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      This year's San Diego Games will offer lectures and classes about Scottish genealogy and family history research. Heritage Quest Magazine will provide speakers on such topics as "How to Search Your Scottish Roots on the Internet," and "How to Get Your Genealogy Line 'Across the Pond'." Beth Gay, Editor of The Family Tree, is the Games' Special Guest and will present her popular "Bet You're Scottish Somewhere" and "Auntie Beth's 101 Genealogical Tips and Ideas."

      In addition to the theme of Genealogy and Family History, there will be lots of star-quality entertainment. Alasdair Fraser and Alex Beaton, both renowned Scottish entertainers, will be joined by Golden Bough, Barbara MacDonald Magone, Wicked Tinkers, and Glenfinnan to present a wide range of music on two stages during the weekend.

      Author Diana Gabaldon, will sign books and do readings from her popular Outlander series.

      The San Diego Scottish Highland Games and Gathering of the Clans will be held June 24 and 25. Visit the Games at <>, or call 619.645.8080 for full details.

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