being married oneself usually casts a more mature light on one's parents relationship, since you begin to appreciate the things that are involved. ga
<ValerieL2> Thank you for that insight to Bree and Frank.
<Dgabaldon> You're welcome! ga

<Ritavz> Skyeona is next. Hi Skyeona!
<Skyeona> am I on???
<Charyl> yes, hoser!
<LadyCFC> yes
<Dgabaldon> You're on! <G>
<Ritavz> yes, you are!
<Skyeona> greetings, Diana!
<Dgabaldon> Howdy!
<Skyeona> It's amazing to be actually talking to someone who's had such an impact on my life the last four years! I wanted to make it down to San Diego last weekend for the Games to see you, but was unable. And my husband says thanks for the books too, if you know what he means--<wink wink> Well, on to my question...
<Skyeona> One of the best things about your books is the sense of reality amid unreality--that is, you cause us to suspend our disbelief by making the impossible come to life. I wonder, might we see Jamie and Claire interact with any historical characters of the American Revolution in the upcoming books? Thanks for your answer--and I hope to make it to Surrey in October to hear you, as I consider you my unmet writing mentor!
<Dgabaldon> Boy, I think it'd be hard to write about anything very interesting during the Revolution without encountering _some_ of the historical people involved. <g>
<Skyeona> < be still, my beating heart> Oooohhh I was hoping to hear that
<Dgabaldon> Yes, I imagine we'll meet several--I _really_ want to have Claire meet Benedict Arnold <g>, but I'll have to see what his timeline looks like, and where he was when and all that. ga

<ValerieL2> Rita Dawn, our own RDawn, has the next question for you. HI Rita Dawn!
<RDawn> Halloo Diana. Wow! What a treat. I always love your answers to new questions.... and of course the old ones too. *VBG*
<Dgabaldon> HI, Rita Dawn!
<RDawn> My question involves Brain and Ellen. You have told us you will write Brian and Ellen's story. We know from The Books when they meet and when Willie and Ellen die. My question is: Where do you plan to start and end Brain and Ellen's story?
<Dgabaldon> Oddly enough, I do know that. <g>
<RDawn> Any idea?
<Dgabaldon> That story starts during the _tynchal_ (boarhunt) held as part of Red Jacob's funeral. And it ends when James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser is about three months old. ga
<RDawn> ahhh, before the MacKenzie Gathering? Great! Thank you! Hope to meet you in Surrey!
<A-Yodolf> What! No Jamie's childhood!? <g> sigh...
<Dgabaldon> It's actually sort of strange for me to know that much about a book I haven't written yet--but I've been thinking about it for awhile, and I've "seen" both beginning and end. Nope, none of Jamie's childhood, I'm afraid. If the e-publishing stuff works out, though, we may do short pieces from time to time that fill in blanks in the overall story. <g> ga

<gatti> Sorry, I have that piece to post, Diana, but haven't done it yet.
<Dgabaldon> That's a question...any of you guys read HELLFIRE?
<Ritavz> I did! Too short :-) I love Lord John Grey, and could read a 800+ pages book about him
<Dgabaldon> Good! did you like it?
<ValerieL2> I loved Hellfire and wish you could do a series of mysteries with John Grey
<Dgabaldon> Ahem. Well, actually, I sort of had it in mind to do three or four long-short stories about Lord John, and maybe collect them as a single volume.
<Ritavz> Yes, a lot.
<ValerieL2> We'd all buy it, for sure
<Ritavz> Oh, that is GREAT news, Diana!
<A-Yodolf> Yes - Lord John is a sweetie!
<ValerieL2> Love John Grey!
<Dgabaldon> But we'll see how things go. I was kind of pleased with that story--not only because I like Lord John a lot too <g>, but because it was the first short story I'd written since college. I was kind of pleased to find I could do it. ga
<Ritavz> Looking forward to those other stories
<gatti> Diana, I've been hanging around the other room, and I decided to be their voice. There seem to be a lot of people who liked Hellfire and Grey.
<Dgabaldon> Oh, great! Not many people have mentioned it to me, so I didn't know how folks felt about it--other than a few who complained (not to me, but in places where I saw the comments) that it was too short. <G> ga
<ValerieL2> Yes, John Grey is the second favorite character of many of us
<Ritavz> hehehe, like I did? It's only because it's so good, that we complain it's short
<gatti> They're going wild in the other room, they might carry me out on their shoulders, so rest assured, they're all anxious for more stories about him.
<LadyCFC> hehehehehe
<Ritavz> Plus you have us spoiled with all the long books :-)
<LadyCFC> I honestly don't know anyone who doesn't love hi
<LadyCFC> him, even
<ValerieL2> Short ones might be fun for a change of pace.
<Dgabaldon> <G> That's good to hear! I've been discussing e-publishing a lot with my new literary agent, and we've been thinking that this sort of shorter piece is better-suited to that venue than huge books. ga

