First Ladies of Lallybroch Chat
Diana Gabaldon

June 16, 1999


Diana Gabaldon, Herself, has kindly agreed to meet the Ladies and Laddies of Lallybroch, on June 16, 1999, at 8pm Pacific Time, for a chat. Below is the integral transcript of the moderated chat. Though the order of some of the interventions was slightly re-arranged to make the conversation easier to follow nothing was left out of this transcript.

Diana Gabaldon used the very appropriate nickname of "BigBooks".

Ladies of Lallybroch thanks Diana Gabaldon for this wonderful evening!


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The Chat Staff

FraserVixen1 - Lady Judie, our esteemed Lairdess
mercmac - Lady Mercedes
hopelass - Lady Hope
LadyCFC - Lady CF
MelJofLoL - Lady MelissaJ
Ritavz - Lady Rita


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<unmoderated chat>

*** BigBooks has joined the Chat Room

<FraserVixen1> Woo hoo she's here
<FraserVixen1> Hi Diana
<HedyD> Hello Diana!
<Lady_Jo_W> Hi Diana!
<JuliaMC> Hi!!
<BigBooks> Hi, guys--am I in the right place?
<chesnuttb> hi Diana
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<LOLmichelle> hi diana
<patwlol> Hi, Diana! :)
<NSJewell> Hi Diana!
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<TTLYHOSED> hello Diana
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<lairdjp> Welcome Diana!
<julieoflallybroch> HiDiana
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<HedyD> Oh Yes!!!
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<LOLmichelle> after 100 hi dianas you will know!
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<magwah> WOW so cool!!!!!
<EvelynLOL> Welcome, Diana!
<MsHelen> Hey nonny nonny even
<LadyMac1> Hi Diana!
<LadyGwenllian> wooo hooo
<BEimer> Hi Diana!
<BigBooks> Thanks. <g> Glad to be here!
<magwah> glad as anything to have you!
<Lissakay2u> Thanks for coming Diana!
<LadyCFC> Okay, ladies, and gent...I'm setting to moderated now,

<moderated chat>

<FraserVixen1> Okay - I guess I talk eh? <g>
<BigBooks> Go right ahead. <g>
<mercmac> Je suis prest, eh?
<FraserVixen1> Okay -first of all...
<FraserVixen1> Good evening Diana - welcome. We really appreciate all your trouble in getting here...
<FraserVixen1> and the time you are taking for us! Thanks a million.
<BigBooks> Oh, no real trouble. It's just that with the new book about to come out, I figure I have about a week before All Hell breaks loose, and lots to do in the meantime. <g>
<FraserVixen1> LOL - why did "all hell breaks loose" come to my mind too ! <G>
<BigBooks> Very pleased to be here, though!
<FraserVixen1> Anyway...
<FraserVixen1> Great!
<FraserVixen1> Before we officially start - I'd like to thank the 6 ladies behind the scenes....
<FraserVixen1> Charyl, CF, Rita, Mel, Hope and Mercedes.
<BigBooks> Yay! <clap, clap, clap>
<FraserVixen1> Hope and Mercedes are our hostesses tonight so - they will take it away.
<BigBooks> Ready when you are. <g>
<FraserVixen1> We love your nickname, by the way.
<BigBooks> Well, I tried "DaGoddess," but that was taken. <G>
<FraserVixen1> hahaha
<hopelass> Hiya Diana... finger-tied here!

<mercmac> Have a hosed question to start with.....we've had a lot of fun speculating......if Jamie were a twentieth century guy..... would he wear boxers or briefs????
<BigBooks> Neither one. <g>
<mercmac> hehehehe
<hopelass> oh... a g-string?
<BigBooks> There _are_ guys who Don't, you know. <g> I was _quite_ shocked to discover this, at the tender age of 20 or so. Which, come to think of it, is about when I met my husband <ahem>.
<mercmac> I see *g*
<hopelass> hehehe... I thought you were about 19 when you met!
<BigBooks> Yeah, but it took awhile to acquainted, given that I was engaged to someone else at the time. <cough>
<hopelass> ;-)

<Debbie_F> Good evening Diana, and thank you for this opportunity! Throughout the books we have had the pleasure of examining many topics affecting life in the 18th century through the 20th century eyes of our heroine Claire. You have explored everything from politics to social mores to everyday problems. Are there any more themes or topics that you hope to see your characters explore in the future books?
<BigBooks> Themes and problems? Oh, sure. <g> The nature of parenthood, the obligation of generations, whether there's sex after 50...all kinds of good stuff left, believe me.
<Debbie_F> Thank you, we canna wait!!!!
<mercmac> I like the sex after 50 one! I've wondered how Claire will deal with menopause!
<BigBooks> With a bit of doubt, but armed with a pot of nice, slippery balm. <cough>

<PageJM> Hi, Diana! I love your books! My question...some people were bothered by the scene in Outlander when Jamie beat Claire. Have you ever cut scenes from your books to avoid offending anyone, or do you just tell it like it is...or like it was?
<BigBooks> No. For one thing, you'd never have the slightest notion what _would_ offend someone--there are a lot of thin-skinned people out there, who sort of think absolutely everything they're exposed to ought to be constructed with _their_ narrow-minded prejudices in mind--except that nobody can tell ahead of time what those might be! Besides, even if I _knew_ something would offend people, I'd do it anyway, if it was a necessary part of the story. I mean, whose books _are_ these, anyway? <g>

