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      Upon reading the novels of author Diana Gabaldon some lucky people become the victims of a strange affliction. Jamie Fraser, the Scottish hero of the Outlander series, suddenly is more real than family and friends, victims start talking in Scots Dialect, even to those who never read a single book in the series, decorate their homes in tartan plaid and develop a keen interest in all things Scottish!

      If you've ever had an obsession over something and felt frustration because you either had no one to share it with, or you were chastised because of it, then you know how Judie Rousselle felt in early 1997.

      Totally captivated by Diana Gabaldon's Outlandish series, and more specifically with the larger-than-life-but-oh-so-human, eighteenth century Highlander hero James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser. she, unlike most of us, did something about it. In August, 1997, she created the perfect venue for Jamie-aholics: The Ladies of Lallybroch™ [].

      This website caters to Gabaldon addicts worldwide by providing, in its message boards, fun and lively discussions about the series, Scottish themes and life in general.

      At the Odom Library both Beth Gay and Norma McKellar are now bonafide Ladies of Lallybroch™!

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Note from Ladies of Lallybroch
Our own Lady CF and TOC collaborated on writing the text for this article!


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Are you a fan of Diana Gabaldon's world? Wanna join the Ladies of Lallybroch™?
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