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Clan Henderson "adopts" Diana Gabaldon at the Scottish Weekend!

The Odom Heritage Award winner for 2000, bestselling writer, Diana Gabaldon signing books at the Scottish Weekend in Moultrie. Note that Ms. Gabaldon is wearing her new Henderson sash. The Ladies of Lallybroch quilt is shown in the background.

      The Clan Henderson Society in the United States and Canada made Diana Gabaldon a "Henderson by Affection" at the recent Scottish Weekend in Moultrie, Georgia, Saturday 1PM ceremonies.

      New Southeastern Regional Commissioner, Rex Maddox read a letter from Clan Henderson president Dr. Horace Loftin, which made Ms. Gabaldon a part of the great Clan Henderson.

      Pat Maddox (Clan Henderson, Clan Little and COSGA) presented a Henderson sash to Diana Gabaldon as a symbol of her new Scottish afilliation.

      In the old days, anyone could become a member of any Clan if they wished. Clan Henderson preserves that old tradition with their Henderson By Affection category.

      Diana wore her new Henderson sash to the Gala Banquet and Ceilidh that evening.

      At the same ceremonial occasion, Ward and Terrie Weems, of Weems and Sons Booksellers, presented Diana with a small clarsach (Scottish harp) and a plaque recognizing Diana's storytelling abilities as a true Scottish bard.

      The Ladies of Lallybroch presented Diana with a handmade quilt made by the Lallybroch Quilters.


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