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If you've come this far into Lallybroch, chances are you already know all about Diana's wonderful books. You probably own them all, read them at least four times each, and have extra copies for loaning, because you won't part with your books!

Do you mark your years as B.O. and A.O. (Before Outlander and After Outlander, that is)? Did Jamie and Claire enter your life, and now refuse to leave? Are you firmly convinced you'll never feel like this about any other book for the rest of your life? Tell us how you feel... Pour out your heart, and leave a message for Diana Gabaldon!

Disclaimer: To the best of our knowledge, Diana Gabaldon does not browse through these pages regularly. So we are not claiming she will read your message here at the Ladies of Lallybroch site. But we do promise that once in a while, we will collect all the messages posted here and forward them to Diana.


Need a quick refresh on these books? These are not synopsis. At least not exactly... How to put it? Better see for yourself... :-) Lady Belinda provided us with The Reduced Gabaldon. The books-in-a-minute and Outlandish hosedness at its best!



Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch is the UK edition of Outlander. For the story behind the two different titles and a list of differences between these editions, see The Outlandish Companion.

US Hardcover
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UK Paperback


Dragonfly in Amber

US Hardcover
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US Hardcover
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Drums of Autumn

US Hardcover
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The Fiery Cross

US Hardcover

UK Hardcover

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The Outlandish Companion
Through the Stones

The Outlandish Companion

The Outlandish Companion (US)

Through the Stones (UK)



Outlandish Short Stories



Hellfire, in electronic book format. (no longer available)
Hellfire is a historical mystery featuring Lord John Grey. The story takes place after Ardsmuir, and though very short, it does offer some interesting insights into John Grey's mind.

From the Publisher:
"Lord John Grey has returned to London, never thinking he'd walk into a mystery surrounding a murder. Still haunted by thoughts of a young redheaded man, he befriends Robert Gerald, agreeing to meet at the 'Change. But he arrives in time to witness Gerald's death and make a vow to find his killer. When an invitation is issued to join the infamous Hellfire Club, will he find a killer or become the next victim?"

Hellfire, in Past Poisons Anthology
The stories in this collection have been written by many historical crime writers all wishing to pay tribute to the work of Edith Pargeter, alias Ellis Peters, who wrote the Brother Cadfael series. The authors have also contributed a short introduction about their sources and influences.

Surgeon's Steel, in Excalibur Anthology
This book has been out of print for a long time now, but "Surgeon's Steel" (an excerpt from "Sons of Liberty") is now available in The Outlandish Companion.

Other Stories


Mothers & Daughters
Diana has a short story titled "Dream a Little Dream" in this book co-written with her daughter Laura Watkins. It's also available in Hardcover.

Fathers & Daughters: A Celebration in Memoirs, Stories, and Photographs
A compilation of fiction and non-fiction memoirs of authors and their fathers - including Diana, of course *g*

Out of Avalon: An Anthology of Old Magic and New Myths
This Anthology is an homage to the work of Marion Zimmer Bradley, and it includes a fantasy short-story by Diana Gabaldon, in a magic universe of dragons and elves. The story is titled "The Castellan", and Diana wrote it with her son, Samuel Watkins. It was first published in German, with the title of Jenseits von Avalon, and it will now be available in the US, on May 2001.

Thank you, Lady Carmen for the info!

Mothers and Sons: A Celebration in Memoirs, Stories, and Photographs (April, 2000)
This anthology includes "Mirror Image", by Diana Gabaldon and her son, Sam Watkins. The story unites a disgraced prince with his mother in a tale of deception.

From the Publisher:
"In this exquisite companion to the cherished Signet gift editions of Mothers & Daughters and Fathers & Daughters, twelve of today's greatest writers bring to life the special familial bond between a mother and son. Stories include tales of humor and heartbreak, devotion and daring, and the true meaning of selfless love. Enhancing the magic of the written word in this beautiful volume are the authors' personal, rare, and intimate family photos. Mother & Sons features memoirs and stories by Lawrence Block, Eric Jerome Dickey, Eileen Dreyer, Diana Gabaldon, Eileen Goudge, Stuart M. Kaminski, Faye Kellerman, Joe R. Lansdale, Marcus Major, Maxine O'Callaghan, Marilyn Reynolds and Peter Straub."

Thank you, Lady Jay for the info!