<Lady_Jo_W> A question we have discussed in detail - In Surgeon's Steel, who is the baby Alexander?
<BigBooks> Oh, baby Alexander. Well, I do write bits out of sequence, and as you may have noticed, I had no real idea what Brianna's kid's name _was_, even at the end of DRUMS <cough>, so while writing that bit--which I wrote some two or three years ago--I just stuck in "Alexander," figuring I'd change it when I finally decided what the kids' name really was. Also, "Alexander," because I figured at some point, Jamie might give the little snake to his grandson--the one that says "Sawney" on the bottom.
<hopelass> Oh, I love that thought

<hopelass> So how about hearing from Val next?
<ValerieL2> It is an is my question...At the end of Drums in Autumn, when Jamie offers Frank's ring back to Claire, why does she take it? With Frank firmly in her past and her life complete with Jamie, why? Thank you.
<BigBooks> much time do you have? <g> There's a three-page explanation of this in the COMPANION. The short form is, "either you see it, or you don't." The slightly longer form is..She's an honorable person, and so was Frank. They had something of value, and for Claire to toss that away without the slightest acknowledgement would make her a shallow, superficial person--and she's not.
<hopelass> I see it... but, I'm a Frank-liker...and not popular for it! *g*
<BigBooks> Well, there he _is_, like him or not. <g> Like I said, I don't write books with the primary notion of not offending people or not doing something they won't like.
<FraserVixen1> Go Diana! :-)
<BigBooks> <g>

<mercmac> Lady Gwen, all the way from Wales (where it is 4 am!) is next...
<LadyGwenllian> Croeso Diana, (thats welcome in Welsh *g*), we've gathered that it isn't possible to change big things like Culloden by going back in time but I was wondering if there is a ny significance in the fact that Brianna saved young Germaine's life by using the Heimlich manouvre. I now the significance at the time was the button on which he choked but if Bree hadn't been there he would likely have died. Am I reading too much into this?
<BigBooks> Mucho gusto, Gwen. <g>
<LadyGwenllian> Hahahah
<BigBooks> No, not necessarily. ON the other hand, I really hadn't thought much about that. One point about all the books, of course, is that we can't ever judge exactly _what_ the effect of even small actions may be--and everybody, whether time-traveler or not, _has_ such effects; it's just that if you are a time-traveler, _sometimes_ you'll know what you've done. Sometimes you won't, too.
<LadyGwenllian> Gotcha, thanks
<BigBooks> No problemo, bach. <g>
<mercmac> I guess this is true for everyone, time traveler or no, eh? Thanks!*

<hopelass> Our next contestant... JulieofLallybroch... take it away Julie
<julieoflallybroch> Here's my question. Is Roger going to die? I mean we all die, but is Roger going to die young? I am attached to him and would like to know so I can be prepared.
<BigBooks> Yes, that's right; you have to act, whether you know for sure what happens or not. Well, I did hang the man, but that didn't kill him, so I'm not sure what else it would take. <g>. On the other hand, life is kind of risky in the 18th century, and while Jamie's been teaching Roger swordcraft, Stephen Bonnet is one gnarly SOB with a knife. I guess we'll have to wait and see. <evil g>
<julieoflallybroch> I was afraid he'd die of infection. Just doesn't seem fair to poor Roger
<julieoflallybroch> He's a great guy
<julieoflallybroch> wait and see! Thanks!
<BigBooks> Well, you don't think _I_ know everything that might happen, do you? <g>
<hopelass> hehehe... story of our *lives*... Wait and see... *sigh*
<mercmac> Roger is worth the wait, though. He's got potential!
<BigBooks> I'm fond of Roger, myself.
<hopelass> with a name like Roger.... *g*

<BigBooks> Of course, there's Young Ian, too--and we haven't yet met Willie as a young man. Lots of rather attractive males around. <cough>
<hopelass> and WE can't WAIT!!!!
<mercmac> I am anxious to see more of how he and Jamie form an affection for each other. Roger, that is.
<FraserVixen1> Willie and Jamie - now THAT is something to look forward to!
<BigBooks> Willie and Jamie is the sixth book--which I think is really called SONS OF LIBERTY, by the way.
<mercmac> We have many who will offer to proof read, if you think it will help, diana! *g*
<BigBooks> Nah, proofreading happens _looong_ after the hard work is done. <g> Or doesn't, depending on the copy-editor. <frown>

<hopelass> how about Pat??? *gggg*
<patwlol> Hi, Diana! It's wonderful to have you here! An observation: I've always thought that Jamie & BJR are two sides of the same coin. Do you?
<BigBooks> Well, I don't know that I'd go quite _that_ far. They do have a few things in common, though--that's why Black Jack wants Jamie, for one thing; he sees what he might have been, under other circumstances--and feels compelled to destroy it.
<patwlol> good vs. evil thing between the two.
<patwlol> so was there ever any good in BJR?
<BigBooks> Yeah, that's pretty classic, as story-telling goes. Bonnet, on the other hand, is not deliberately evil--he's merely amoral.
<patwlol> yes, I like Bonnet and don't compare him to BJR
<hopelass> ... and people wonder why I love these books... ALWAYS a new view to contemplate
<BigBooks> Yeah. The fact that Bonnet is amoral, of course, means that now and again, his actions will run _with_ those of the good guys--but only so far as it suits his own interests.
<patwlol> right
<FraserVixen1> THESE BOOKS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, had to say it <g>
<hopelass> hahahaha
<BigBooks> Thanks. <g>

