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Jason Flemyng - Alive and KickingThe casting game is a favorite with a lot of MacHosers, and the quest for the "perfect Jamie" is an endless topic in LOL discussions.

Diana Gabaldon has always stated she never found someone who was Jamie. But recently she commented in the Compuserve Writer's Forum that English actor Jason Flemyng "would make a good Jamie physically".

Jason was born in London in September 25, 1966, which makes him a little older than the "Outlander" Jamie. His parents are Scottish, so doing Jamie's Scottish burr should probably not present a problem.

Apart from being terribly good looking, with Jamie's deep blue eyes and wonderful red hair, not to mention the sexy Celtic knot work tattoo on his arm :-), Jason Flemyng is a very talented actor, with an already rather long list of credits in movies and TV series, including a small role in Rob Roy, where he can be seen in a kilt.

His best known movies so far are Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, a violent but very funny and intelligent black comedy about four friends who, when an attempt to make some extra cash goes awry, suddenly find themselves involved with some vicious ruthless gangsters (they shaved his hair for this movie, a real crime!), and Alive and Kicking, where he played a gay dancer who refuses to let the fact that he has AIDS rule his life, and which won him the 1996 Venice Film Festival Best Actor Award -- and no, this is NOT a depressing movie! It's a really wonderful, uplifting, funny and romantic love story!  Can you tell I (Rita) really loved this movie? :-)

There's still not much info about Jason on the Internet, but you can check the following links:

Some of Jason Flemyng movies are available in videotape or DVD, and if by chance you're considering buying them from Amazon, we would appreciate it if you used these LOL links :-)


Jason Photos
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Jason in a Kilt
Screen Grabs from Rob Roy

Alas these photos are not very good quality, because in Rob Roy Jason only had a small role as Gregor, one of Rob's men. As a fellow Hoser put it, he was "little more than a kilt in the background", but these give you an idea of how he looks in a kilt... As you can see in the second photo from the left, not very shabby  ;-)


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