Naked Came the Phoenix (August 2001)new
by Marcia Talley (Editor), Nevada Barr, J.D. Robb, Nancy Pickard, Lisa Scottoline, Perri O'Shaughnessy, J.A. Jance, Faye Kellerman, Mary Jane Clark, Anne Perry, Diana Gabaldon, Val McDermid, Laurie R. King
Hardcover - Minotaur Books

The promise of discretion and pampering-and a long-overdue reconciliation with her mother-draws Caroline Blessing, the young wife of a newly-elected Congressman, to the fancy Phoenix Spa. But after her first night in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Caroline wakes to find the rich and famous guests in turmoil and under suspicion: the spa's flamboyant and ambitious owner has been murdered. As the secrets come out-and the body count rises, can Caroline keep herself from becoming the next victim?

In the tradition of such collaborative classics as Naken Came the Manatee and The Floating Admiral, each chapter in this serial novel is written by one of today's most talented mystery novelists.

Thank you, Lady Carmen and Lady Antje for the info!



Non Fiction


Writing Romances : A Handbook by the Romance Writers of America - Rita Gallagher (Editor), et al
A publication by Writers Digest Books (Hardcover, March 1997)

Editorial Review from For the aspiring romance writer who needs a little direction, Writing Romances: A Handbook by the Romance Writers of America is an excellent starting point. Divided into four sections, the business of romance is discussed in the first section, including thorough treatments of subjects such as agents, handling publicity, networking, and "the life and times of a manuscript." The following two sections closely examine the processes of researching and writing a novel--from writing with passion to point of view and writing with a partner--while the final section focuses on writing specific types of romances, including the regency, the short contemporary, and the historical romance. All 25 topics are handled by experts in the field: the business side of romance is presented by successful agents, publicists, and editors, while romance writing is handled by bestselling authors such as Jude Deveraux, Diana Gabaldon, and Janet Dailey.

Synopsis: From Janet Dailey, Jude Deveraux, and 23 other romance authors whose works consistently hit the bestseller lists comes a book filled with the instruction and advice that writers need to create their own bestsellers in the genre.

Diana Gabaldon wrote Chapter 19 - Paranormal Romance: Time Travel, Vampires, and Everything Beyond

Check the Table of Contents at Amazon.

Thank you, Lady Carmen for the info!

Why Desktop Publishing Is Right for Some Scientists, Wrong for Others
Article in The Scientist 2[11]:25, Jun. 13, 1988
There are more technical articles by Diana Gabaldon at The Scientist web site. Go to the Search Page and enter Gabaldon in the author field (not Diana Gabaldon), to get them all.

Thank you, Lady Carmen for the info!

Ivanhoe - A Romance
By Sir Walter Scott
Introduction by Diana Gabaldon
Modern Libary
July 10, 2001

A Plague of Angels: A Sir Robert Carey Mystery
By P. F. Chisholm
Introduction by Diana Gabaldon
Poisoned Pen Press
October, 2000

From Booklist
The fourth Sir Robert Carey mystery finds the Deputy Warden of the West Marshes (on the England/Scotland border) returning to London after the adventures chronicled in A Surfeit of Guns (1997). It's August 1592, and Carey, struggling to scrape together enough cash to pay off his debts, finds himself embroiled in a feud between a couple of playwrights: Robert Greene and a young fellow called William Shakespeare. Chisholm displays a real knack for comedy here, in a tale that is noticeably lighter than the earlier installments in the series. This is no lumpy, historically accurate but dramatically dull novel; it's a lively, lifelike adventure that just happens to feature some of the most famous people in the history of drama (Christopher Marlowe also takes a turn). The author's change of pace from more serious fare should please her fans and win her a lot of new ones, too. David Pitt
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

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Abridged Audio Tapes and CDs

These tapes are missing about 80% of the story, but good for a quick fix if you want to listen while going for a walk etc... They are read by Geraldine James, and have a few neat musical moments (not many, alas!)

Outlander Audio Tapes

Dragonfly in Amber Audio Tapes

Voyager Audio Tapes

Drums of Autumn Audio Tapes
Bantam Doubleday Dell Abridged CDs
(August 2001)

Outlander Audio CD

Dragonfly in Amber Audio CD
Voyager Audio CD
Drums of Autumn Audio CD

Unabridged Audio Tapes

The unabridged tapes can be bought or rented from Recoded Books Inc. They are wonderful! The whole story is in there, beautifully read by Davina Porter.

Outlander Unabridged Tapes

Dragonfly in Amber Unabridged Tapes

Voyager Unabridged Tapes

Drums of Autumn Unabridged Tapes



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