<hopelass> Well, I think Kristi is back with us now... how about it Kristi?
<hopelass> well, maybe not... So would Jamie prefer button-fly or a zipper then?
<hopelass> *g*
<BigBooks> Oh, he seemed kind of interested in Claire's zipper, though under the circumstances, he didn't have time to check it out in detail. <g>
<hopelass> that was our speculation too!
<BigBooks> He's the efficient sort, though.
<hopelass> thank God!
<BigBooks> Buttons have a certain charm, but given the trouble he had with the sodden ties of his petticoat-breeches in VOYAGER...nah, sipper.
<BigBooks> zipper, I mean. <g>
<hopelass> so he's a zipper guy? Or ...? Both, eh? *vbg*
<BigBooks> Well, he's a _kilt_ guy. <g> But if forced into trousers, I imagine he'd go for a zipper, yes. On the other hand, there is a certain difficulty with zippers, if one doesn't wear underwear...
<mercmac> OUCH
<hopelass> no comment.... :-}
<FraserVixen1> hahahaha
<hopelass> THIS clears up tons... thank you!!! *
<hopelass> hehehhe

<hopelass> I see Dianne is ready with her question
<DianneLOL> Thanks Diana, We're all so excited that you're here. In Voyager when Jamie & Claire are reunited...Claire tells Jamiee that she's never taken off the ring he gave her. Is this possible with her career as a surgeon? There has been some discussion about this.
<BigBooks> Oh, the ring. Well, one could either construe that as artistic license <g>, one could assume merely that she meant she'd never taken it off deliberately to look inside it, _or_one could assume that she really didn't take it off. I have seen surgeons who don't-though this is usually because their fingers have gotten larger and they physically _can't_ take it off. Possible to disinfect and wear gloves over the ring, though I admit it isn't the usual procedure.
<DianneLOL> It so romantic to think that she's never removed it.
<BigBooks> Well, I don't think she would have removed it, unless totally necessary--she wouldn't want to risk losing it or having it stolen, and would probably make some fuss to keep it on, regardless of circumstances.
<mercmac> Sometimes engraving becomes very hard to read when the ring is well worn, too.

<mercmac> Rachel, you're up next!
<chesnuttb> I've always admired your portrayal of the Catholic Church in the books. There is respect and i feel a clear eyed view of what is good about the Church and the faults of the church. Most of all there is a sense of the virtue of faith. I know from previous interviews that you are a Catholic. So, how much of what is in the books reflects your own faith and feelings about the church?
<BigBooks> Oh, most of it. We do have the two views, of course--Jamie is an accepting Catholic; Claire is Catholic only by happenstance, and has no firm grounding in the faith. So Jamie abides by the rule and regs, so to speak--though he does indeed have a deep, unquestioning faith--whereas Claire takes a more cynical view, and--while she certainly has faith as well, is often rather surprised to _find_ that she does.
<chesnuttb> but Claire does take some comfort from the church, Perpetual Adoration mostly
<BigBooks> Yes. As I say, she's often rather surprised to find what happens when she enters into a spiritual state.
<mercmac> I love the bits where Jamie shares his faith with Claire.
<BigBooks> That's the thing about God, you know; it's not like _you're_ doing all the work. <g> Whether you intend something or not, it often works in spite of you.
<mercmac> That forgiveness scene in Drums chokes me up everytime!
<BigBooks> I liked that, too. <smile>
<mercmac> Powerful stuff.
<BigBooks> After all, Jamie wouldn't have survived--let alone survived more or less intact-for all those years and through all he's been through, without something bigger than himself to turn to.

<hopelass> Diana, I really love *how* you *love* J&C too!
<BigBooks> Well, I'm fond of them. They're nice people. <g> One person recently told me, "What I like most about your books is that your characters are mentally healthy." <g> I thought that was a _great_ compliment!
<hopelass> So *we* read them for our mental health... I'll tell my dh!
<mercmac> That is a great compliment. Also, people of honor. doesn't hurt the libido either, eh? *g*
<BigBooks> Yeah. They try to do the right thing, and often succeed. I really can't stand books where the characters are being deliberately dumb.
<BigBooks> I _have_ heard some husbands claim that these books contribute a lot to the... er...personal side of marriage. <g> On the other hand, some husbands merely object to the fact that their wives quit cooking and cleaning
<mercmac> WHine whine whine!
<BigBooks> while reading them. Shows what a husband values in his wife, I guess.
<mercmac> *g*
<hopelass> we've certainly had our ups and downs around here... *ahem*

<mercmac> Kristi you are next lass
<FraserVixen1> Kristi would like to know: I want to know the connection between Mrs Crook, Colums Housekeeper, and the Mr Crook Who shows Claire the stones?
<BigBooks> Possibly a direct line of descent. Possibly not, too; I don't think Crook is a real _common_ name in the Highlands, but it's probably not all that unusual, either. Having people with the same last name, two hundred years apart, doesn't necessarily mean there's anything but a genetic line between them, though--if that.
<FraserVixen1> Thanks, Diana. I'm sure Kristi would like to add "Live long and be hosed!" <g>
<BigBooks> Thanks! <g>
<FraserVixen1> That's kind of her motto <g>

