The Drawing Room


Welcome to the Drawing Room of Lallybroch! Make yourself at home, and enjoy the conversation.


Message Boards

We gather on the Message Boards to talk about Jamie and Claire, discuss the Outlander Series, anything Scottish or Celtic, and to just have fun.

We have eleven message boards available at the moment. Please choose the appropriate board and try to keep your posts on topic. Before posting for the first time, please check the community guidelines in the Parlor, and don't forget to read the FAQ.

  • The Books Board, where we have the Quote of the Day, and book discussions. Please note that the book discussions involve ALL SIX PUBLISHED OUTLANDER BOOKS plus other published works of Diana Gabaldon! If you have not yet read all 6 Outlander books, chances are you are going to encounter many messages that will contain "spoilers" in them. They will not always have a "spoiler" notice on them, so tread carefully.

    NOTE: We would prefer that discussions regarding Diana's "in progress" works are NOT posted in the Books Board. Lady Vicki has set up a board exclusively for the discussion of unpublished excerpts and you can find it HERE, so please visit there for all the spoiler discussions you can possibly ever want! Thank you. (But it is ok to post notices in the Books board when there is a new excerpt to keep us informed.)

  • Join LisaW and her posse on Broch Talk. Participate in polls, trivia, mini reads

  • Sassenach Musings Board - read a new book review every two weeks.

  • The Social Board, for camaraderie and general fun.

  • The Welcome Board for introductions and general questions about LOL from newcomers.

  • The Reading Recommendations Board, to recommend or comment on books that you enjoyed, and get a few reading suggestions.

  • The Lallybroch Kirk, if you have a problem, if you need a friend, if you would like some advice, or if you just want to vent. Lady Valerie L is "Keeper of the Kirk" and directs this board. Just to make it clear, despite its name, the Lallybroch Kirk is not affiliated with any church or religion! It's just a place to find a friendly shoulder when needed.

  • The Literary Forum to discuss and share our own creative writing. NOTE: Outlander Fan Fiction is NOT allowed on this board.

  • The Joke Board, to post jokes, as the name says... :-)

  • The HTML Practice Board, to practice and test your abilities with HTML language, links and pictures before you post them on the main boards. You can learn about basic HTML commands in the FAQ.

  • The Backup Board, to keep the LallyJunkies happy when the Voy boards decide to misbehave.



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Mailing List

Ladies of Lallybroch also maintains a Mailing List at Yahoo!Groups.

Note that this is exclusively a moderated announcements list (discussion about the books takes place on the Books Board and Broch Talk).

The Mailing List is used for special announcements and LOL contests.

To get on the mailing list you have to be at least 18 years old. If you want to be on the LOL Mailing List, email Judie. It will require a few simple details about you, but only to verify that it is a legitimate request. This information will not be shared with anyone unless you wish it.

That's it! Have fun!