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Hope and Kate went raiding for kilt-lads at the 52nd Annual Pacific Northwest Highland Games and Clan Gathering, on the 25th and 26th of July at Enumclaw, WA, and they most generously share with us their bounty!

Comments about the pics, are Hope's, so if "Hamish McBeth" on pic #2 ever comes across this page, let it be known that I DIDNA WRITE THAT...

hope and jane

Hope and Jane experiencing grass. Couldn't resist, I know I'm a bit prejudiced, but I just think Jane's so damn cute!

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a cute guy A cute guy who was quite taken aback when I asked to photograph him.

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"Hamish MacBeth" the soldier who had a testicle accident at Prestonpans. hamish

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hope's jamie "Jamie". Cute from the front as weel, but a much closer likeness from behind... He was on to me, so the pictures from the front are no verra good!

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"The Warrior". The front was, unfortunately, not as good as the back. hope's warrior

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jock Jock Sutherland and his trusty dog, R-r-robert R-r-roy MacGr-r-regor... R-r-r-robbie for short. Jock was verra sweet and as it turns out, lives quite near me with his loovely wife and R-r-robbie.

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