<mercmac> Michelle, let's hear you're question now....
<LOLmichelle> Ye are too funny, i love the humor in your books. Heres my Q...Do you get as frisky writing the lovescenes as we do reading them?... A verra BIG thank-you from the dh! *VBG* too!
<BigBooks> Well, see, I need both hands to type. <g>
<LOLmichelle> LOL
<hopelass> verra evasive!
<LOLmichelle> i need two to read, makes it kinda hard!
<hopelass> hahahaha... I'd say!
<BigBooks> Now, mind you, this is not _my_ quote--but one author of my acquaintance says that if your panties aren't wet when writing this sort of scene, you aren't doing it right. (Remember, _I_ didn't say that!)
<FraserVixen1> Hallelujah! :-)
<hopelass> but you typed it!
<LOLmichelle> so im not a sex addict then? LOL
<LOLmichelle> and I dont need therapy?
<BigBooks> I dunno--some people write to say my books _are_ therapy. <g>
<FraserVixen1> If your books are therapy, Diana - the Ladies and Lads of Lallybroch are the sanest people on the planet! End of story!

<hopelass> Weel... on that note...Chele, are ye still wi' us lass?
<chele62> Hello! Here goes What is your favorite place or thing to do to relax, to recharge your battery?
<BigBooks> Read. Hands down. (Er, I mean, "indubitably"!)

<mercmac> As a follow up to have beautifully described 'seeing' your characters in action..... either through clear plastic, or a black garbage bag where you have to 'feel' your way around.... Which type of view do you have of the love making scenes? *g*
<BigBooks> Which type of view? Oh, clear or dark, you mean. Well, either one, depending--sometimes (most often) I can see clearly and hear _everything_, but now and then I hit one where there's just a _feeling_, and I can't really see anything, and have to sort my way. <g>
<hopelass> work, work, work eh?
<mercmac> How about the wedding nite scene?
<BigBooks> Well, I didn't see that one ahead, so to speak--but it kind of unwound clearly in front of me, all right.
<hopelass> and nicely too!
<hopelass> verra nicely!
<BigBooks> I don't usually "see" a whole scene in its entirety.

<hopelass> Chele, would you mind asking your question again, lass?
<chele62> Hello! Here goes What is your favorite place or thing to do to relax, to recharge your battery?
<BigBooks> Oh, yes. My favorite thing is reading. It doesn't matter a lot _where_, as long as it's comfortable, and the book is good. Of course, my husband is very good at recharging, too, but it's harder to do that in the summertime, with five or six kids in the house all the time.
<FraserVixen1> :-)
<mercmac> Amen to that! *g*
<hopelass> What're you reading now?
<BigBooks> Let's see...I just finished reading Laurell Hamilton's OBSIDIAN BUTTERFLY (due out in Feb. of 2000, her editor tells me), and am in the middle of Walter Satterthwaite's MASQUERADE, which is very good, too. Next up is Neil Gaiman's STARDUST, which just came in with a request for a blurb for the paperback, and then I have Reginald Hills SINGING THE SADNESS and whatsisname's new Ian Rutledge mystery, which are waiting to go on book tour with me next week.
<hopelass> I've always wondered if you sleep... I think I have my answer *g*
<BigBooks> Oh, sure--just not for very long at a stretch. <g>

<mercmac> Niki, we're ready for you now...
<LadyNikiG> Hi Diana, I'm so thrilled to be here chatting with you. I love Roger and I think Bonnet has so many facets to his character. My question is: Will Jemmy's paternity ever be revealed? (I won't ask which it is! *G*)
<BigBooks> Yes, you'll find out. <g> Let me ask _you_--who do you want it to be? (that won't alter who it is, mind you; I'm just curious)
<LadyNikiG> Um, it would be more interestinmg if it was Bonnets.....
<mercmac> I such a sucker for Roger....I vote for him.
<hopelass> Roger!
<FraserVixen1> Roger
<LadyNikiG> But for me being an old married woman in love, I'd like it to be Roger's
<mercmac> Well We're totally hosed for Roger, eh?
<LadyNikiG> Was wondering if he might grow to resemble one or the other
<BigBooks> Well, I'm sure Roger is glad to hear you're all on his side. <g>
<hopelass> so, will we find out in the next book then?
<BigBooks> Yes, you'll find out somewhere in FIERY CROSS.
<LadyNikiG> yippee!
<hopelass> whew!
<mercmac> Hot DAWG!
<LadyNikiG> Thank you.
<BigBooks> In SONS OF LIBERTY, the main question of paternity is of course Willie's.

<hopelass> I see Lizbert is standing by... how's about it Liz...
<Lizbert> Hi Diana! This is a true pleasure! *VBG* My question for you: Do any of the characters ever frustrate you just by being themselves? If so, who frustrates you the most?
<BigBooks> No, they never frustrate me by being themselves--only if I can't hear or see them clearly and therefore can't tell easily who they are.
<Lizbert> Some frustrate ME sometimes.. but i guess that's the point, eh??
<BigBooks> Well, if they're real people--and believe me, they are <g>--they're bound to, I suppose.
<Lizbert> Thanks so much!

<mercmac> Who are some of the characters you describe as "hard nuts" then? As opposed to 'mushrooms'?
<BigBooks> Well, Brianna was the hardest nut--took me a long time to get to know her, since she didn't create herself, so to speak--most of the characters do. _I_ had to create her, though, since I was stuck with whoever Claire's baby turned out to be.