<Ritavz> SylB can't be here tonight, but she asks: >>>
<Ritavz> In the excerpts, Surgeon's Steel, Claire amputates Jamie's finger; one of the fingers injured at Wentworth. All through the books, she has used those two stiff fingers tapping against his thigh (usually) to show agitation. Now she up and removes one of them. I would like to know if you are going to continue to give Jamie a means to express deep thought and/or nervousness with the use of part of that right hand drumming against his thigh? I would really miss it. Silly, eh?
<Dgabaldon> Of course, I do have this contract for all these huge books...woops, sorry! I missed Syl's question.
<Dgabaldon> I'm sure I'll give him _some_ means of expressing agitation, but I'm not sure what it will be. He might be reluctant to use a badly-injured hand in the same way he was accustomed to previously--that would break a habit, I'd think. But he might. Or he might revert to shrugging his shoulders as though his shirt is too tight--you notice he doesn't do that as much as he did when he was younger? He isn't as self-conscious about the scars on his back. But that could change.... ga
<A-Yodolf> Maybe he has phantom limb syndrome and THINKS he's tapping it? <g>
<ValerieL2> Syls husband is in the hospital right now, so her question seems to have a bit more meaning, and we all wish him well.
<A-Yodolf> Yea - we're thinking about you SylB and Chuck!
<Dgabaldon> Oh--I'm sorry to hear that, Syl! I do hope your husband feels better soon!
<Dgabaldon> I imagine he'll have phantom limb syndrome to some extent--though I gather that usually takes the form of pain or extreme itchiness in the missing appendage. ga
<A-Yodolf> That was just my dumb attempt at a joke <g>

<ValerieL2> Thank you, Diana, Amanda would like to ask the next question. Hi Amanda!
<AmandaW> Hi Diana. Thank you for taking time out from FC and family to chat with us.
<Dgabaldon> Glad to be here!
<AmandaW> My question is" Will we see more of Fergus and Marsali and will they learn Claire, Bree & Rogers secret?
<Dgabaldon> Yes, and maybe. <g> ga
<AmandaW> Thank you. I can live with that....I think <s>

<LadyCFC> Diana. JP wanted me to remind it time to let the dog back in?
<Dgabaldon> Somebody else let him in. <g> Thanks!

<ValerieL2> Niki, who is the leader of the Lallyquilters, is our next Questioner. Hi Niki!
<LadyNikiG> Hi, Diana! Murtagh, Jenny and Ian were the most important people in Jamie's life besides Claire. In Outlander, when Jamie is wanting to send Claire back to the stones, he tells her that he has told Murtagh 'everything'. Did he really tell Murtagh 'everything'? Also, since he trusted Jenny and Ian with almost everything, even confiding with Ian about the rape, why did Jamie never tell them the truth about Claire?
<Dgabaldon> Hi, Niki! Great quilt! <smile>
<LadyNikiG> Thank you! So glad you like it!
<Dgabaldon> He didn't tell them about Claire, because a) he didn't want to talk about her at all, thinking she was gone forever, and b) the odds were enormous that Ian and Jenny would simply have thought he'd lost his mind from the trauma of being wounded and losing his wife. No point, see--and Jamie's a practical man. <g> As for Murtagh...he told him everything, because he wanted to insure that someone would be able to take Claire back to the stones if something happened to him that prevented it. We don't know whether Murtagh believed him, though. ga
<LadyNikiG> So Jamie didn't tell Murtagh when he was sending Claire with him back to the stones?
<Dgabaldon> No, not then.> I don't think. (I'd have to go check; I don't remember closely enough to say for sure.) ga
<Charyl> Wooo hooo!
<LadyNikiG> Cool! Thank you! I just knew he had really told him everything!

