The Guest Bedrooms



Even though Jamie takes first place in our heart, there's no reason not to entertain other bonny guests at Lallybroch. A few are close to how some of the Ladies envision Jamie... others are just here for your enjoyment!

If you hang around in LOL, it doesn't take too long to realize that a very important issue occupies a lot of our time. Who's the fairest of all lads gracing our boards as wallpaper.

This transcendental matter was endlessly discussed for a long, long time, until one fine day Lady CF and Lady Rita (aka PB and FW) decided to clear the subject once and for all, and opened a "Favorite Wallpaper Poll".

So now we know who's the best man, right? Uh... not quite... (See the results of the Poll...) but we had fun! :-)

Unfortunately, we don't have the boards from the beginning of the fight -- I'm afraid nobody expected the friendly skirmish to end up turning the social board into a full scale battleground. But we did save the final combat!

So, travel back in time with us, and look at the Social Board during the wallpaper wars. Non-related posts were edited out, but from the number of those left, you can see that, though a few brave souls tried it, keeping up with business as usual was virtually impossible during those days. Remember also that, these being edited versions of the boards, to keep the time sequence the pages must be read from the bottom up.

And now, in case you're still not convinced of the importance of this issue...the gentlemen in question! Have a look at our Wallpaper Gallery! Enjoy!