<LadyCFC> do your books flow like mind-movies...unfolding before you as though you are an eavesdropper?
<BigBooks> Only when I'm lucky. <g> Most of the time, it's like chiseling rocks.
<LadyCFC> hehehehe

<hopelass> can we back up for a sec.... Willie's paternity???
<BigBooks> Oh, yeah. I mean, Willie--and everybody around him with the exception of Lord John-- thinks his father is/was the late Earl of Ellesmere. I sort of figure that if/when he comes face to face with the truth, though, it will be kind of a shock to discover that he's _not_ the ninth Earl, but merely the bastard of a Scottish war criminal--and a groom, to boot!
<hopelass> ahhh... I thought it *was* clear as the knife-blade nose on his face! *g*
<FraserVixen1> Whoa - never thought of that one!
<BigBooks> It is--and will be clearer, when he arrives in the Colonies as a young officer. <g>
<hopelass> Baited breath here!
<mercmac> Bev. You have the floor next.
<BigBooks> Bated. (Sorry, I can't help myself!)
<FraserVixen1> :-)
<hopelass> thank you :-)
<BigBooks> Thank _you_. <g>
<hopelass> I did it on purpose???
<FraserVixen1> good one Hope
<BigBooks> Figured you did. <g>
<mercmac> There ya go, Hope!
<hopelass> you're too kind!
<BigBooks> No, I'm actually rather mean, but luckily people make allowances. <cough>
<hopelass> I shall... well maybe... mmmphm

<mercmac> Bev, you are next.
<hopelass> seem to be having tech. difficulties...
<mercmac> Lee, lets have your question now then
<LadyLeeC> Ms Gabaldon you have given us details regarding the physical interaction between Jamie and Jack at Wentworth but will there be more information regarding the emotional relationship that developed between them that night? (This has driven me crazy since I've read your books. Thank-you very much for them.) (And thank-you for letting me know there's a new book in the Hamilton series!)
<BigBooks> Well, some of you will have read "Surgeon's Steel," in which Jamie is obliged to take laudanum, but protests, on the grounds that it "gives me bad dreams." At some point, he's going to remember what happened at Culloden--and I sort of think that the stress of losing a finger and sleeping/dreaming under the influence of laudanum may be enough to bring it back--given that he's just come out of a battle, filled with horses and swords and the like. Beyond that, I imagine he might have small flashbacks now and then, but I can't say for sure what or when those will be.
<LadyLeeC> Thank-you Ms. Gabaldon
<BigBooks> You're welcome! (oh--call me Diana. <g> Everybody does.)

<hopelass> Let's try Bev's question again now...
<hopelass> Well still no Bev.... how about Lady Diana?
<LdyDiana> Hallo Diana!!! This is a real pleasure, thank you for making our Year. My question in regarding Frank, was he really unfaithful to Claire, as is implied, before during and after Jamie came into the picture? And were the frequent references to his and BJR's similarities deliberate to make Frank look like a jerk and loser? *ahem* Some Hosers think he's a total loser.
<BigBooks> Again, how much do we have room for? <g> This is another one that's addressed at some length in the COMPANION. As far as the facts--we don't know, though the implication is surely that Frank was unfaithful--though how far this might have gone, we don't know (and bear in mind that Claire alludes vaguely to wartime flirtations and infatuations, too--and we _know_ those weren't with Frank!). No, the similarities are mentioned frequently because Claire is terribly aware of them; the resemblance is what gives Jack Randall a much greater effect on her than he might otherwise have--that she keep getting flashes of Frank, even though she _knows_ Jack is a different person.
<LdyDiana> So you wouldn't say Frank is a loser would you? or pond scum, as some are fond of saying
<BigBooks> No, I wouldn't say Frank is pond scum--nor yet a loser, in the way you mean it. "Loser," yes, insofar as he's lost his wife--through no fault of his own. On the other hand, he did gain a daughter, whom he might otherwise not have had. But no; I'm inclined to view Frank as a tragic figure; he's an honorable man, and doing his best in horrible circumstances--his only real flaw is that he's not a hero. He hasn't the greatness of character that Jamie has--he's only an ordinary, decent guy--and that is his tragedy.
<LdyDiana> Outlandish Gospel according to Diana, Thank you Diana!
<BigBooks> You're welcome <gracious bow>.
<FraserVixen1> Ok - I take back every nasty thing I've ever said about Frank. <g>

<MelJofLoL> In Voyager, when Jamie and John Grey discuss the length of "Pamela"...where you poking fun at yourself?
<BigBooks> Oh--and PAMELA. <g> Yes, that's mockery.