<Ritavz> You would, Diana, if you read the books as many times as we do :-) Next question from M&M!
<LadyNikiG> Thanks, Diana!
<LOLmichelle> Welcome Diana! I'm the one with all those hardcovers at the Surrey gathering. I got a DOA hernia by the way! *g*
<Dgabaldon> I'm impressed. <g> Hope you made it home OK!
<LOLmichelle> had to pay extra for my luggage!
<LOLmichelle> Since the lassies get a wee nervous with my questions I would just like to say it has nothing to do with Jamie's underwear, whether he leaves the toilet seat up or if he prefers Ginger to MaryAnn!
<Dgabaldon> Oh, good. I wouldn't know about any of that, except the underwear. <g>
<LOLmichelle> So here it is....Is there any minor character in the books that you wanted to develop further but couldn't because they really didn't fit in the story line?
<Dgabaldon> Hmm. <thinking>
<LOLmichelle> dont think too long i gotta pee! LOL
<Dgabaldon> Well, I don't _think_ so <she says dubiously>. See, if any characters want to develop, I just let them. <g> That's where the story line comes from! ga
<LadyCFC> heheheheheehe
<A-Yodolf> That's our M&M for ya!
<LOLmichelle> well thank you! and my bladder thanks you! brb
<LadyCFC> hehehehehehee
<A-Yodolf> ROFL!
<LOLChris> M&M melts
<Ritavz> LOL!!!
<LadyCFC> M&M has got to be our craziest member, Diana
<ValerieL2> o pee now Michelle.
<LadyCFC> She is truly hosed!

<ValerieL2> Diana, Maria is next with a question for you. Hi Maria! You have the next question.
<Dgabaldon> Well, not before she gets to the bathroom, I hope.
<Ritavz> Yes, after all M&M was the one casting Adrian Paul as Claire
<LadyCFC> Now, FW!!!!!!!!!
<Ritavz> And providing the pic to prove it is a good casting choice..
<Dgabaldon> as _Claire_?!? That _is_ a little odd.
<LadyCFC> behave!
<Ritavz> No, no... He's perfect!
<Dgabaldon> But Claire has _light brown_, _very curly_ hair.
<LadyCFC> Girl-fight!!!!!
<Ritavz> Well, a wig can do miracles for that man
<LadyCFC> There's an episode of Highlander, Diana, where Duncan play Kate in Taming of the Shrew
<ValerieL2> Maria, in all this... would you like to ask your question?
<Dgabaldon> I'll take your word for it. <g>
<LadyCFC> Everyone just loves to taunt we Adrian fans with the screen capture of that
<LOLChris> but CF, it is a classic

Click here for the perfect Claire!!!

<LadyMaria> How will Claire handle menopause? Emotionally, medically, in her relationship? From what I've heard there's a lot of good raw material!
<Dgabaldon> Well, that's a good question--but the answer to it is woven all through the book (I mean, menopause kind of takes a long time!), so it's difficult to give a brief answer here.
<LadyMaria> Sorry, that should read relationships
<Dgabaldon> She goes on evolving, I guess, is the best I can say--like she always has. She has a great capacity for change, you know. <g> ga
<LadyMaria> True - by the way I think you should conduct the talent search for an unknown to play Jaime
<Dgabaldon> Well, if and when, the casting won't be up to me, so I don't think I'll worry about it. ga
<Ritavz> Just as long as Adrian gets to play Claire... And now, JP talking!

<Laird_JP> Diana, it is a pleasure to talk with you. I am honored to represent my good friend NancyV who could not join us tonight.
<Dgabaldon> Hi, JP! You're green--does that mean anything?
<Laird_JP> Green is my signature color..... and by the way.....AP RULES!
<Laird_JP> For NancyV....... If you, Diana are describing Jamie, how do you describe him? Is he the perfect man? Is he a moral man, a good man, what makes him so appealing? Would Jamie be your friend if he suddenly materialized in the flesh, or would you marry him (or did you?)
<Dgabaldon> Oh. Well, let's see. He's an intelligent man, and a funny one <g>--with an iron sense of honor, whether it's his or his wife's. By which I mean, he honors her as he does himself, which is why he accepts her as she is. A very important thing for a man to do!
<Dgabaldon> Oh--and he likes sex, and he talks in bed, both of which are good, too. ga
<Laird_JP> Nancy will be glad to hear that Jamie likes sex
<Dgabaldon> Would I marry him? Of course. <g>
<A-Yodolf> Jamie Fraser is THE MAN!
<Dgabaldon> I would expect she might have noticed that about him. <cough> ga
<Laird_JP> thank you! I will make sure NancyV gets a copy of the log!
<Laird_JP> and AP RULES!

