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If you know of some interesting Outlandish tidbit, and you'd like to share it with other LOLers, please let us know!

The Lallybroch Library is divided into three sections:

  • Outlandish Section: information about Diana Gabaldon, the books and Outlandish tidbits.
  • Reading Recommendations: LOL's own "Methadone List", complied from suggestions of the Ladies and Lads, and now the new LOL Book of the Month feature.
  • Ladies of Lallybroch Archives: Newsletters, Contests, and The Best of LOL, threads and posts we found should be preserved for posterity... :-)



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Outlandish Section

The Books

Diana Gabaldon's words...


Outlandish Tidbits...


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Reading Recommendations

The Reading Recommendations Page: reading suggestions by other Outlander fans to help you endure the wait until the next book.

LOL Book of the Month: books we loved, and why :-)

Ousted by Outlander! - A collection of Hosers favorite books preceding Outlander, compiled by Lady M&M.


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Ladies of Lallybroch Archives

The Best of LOL

LOL Newsletters, by Lady ValK

LOL Trivia Games

  • Broch Talk is the home for current trivia games. Please note that the links to the archives can be found in the upper righthand corner of the message board.

LOL Contests