<LadyCFC> Since Bev is having trouble with her connection, Merc is going to ask her question for her
<mercmac> Next, here's Bev's question.....At the end of DIA after Willie MacKenzie sees that Jamie Killed Dougal, Jamie asks for an hour to 'see my wife safe' before Willie spreads the word. Why didn't Willie spread the word about the murder? Will we learn about this later?
<BigBooks> Half the men who took the field at Culloden died. It's fifty-fifty that Willie was one of them. On the other hand, he might _not_ have died; he might have been taken prisoner, transported, etc. The thing is, though--the clans ceased to exist _as of that battle_; after April 16, there would have been--in effect--no one for him to tell, or no one to whom it would make a difference, given the catastrophe that had overcome them all. So Dougal's dead? So is half the clan. Jamie killed him? Jamie may be dead, too, for all most of them know. I don't think it would have been anyone's big concern at the time--if Willie were even alive to tell. On the other hand, the past _does_ have this disconcerting way of coming back. <g> And, as my husband is fond of saying, "The only way you can be _sure_ somebody's dead in one of your books is if they clutch their throat and go GAK! right in front of you."
<mercmac> You are very good at doing that! Weaving the past back in, I mean!
<FraserVixen1> That Doug - what a kidder! :-)
<hopelass> Thanks Diana... WE LIKE DOUG!
<BigBooks> Well, when I did the Cast of Characters list for the COMPANION, I was rather startled to find that there were over 500 characters in the four books. <g> Lots of room for one of them to turn up again, I mean.
<BigBooks> I'm kind of fond of Doug, too. <smile>
<FraserVixen1> hahaha

<hopelass> Kim Marie has a question via Rita
<Ritavz> Boa noite Diana, this is Kim Marie's question: Just how "hosed" did you think we all were at the Surrey gathering?
<BigBooks> No more than the usual fans I meet anywhere. <g>
<FraserVixen1> Aw, darn - I thought we would be WAY more hosed! :-)
<Charyl> Bumer!
<mercmac> usual fans get tattooed ?
<BigBooks> Well, I will say that nobody else has come up with a Highland stripper. <cough>
<mercmac> Alright!!!!
<FraserVixen1> :-)
<FraserVixen1> Thanks to Charyl and Hope for that one!
<BigBooks> They do, however, present me with things like tapes of original songs, poetry and drawings inspired by the books, cross-stitched bookmarks, soap (a company actually wrote to ask me if they could name one of their "amber"-scented soaps DRaGONFLY IN AMBER. I said they could, and they sent me a bar in thanks. <g>), a hat that says "I don't write for wusses," a chopping board in the shape of the state of Idaho, a ceramic figure of myself in a chair reading,
<FraserVixen1> aw - cute!
<BigBooks> ...oh, and X-rays of all the book-covers, attached to a "referral" sheet for one James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, noting various suspected fractures. <g> I guess that _might_ be "hosed." Maybe not, though.
<FraserVixen1> ROFL - original!
<FraserVixen1> Oh - trust us - that is hosed!
<BigBooks> Thought it might be. <g> Then there's the lady who named her racehorse DRAGONFLY IN AMBER, and the lady who a) named her baby Brianna, and b) brought said baby to a signing, in a backpack on which was embroidered, "I'm the result of a Diana Gabaldon novel." <g>

<hopelass> What about you Diana, are you hosed?
<hopelass> or are you the original hoser?
<BigBooks> After 4000 pages? OH, yeah.
<hopelass> heh heh
<mercmac> LOL I love that! Diana, we are having a wonderful time, and still have more questions, but you have been with us over an hour. Must you go now, or are you wanting to chat longer?
<BigBooks> I can stay another fifteen minutes or so, if you'd like.
<mercmac> Oh of course!
<mercmac> Thanks so much.
<BigBooks> My pleasure. <smile>

<Ritavz> Hi Diana, again :-) This was debated not long ago in the reading group: When Jamie arranged to make John flog him at Ardsmuir, was he trying to punish himself, or was he just being pragmatic and seizing an occasion to put John in an impossible position as it came? And why did it take so long between John's advances and that reaction from Jamie?
<BigBooks> It didn't take more than a couple of days, I don't think. As it was, Jamie seized the opportunity to make such a definite break that John could never even talk to him on an even footing again--or so he would have thought. No, I don't reckon he was "punishing" himself--but he was over-reacting, no doubt, out of fear at the mere thought of such advances.
<Ritavz> I think it was June to September, wasn't it? And I also don't think he was punishing himself! Thanks!
<BigBooks> Was it? I lose complete track of time in those books, owing to writing them in pieces. I try to backtrack and make sure all the date references fit, but I don't always manage it.
<Ritavz> Yes, you do!
<BigBooks> Jamie couldn't bring himself to see John clearly--once the advance was made--or he would have known that John would never try to force him in any way. As it was, though, he reacted with...not quite panic, but a really strong reaction, that led him to do what he did, in order to insure that John wouldn't come near him.
<Ritavz> Thank you! That is, obrigada :-)
<BigBooks> De nada. <g>
<Ritavz> :-)

<FraserVixen1> Diana ... our own Diana is wondering how your Thistle Award is holding up. :-)
<BigBooks> Oh, it's in good shape! It's got a place of honor on top of the armoire in Doug's den. <g>
<FraserVixen1> Fabulous - she will be ecstatic!
<BigBooks> Not that I gave it to him--just that that was the best open space. <g>
<FraserVixen1> Great - thanks.

