Hoser Gathering: 14-16 April 1999
Washington, DC and State College, PA

Lady Charyl

Hope resting in our DC Hotel after that verra long flight from the left coast. Shhhhh. Dinna wake her. We want her in good form for the hosers at Fado's
So here we are, all together at Fados. Now the fun really starts! Left to right: Valeria, Evelyn,Terry, Val K., Jenny B, Charyl and Hope, who still looks a wee bit tired, no?
Well, we are hootin' it up, but poor Hope, eh? She's struggling a bit ;)
Now we got her! Should have known that all we needed to do was to ask her about her tattoo. She was even wearing a button that said, "Ask me about my tattoo." What a hoser, eh?
We had DHs, too. And ya know what? They were just as hosed as the ladies! Starting from the left are Mr Val K., Mr. Jenny B., and Mr. Terry.
"Och, Aye!" says Mr. Terry
Then Hedy's friends, Sherry and Ray, heard all of us hosing it up and and came by for a visit. They are just as hosed as Hedy, hehehe.
Hope's smiling, now!
Clandestine. Pipes but no kilt :(
Left to Right: Charyl, Hope, Merc, Mr. Merc, Valerie, and JP.
Three hosers and a flat cat
Hope and Charyl then traveled north to Merc's house. Merc is a first class host (and hoser). We had a wonderful time, but guess what happened to Hope while we were there? Hehehe, Hope ran out of toilet paper. But it was okay, because Valerie L., and JP brought two rolls of Scott TP (what else, eh?) with them. They are so thoughtful! We then all went out to Baby's for dinner. Baby's is a '50s style eatery. Notice the pinball machine in the background. JP and Charyl had a bit of fun with that. We won't say who lost, will we JP? Oh, and ask Valerie about her Teeny Weeny. And don't forget the waitress. She had a big ole tongue stud, but no tattoo - go figure.
Hope and Charyl spent the last day hosing around Philadelphia. Ever in search of red heads, we found a young Bree.
Of course when we saw this road sign, we just had to stop. Yup, it says Judith Lane. This one's for you Judie!
Okay! Yeah! Let's do it again!!!!



Hey! Before you go, have a look at the tattoo update!
Looking good, hosers!

tattoo update



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