What is a Hoser?


"What is a hoser?", you might well ask!

Apparently the real history of the word came from the Dirty 30's or thereabouts, on the Prairies here in Canada, when farmers would siphon gas out of their farm vehicles with a hose - thus ending up being called hoseheads, aka hoser. Hosed would be the verb form *g*.

Most of this stuff relates to Canadiana, but it can be used to refer to anyone - I have no qualms about calling anyone a hoser! :-)

Anyway, in 1981 there were these two guys up here called Doug and Bob McKenzie. They wore lumbarjack plaid jackets, toques and drank beer (Molson's Canadian I've been told) and ate a lot of Canadian back bacon, which they fried on the Coleman. The name of the show was Second City TV and the two fellows were Doug Thomas (now on that Rhett Butler sitcom) and Rick Moranis (who was in the Ghostbuster movies). SCTV was kind of a Canadian Saturday Night Live type show.

They also had a movie called Strange Brew and I've heard they also have another one coming out in the future.

Anyway, they called each other hoser or hosehead, and would say thinks like "Take off, hosehead!", "You're hosed!", "Beauty!" or "Coo loo-coo-coo coo-coo-coo-coo!" [trying thinking that and typing the right number of coos! *g*]

Being the Canadian hoser I am, I have continued to use the terms hoser, hosehead, and hosed all these years. So, if not many people understand I'm not surprised!

In *my* vocabulary the word hoser/hosehead can have many nuances or definitions, equating to words like geek, weirdo, very funny person, corny, out to lunch - it has so many meanings it nearly means ANYTHING! *g* But, it's always said in an affectionate way. I would never call anyone a hoser if I really didn't like them - I'd call 'em something VERY MUCH WORSE! :-)

Don't know if that helps, but if you want to see a couple of pictures of Doug and Bob, go to the link below.

Those of you who haven't seen this and ARE familiar with the Outlander stories might get a laugh.

Clan MacHoser

For a bit about Doug and Bob McKenzie, go to:

Doug and Bob

I plan to do more research on this and will update as I find more info.


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