<FraserVixen1> Oh
<BigBooks> yeah?
<FraserVixen1> I think someone is waiting for me to speak - I think we're going to go to unmoderated so the clan members can say hi to you
<LadyCFC> Before we open this up to everyone, Hope has something to say.
<hopelass> In honour of our first ever Ladies of Lallybroch chat with you, many of us have broken open.... a bottle of Jared's finest...and we wish to toast you...
<mercmac> To Diana a hearty thank you for investing the many hours of research, artistry, heart and guts that went into creating such an outlandish world for us to enjoy. For that, and for raising the appreciation fo round arses everywhere, we say, SLAINTE!!!
<FraserVixen1> SLAINTE!
<hopelass> Slainte!
<BigBooks> Slainte mhath!! <toasting back>

<unmoderated chat>

<LadyCFC> Okay folks, the moderation is off!
<LadyOzona> Thank you so much, Diana! I was in the bathroom when it was time to say Hello! But I saw everything after I got back!
<LadyKimMarie> Slainte!!
<LadyJennyB> To Fine Wide Arses!!
<Londubh> Hear!hear!
<KatieB1> Slainte!
<LadyMac1> Slainte!
<Lady-Mandi> thanks Diana!
<HollyJM> Thank You Diana!
<Lizbert> Slainte!! :)
<LOLmichelle> Hi Diana, I have another question......Does the rosary ever come back?
<carall> slainte!
<LadyLeigh> Greetings from Brisbane, Australia, Diana!!
<lluvrig> Slainte!
<Lady-Mandi> slainte
<EllieLOL> Slainte!!
<LadyLeeC> Slainte!
<TTLYHOSED> Thanks yorself!!!!!
<LadyGwenllian> Slainte, thanks Diana for everything
<magwah> you Ms Gabaldon are fun to chat with!!!!!

<NSJewell> Thanks Diana - Any new excerpts?
<BigBooks> Yes, there's a new excerpt either up or about to be--and another in the wings. (Rosana doesn't want to spoil you. <g>)

<julieoflallybroch> Cheers! Thanks Diana!
<Lady_Merilee> Thanks from me too !
<lairdjp> 3Thanks Diana!
<LadyOzona> Slaite!
<LadyOzona> Slainte!
<LadyJennyB> Thanks for spending sooooo much time with us!!
<magwah> Thanks Diana
<chele62> Thank you Diana
<MsHelen> Thanks a bunch!! Muchas Gracias!
<julieoflallybroch> I want to see Chapter one!
<ValerieL2> Tapadh leat, Diana
<PaulaCampbell> Thank you, Diana!
<GinaAZ> Thanks Diana!
<LadyCFC> slow down, lasses :)
<Lizbert> Diana.. you are the BEST!!!!
<Cenndy> thanks!!!!!!!!!!
<Chardeux> Diana, tell me you're coming to the Boston area?
<carall> thank you! danke!
<LOLmichelle> Thanks Diana!
<MoonLadyM> Thank you so verra much Diana and Slainte!
<JayHV> Thanks, Diana!

<BigBooks> My pleasure indeed! And THANKS for all the original questions!! <rofl>
<magwah> we love the author of the books we love
<lluvrig> Thank you Diana! You are so kind!
<MsHelen> Kamsamnida!!
<Lady_Greer> thanks, Diana
<EllieLOL> Thank you
<carall> arigato gozaimasu!
<magwah> we like sex can you tell?
<LadyJennyB> Without you, we all never would have met and made such great friends!
<Chardeux> New England hosers are waiting to hear with beating hearts....
<Cenndy> Come to Texas Diana
<MsHelen> Nancy, haha
<FraserVixen1> Nancy you are too hosed! :-)
<magwah> jejejejeje I am a mess
<LadyGwenllian> I'll second that Lady JennyB
<LadyOzona> Yes, Texas!
<LadyKimMarie> can you be too hosed?
<Lizbert> NO!!!

<nirret> Even Though Lauriat's Books is closing, PLEASE come to Boston or somewhere close by--many hosers waitnig to meet you
<BigBooks> The publicity person says she's working on finding another Boston store.
<nirret> Thank you, thank you, thank you

<LOLmichelle> Diana is the rosary ever going to come back into willies future?
<Chardeux> Oh Good, thank you Diana.
<FraserVixen1> HOSED RULES! :-)
<LadyNikiG> How about Kansas City?
<Lady-Mandi> Are you coming DOWN UNDER soon Diana?
<spondee> HOUSTON!!
<BEimer> Thanks, Diana. Don't know what happened earlier...
<carall> how about Europe
<LadyMac1> Diana, Thanks for creating LallyWorld!
<DianneLOL> Looking forward to seeing you in Cincinnati!
<LOLmichelle> Does anyone have a question for me! *G*

<LadyLeeC> Diana you had aSaint depicted on the tapestry when Jamie recovered from Wentworth, was that significant?
<Chardeux> Shhh... good question LeeC
<BigBooks> Oh, Saint Sebastian? Yeah, but only in a vaguely thematic way--no specific significance.
<LadyLeeC> Phooey! We were so sure it was significant!
<LadyLeeC> Thanks

<magwah> can you do Florida?
<BigBooks> No, I can't do Florida this time--only where they send me.
<BigBooks> I'll be in Dallas/Ft. Worth in November, though.
<magwah> thaks for thinking of me though!!!!

<Lizbert> Who's all for a Diana Gabaldon WORLD TOUR????
<Cenndy> I am
<LdyDiana> HERE HERE
<lairdjp> Aye!
<carall> Here!
<Lady-Mandi> yes please come back to OZ
<lluvrig> HERE HERE!!
<Chardeux> Did you know that St. Sebastian is supposed to be a gay icon?
<LadyOzona> Tell Doug Thanks, too, for loaning you to us!
<LadyGwenllian> What about Wales Diana, any chance?
<lairdjp> Pittsburgh! Go to Pittsburgh!
<julieoflallybroch> Please reconsider and come to the San Diego games!