<ValerieL2> Thank you, Diana. Sharon M, who is our Lady Shadow has the next question for you. Hi Shadow!
<LoLShadow> Thanks, gracious hostesses. *G* <ahem> Hello Diana, O Divine Queen of Fiction, Creatrix of our Best Beloved Jamie--- It's an honor to have you here. We're not worthy!
* LoLShadow kowtows to the floor
<Dgabaldon> Er...thanks.
<LoLShadow> *G*
<LoLShadow> You have mentioned in the past that in the course of writing, your characters tend to grow and change in ways you don't expect, to become who they want to become. My question is, which character has surprised you the most and why?
<Dgabaldon> Colum, I guess. I _really_ didn't expect him to be deformed, but he was. ga
<LoLShadow> thanks!
<Dgabaldon> Oh--I have another five or ten minutes here, guys; the natives are getting restless. <g>

<Ritavz> Okay, Janice's question next
<A-Yodolf> Ok - Diana - thanks.
<Dgabaldon> Anybody there?
<gatti> Well, I'm sitll here, but I don't have any questions.
<LadyCFC> Janice...your question?
<Ritavz> Seems Janice is having problems?
<Dgabaldon> I
<Dgabaldon> I'm here.
<JaniceM> Hi, Diana! Thanks for taking some of your time to enable our obsession.<G> The Rev. Wakefield's boxes...a subject of much speculation. What, if anything, is in them which will help reveal what Frank knew about Jamie Fraser and kept from Claire?
<Dgabaldon> Oh, the Reverend's boxes. <g> Well, I don't know what-all is in them. Which is not to say that I don't know _one_ thing that's in them, <g> but it doesn't have anything to do with Frank. ga

<JeannineLOL> Hello Diana from Tucson! Sorry I am blipping in and out..Raging thunder storm here! Here's my question; Do you believe in coincidences? AND how do you think/feel about the coincidences within your books/characters/writing?
<Dgabaldon> Do I believe in coincidences? Yeah, sure; they happen all the time--especially to novelists! <g> As for how I feel about them, they usually make the hair rise up on the back of my neck. ga
<JeannineLOL> thank you Diana!!
<JaniceM> Thank you too!

<Ritavz> Sunny, your turn at last :-)
<Dgabaldon> Hi, Sunny!
<Sunny31> Hi, Diana. So glad to be talking with you tonight! What books did you read to your kids when they were small? Have you read any of the Harry Potter books yet? What do you think of all the controversy surrounding them? I mean, lots of the characters in your books think Claire is a witch<g> and Geillis definitely is so what is all the fuss over these books. Which, by the way I have read and think they are Great. Not in the same class as yours,
<Dgabaldon> Boy, _I_ don't know what the fuss is, but then I'm not a fundamentalist Christian, either. <Wry g> I read my kids lots of Richard Scarry and Dr. Suess, then Robert Louis Stevenson, Mother Goose, Oz books, etc. The last thing I remember reading to one of them was A TALE OF TWO CITIES. I haven't read the Harry Potter books myself, but my youngest daughter devoured all three last summer. The other two kids think they're too old for them.

<ElizabethG> Hello Diana I've enjoyed the chat very much thanks for taking the time to be here.
<Dgabaldon> Thank YOU!
<Sunny31> Thank You
<ElizabethG> When you ever finish all books related things Outlandish (i.e. 2 more in this series and is it 3 contracted for Ellen's series?) do you intend to keep writing? Has all this sparked any interest in other stories not related to Outlander? Of course you have already mentioned e stories tonight and more of them would be great! Although I for one would be perfectly happy if you just kept on telling stories that related to Jamie. I think you have enough material there to last all our lifetimes!
<Dgabaldon> Yes, to both. I always wanted to be a write, and fortunately, I still do. <g> After all, I wrote OUTLANDER for _practice_! (No, there aren't three books in Ellen's story--it's three _novellas_, which will form a single volume.)
<ElizabethG> ok thanks for clearing that up
<Dgabaldon> I plan to tell Master Raymond's story later--that will be multiple volumes--and we'll see about the shorter pieces, like HELLFIRE.
<ElizabethG> I would love to see more e stories Hellfire was great

<ValerieL2> Tonya, who is Capric, has the last question.
<Capric> Thank you for joining us! This is my first author chat, I'm so excited!!! My question is........Claire found a skull in America that she determined must have travelled back in time. Where is the portal this man came through?
<Dgabaldon> Hi, Capric! I think he probably came through the portal that Roger found--the one marked with the same spiral glyph that was on the opal buried with him. We'll learn a lot more about _him_ in this book, though. ga
<Capric> Thanks! Looking forward to it!