<BigBooks> I'll be in Scotland in August--appearing at the Edinburgh Book Festival.
<chesnuttb> Well Houston would just be an easy jump from Dallas Diana
<MoonLadyM> Looking forward to seeing you either in San Francisco or Pasadena, CAS
<magwah> wow I wish I could be in Scotland in August!!!!!
<Lizbert> take some pics of some fine kilted men, Diana!

<EllieLOL> I'll see you in Ontario in a couple of weeks!
<BigBooks> Yeah, I leave for Canada next Thursday! <quailing at thought of everything to be done!>
<chesnuttb> And we're much nicer in Houston
<HedyD> I'll be seeing you in Coquitlam, B.C. in a couple weeks myself!

<BigBooks> Oh--and I'll be in Pleasanton for the Highland Games there over Labor Day weekend.
<nirret> Here's hoping we N.E. hosers will meet you for lunch or something in Boston
<LadyNikiG> No, stay home and WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!
<Cenndy> chestnuttb......lets meet in dallas
<spondee> HOuston is really a nice city!!!
<Chardeux> We sound like the mice in Cinderella...
<HollyJM> I'm headed for Ontario too!
<magwah> thanks to all!!!!!

<FraserVixen1> Okay, folks - sadly we must let Diana go back to Doug and the family - thanks everyone for showing up and making this fabulous
<LadyCFC> Okay lasses...We're going to put this back on moderated so we can say goodnight.
<LdyDiana> make her count down, hehehe
<FraserVixen1> I think we're going to moderated now to make an official goodbye
<LadyGwenllian> Hahahahahah Thanks moderators too
<LOLmichelle> Thanks DG for the wonderful books and friends.
<LadyOzona> God Bless, Diana!
<DianneLOL> Thank you, Diana.
<BigBooks> Thank YOU!! I enjoyed it immensely. <g>

<lairdjp> Does she have to count down?
<LadyCFC> hehehehe, JP!
<FraserVixen1> :-)
<LadyCFC> That's funny...

<moderated chat>

<FraserVixen1> whew
<FraserVixen1> Thanks Diana. We loved it.

<BigBooks> Oh--laird JP--thanks for the wine! Or rather, the bottle. <g> It came uncorked in the mail,
<FraserVixen1> oh nooooo
<mercmac> yikes
<BigBooks> so I got a rather fragrant cardboard box, with a nice bottle. Like the label, though!

<LadyCFC> In our chats we have to countdown before we leave.
<BigBooks> Oh, shall I do that?
<Ritavz> Unless you wanna see CF mad...
<LadyCFC> heheheheh
<LadyCFC> yeah....10
<BigBooks> Ten...
<LadyCFC> 9
<LadyCFC> 8
<LadyCFC> hehehehehe
<LadyCFC> this is too funny
<mercmac> nite Diana! Thanks again!
<FraserVixen1> <g>
<BigBooks> Night-night!
<FraserVixen1> Night Diana
<LadyCFC> Night, and thanks so much, Diana
<BigBooks> 7?
<MelJofLoL> Night Diana
<Ritavz> Good night!
<FraserVixen1> Thanks a bazillion
<hopelass> Good night Diana
<BigBooks> And thanks to all you hard-working moderators! You did a great job!

<FraserVixen1> Adrian beats out Liam any day Rita! :-)
<Ritavz> No he doesn't!
<BigBooks> 6
<FraserVixen1> Hear! Hear!
<FraserVixen1> yes he does
<BigBooks> I like Liam, myself.
<BigBooks> 5
<FraserVixen1> Adrian Paul!
<Ritavz> I KNEW IT!!!!
<LadyCFC> Oh no!!!!!
<Ritavz> I KNEW IT!!!!
<Ritavz> I KNEW IT!!!!
<FraserVixen1> Adrian Paul!
<LadyCFC> I'll never hear the end of it now!
<Ritavz> Thanks Diana!!!
<FraserVixen1> Adrian Paul!
<mercmac> LOLOLOL
<FraserVixen1> Adrian Paul!
<FraserVixen1> Adrian Paul!
<FraserVixen1> Adrian Paul!
<BigBooks> But Ioan Gruffuds is way cool, too.
<FraserVixen1> Adrian Paul!
<FraserVixen1> Night Diana
<BigBooks> 4
<mercmac> ABSOLUTELY
<FraserVixen1> Yah, Liam is ok
<mercmac> Ioan RULES
<FraserVixen1> Adrian is just better
<FraserVixen1> :-)
<LadyCFC> Adrian is #1
<FraserVixen1> yes indeedy doo
<hopelass> I think Doug is quite a dish!
<BigBooks> He looks nice, but he's got the _worst_ Scottish accent...
<FraserVixen1> Thanks Diana - we're hosed is all.
<BigBooks> 3
<LadyCFC> yeah, he does that
<FraserVixen1> We're shallow, what can we say <g>
<BigBooks> 2
<mercmac> Come again, lass!
<Ritavz> Good night!!! You made my year!!!
<FraserVixen1> Night - bon nuit!
<BigBooks> My pleasure. <smile>
<BigBooks> Buenas Noches!!
<BigBooks> 1
<FraserVixen1> LOVE YA
<LadyCFC> Take care
<BigBooks> Poof!

BigBooks has quit IRC (Leaving )

That's it, Ladies and Laddies! Thank you, Lady CF, for editing the transcript!