<A-Yodolf> Diana - we'll let you go now, we know it's late. Thanks for coming to spend some time with us>>>
<gatti> The other room is clamoring for Master Raymond stories, Diana.
<A-Yodolf> Everyone really appreciates it immensely and thank you for sharing some of this new info with us!
<Dgabaldon> A lot later for some of you! Thanks so much for staying up to talk with me!
<A-Yodolf> We're going to unmoderate now so everyone can say goodbye to you. :-) Thanks again!
<ValerieL2> It was our privilege and pleasure.
<gatti> Good night Diana.
<A-Yodolf> INDEED!
<Ritavz> Thanks Diana!

<unmoderated chat>

<JeannineLOL> goodbye our book GODDESS!!
<VickiLOL> Bye Diana! Can we do this earlier next time? It's 2:37 am here!
<Laird_JP> Thank you very much Diana, I look forward to meeting you in Fergus!
<LadyLeeC> A pleasure to lose sleep for you!
<LadyMaria> Thanks, Diana!
<LadyCFC> I just opened the gates
<Dgabaldon> Goodnight, Rosana!
<ElizabethG> Thanks Diana!
<LoLShadow> This was wonderful. Thanks so much Diana. Looking forward to Fergus!
<mercmac> Thanks so much Diana!!!
<ttlyhosed> thanks yerself!!!!
<birdlady7402> good bye Diana and thank you
<LadyGwen> Thanks Diana Goodnight
<Chardeux> Thank you Diana!!!
<Aperci> Good night and thanks a lot Diana!
<KatieLOL> Good night Diana and Thank you!
<Mairghread> A thousand thanks Diana
<ANGELAT> Goodnight Diana!
<LoLKarin> Nite Diana & THANK YOU !!!!!!
<Daintry> Such a pleasure Diana
<Kelticlas> good night Diana...thanks so much for everything!!
<Myluck> bye and thank you from another diana
<AmandaW> Thank you Diana. Good night and good writing
<MF90> good night and thank you
<LadyLeeC> Good bye!!!!!!!!!
<WendyR> Good Night Diana, Thank you so much for doing this!
<jeety> Kisses xxxxxxx
<Skyeona> Thanks so much, Diana!!!
* phroggie waves goodbye wildly
<LOLChris> Thanks so much Diana!!!!!!!!
<LadyCzrena> Good night
<ElizabethG> It was a pleasure
<jodiW> Thank you SO MUCH, Diana, for being here!!! It was a pleasure!!!
<piper2K> Thank you Diana, what a treat!!!!!
<LOLCherie> Thanks Diana, It was great
<Dgabaldon> Goodnight, goodnight!
<LOLSharonB> Nite Diana see you in Fergus
<chele62> Good Nite Diana and thank you
<BevLOL> Goodnight Diana! Thanks so much
<SuesLOL> Thank Diana!!! :*
<RDawn> G'Nite Diana! Thank ye soooo Much!!!
<LadyJayV> Good night, Diana! Thanks for coming!
<LOLmichelle> nite all!!!!! and thank you
<healls> Bye Diana, thanks!!!
<ceilidh13> Thanks for chatting Diana!!!!!
<DarleneP> (((((((((DIANA))))))))))
<anniebananie> g'night Diana
<chesnuttb> thank you!!!
<BlakDouglas> Good night from Florida and thanks for the chat.
<LadyJulieAnne> Thanks and good night diana
* Aperci waving goodnight!
<JaniceM> Goodnight!!
<jeety> You're the GREATEST
<LadyCzrena> Thank you!
<ElizabethG> Look forward to the Master Raymond e series!
<Karen_Rot> Thanks!
<Aislinn56> Good night from Ontario!!!
<BetsyRoo> Good night, Diana! Thanks for chatting with us!
<IsabelLOL> Wonderful work Diana! Thank you for the books!
<ceilidh13> This was so great!!
<Dori> Thanks
<Skyeona> {{{{{DIANA}}}}
<LadyMaria> Thanks moderators and Rosana too
* LadyJulieAnne smiling and wishing you sweet dreams
<Shari0414> Good night, Diana!
<Dgabaldon> Thanks a lot! I'll look forward to seeing some of you in Fergus!
<ElizabethG> Good night from Michigan!
<A-Yodolf> Thanks for being here everyone - especially those who had to stay up so late/early!
<anniebananie> g'night Diana thanks
<newname> Good night!
<SkierBev> Thank you Diana!!!! for being her and for bringing us Jamie!!!!!
<LadyLeeC> Like the books haven't caused us to lose sleep!
<piper2K> Good night from Montana
<jeety> Come visit Australia again one day Diana
<LoLShadow> good job, moderators!
<Dori> Good night!!
<VickiLOL> Bye Rosana! Nice to chat with you
<LadyLeeC> :-)
<AmandaW> Thank you organisers it was excellent
<Dgabaldon> Love to go Down Under again!
<Chardeux> Good night from New England!!!
<Dori> Thanks all!
<LadyGwen> NO problem Judie, thanks to all the moderators too
<jodiW> Yes, and thank you, Rosanna, for being our voice from the other room *g*
<Capric> Thanks Diana!!!!! Have a great day!
<camkid111> <b> Thanks Diana, I love all the books.
<ANGELAT> Yes, thanks to the makers of this event!
<AmandaW> Great - don't forget to stop in Auckland on the way
<Skyeona> Thanks to everyone who organized and ran this chat--you are awesome!!
<A-Yodolf> Thanks for being here too, Rosana!
<LFhere> Will you be coming to Texas at all?
<LadyCzrena> Thank you to the moderators
<Ritavz> It's well worth it!
<LOLCherie> You need to come to western Canada too
<SkierBev> Good night from the Pacific NW!
<LadyLeeC> Yes! Thanks Rosana!
<ElizabethG> Yes Rosana it was fun talking with you too!
<Dgabaldon> Thanks, Judie! You (and all the other moderators) did a great job!
<Aperci> Yes, Rosana, It was great meeting you, too!
<LadyGwen> Don't forget Wales Diana
<birdlady7402> thanks Rosana
<gatti> Good night everyone. Thanks for the introduction to chatting.
<ceilidh13> night rosana!!
<WendyR> Alberta would be nice!!
<Dgabaldon> Love to see Wales. <g>
<LadyJulieAnne> Yes, thanks Rosanna
<LadyMaria> Michigan! Please - someday.
<LOLmichelle> good night from jamie! LOL
<ValerieL2> Thanks, Rosana, for the Home Page and everything!
<AmandaW> Rosana - come again soon
<ElizabethG> just travel the world Diana!
<SuesLOL> Good night Rosanna!!! Thanks tons for being here!!!
<jeety> Thanks for being our voice Rosanna
<A-Yodolf> See you in Surrey in October, Diana! :-D
<Dori> Good night from Michigan!
<JeannineLOL> Jamie dreams everyone
<Dgabaldon> But when would I write?
<LOLCherie> Thanks Rosana
<piper2K> Bring your laptop, Diana
<Laird_JP> See you in August at Fergus!
<Daintry> Write faster
<jeety> Oh AFTER FC hehehe
<LFhere> Diana.. thanks for the tidbits you post on the Prodigy boards.. it's fun to find them!
<JeannineLOL> see you in Tucson
<SuesLOL> Have laptop...will travel...will write everywhere!
<LadyGwen> Good point Diana, keep on writing lass
<LadyMaria> We can visit in our old age!
<Laird_JP> I have a little something special for you, but I'm not telling!
<jeety> Brisbane is nice to write in I believe *g*
<ElizabethG> good one Sues!
<IsabelLOL> more excerpts!
<Ritavz> yes, we *need* those books
<SuesLOL> We'll do laundry!
<Dgabaldon> Well, watch out for those Mounties, JP!
<jeety> excerpts....yummy
<Laird_JP> no problem.... totally legal!
<SuesLOL> JP will mow the grass!
<Laird_JP> i think?
<Skyeona> Every time I get near her I just get such a rush of creativity--I'll probably be up all night writing
<LOLmichelle> tell jamie i said "hey'!!!!!!!
<camkid111> 0,5 hi
<LadyCFC> back to moderated, folks
<jeety> Love ya Jamie
<LadyJulieAnne> JP will do anything, just like Mikey

<moderated chat>

<Dgabaldon> Good night, all! <exits, throwing smooches right and left> X, X, X, X...
<LadyCFC> Well folks. Thanks so much for joining us
<Ritavz> Good night, Diana, and thanks for the "Liam compliments" too :-)
<LadyCFC> And thank you so much Diana
<A-Yodolf> Night Diana!
<LadyCFC> We can't thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy schedule
<Capric> Good night!

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That's the story, Hosers! Thank you, CF, for editing the transcript so fast! And note that I refrained from "enhancing the HTML" for Herself 's tasteful comments on Liam Neeson! --Rita


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