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Looks like you all have things under control here...
Thursday, 15-Jul-1999 20:48:11
  • Message: writes:

    This looks like a wild and crazy bunch over here!! I should get of my FWA and learn all this HTML...but reading all of your stuff is much more fun!! Besides..this board could never hold all my screw ups!! Have fun ladies and I will keep checking on ya!

    MJ who is too shy to play


  • Valeria: Come out, come out! The more the merrier! :) (And, to borrow a line from Miss Bennet, I am sure your fingers are as capable as any other's of superior execution! :) ) (n/t) (16-Jul-1999 15:39:14)

Only Three Months To Go!!!
Thursday, 15-Jul-1999 18:12:33
  • Message: writes:

    loyaty in death

    But can we stand the wait?



  • CF: NO. I can't wait (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 21:27:07)
    KellyWench: Ye know...I think perhaps I should give these books a try. I love sci-fi,but don't care much for detective / cop / mystery stories. Are these books more than that? I know lots are ga-ga over some Roarke guy. Fill me in. :o) (n/t) (16-Jul-1999 09:10:08)
    • Valeria, doing a verra poor job of it: Another lady might do a much better job ... but here goes! Eve is a cop that cares and gets the job done, Roarke is a multisquizzionaire who grew up poor but sly on the streets of (I think?) Dublin. She has to investigate him for her first case, he is completely entranced, and ...well, you can imagine the rest! :) I haven't read many other mysteries since childhood, but I may dip into more of the genre now, it's actually quite fun. Did I leave anything out? (n/t) (16-Jul-1999 15:49:48)
      • Valeria: Errr, perhaps did not stress quite enough what a handsome and romantic laddie Roarke is??? (n/t) (16-Jul-1999 15:54:49)
        Sues: Your good Valeria!!! Also these books are set in the future...and all the modern conviences of the time are cool...but not distracting to the story. I want one of those AutoChefs!!! heee (n/t) (16-Jul-1999 16:01:54)
        • Valeria, oopsie!: OG yes! And one of those showers you can say "Full blast, 90 degrees" to and have it do your bidding! (n/t) (16-Jul-1999 16:08:43)
          • Roarke: I conclude that you ladies are as *ahem* fond of the kitchen as is my dear Eve. But, you have excellent taste in men, I must say! (Handsome and romantic, am I?) (n/t) (16-Jul-1999 16:46:07)

Wednesday, 14-Jul-1999 23:41:14
  • Message: writes:


    me (let me try once more w/ the quotations then i'll try w/out.)


  • me: I did it!!! yea! (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 23:44:09)
    Kim Marie: Looks good to me!! ;) (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 10:17:35)
    Amanda S: Ohhh, I like that one!! Snagged for my collection!! (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 15:30:23)
    M&M....hey Liam how about that little Marilyn Monroe thing!: What I would give for a really strong strong gust of wind right now!!!!! (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 16:53:14)
    KellyW crawling on hands and knees in a direct path: Water....must get to very thirsty....need water.... (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 17:48:06)
    Sues (searching frantically in the closet for her mirrored shoes): Just make ye want to stroll over and say hello!!! *g* (n/t) (16-Jul-1999 12:41:03)

Okie - Dokey...I've got to try one of these.
Wednesday, 14-Jul-1999 17:22:52
  • Message: writes:




  • KellyWench: This is me at our latest family gathering. Aren't I stunning?! ;o) (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 17:23:50)
    M&M: You know you look just like my Aunt Hilda, except you have teeth! (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 23:55:07)
    KellyW: ROTFL!!! (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 10:03:38)

Thought I should try an image:
Wednesday, 14-Jul-1999 14:19:58
  • Message: writes:

    Lets try Mr Darcy!darcy

    Amanda S


  • Amanda S: Ohhhh, lovely! This practicing is really fun! (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 14:21:27)
    • Amanda, having a blast with the animated GIFS: wow (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 14:33:50)

    Bev: Ooooooh! Thanks, Amanda S. Did you read the article below? I never got the impression he was short. Gotta get the tapes out as soon as I can find them. (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 15:49:52)

    • Merc: And when you watch the tapes again, you'll be looking at how tall Darcy appears, right? Not at that trouser flap thingy, right? Just checking! (hehehehehehehe) (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 23:46:51)
      • Bev, with all her fingers and toes crossed: Och, Merc! I wouldn't DREAM of looking at the trouser flap thing!y (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 13:15:36)
        • Mel: And, of course, never, ever think of UNBUTTONING that trouser flap thingy. Ever. (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 14:14:08)
          • Bev: Never in a million years! (hehehe!) (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 16:45:55)
            • Sues: And I've never wondered how many buttons he has to unbutton when he twinkles!! heee Never! (n/t) (16-Jul-1999 12:44:24)
              • Valeria: I have however wondered whether men in those days wore belts with their trousers. Though I would never, ever stray into thinking about what would happen to beltless trousers did the wee buttons just pop off all of a sudden to do divine intervention. Absolutely not!!! (n/t) (16-Jul-1999 16:02:58)
                Doh! (hoping bold off now):
                Aack! Very bold indeed! And "to do" = "due to". (n/t) (16-Jul-1999 16:12:36)

      Amanda S: Sure did, I just got done with the series and I didn't notice any shortcomings *BWG*. Must have been the creative camera angles. (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 15:29:10)

Yet another test
Tuesday, 13-Jul-1999 14:16:29
  • Message: writes:

    Can I ever perfect this?

              How many more times must I do this to get it right? If I could only memorize all of the tricks, I would be okay.
              I think that I am getting better at this.
    But who knows, you be the judge.


  • Amanda S: Rather than memorize, I have a second browser window open at the FAQ HTML help page and I copy and paste. Just be carefull to remove the example text or you could haveJamie's swordpop up in the middle of one of your sentences!!!!! Not a bad thing to get everyones attention though!!!! (n/t) (13-Jul-1999 16:45:16)
    • Cheri: Hey! I'd be happy to haveJamie's swordpop up!!! Heeeheeeheee!!! (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 07:56:07)
      • Amanda S: Wouldn't we all!!!!! *BWG* (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 12:34:05)
        Jamie: Here is my sword, lassies! sword (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 14:39:48)
        • Och, but Jamie, I'd much rather play with your sausage, lad. Dinnae want ta hurt m'self, ye ken? (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 16:47:36)
          • KellyW: Good God man, but I saw that thing grow before my very eyes!!!! Mighty impressive sword there and I have just the scabbard for ye. Eww. sorry. (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 17:27:17)
            • Amanda S: Sorry for what? You just said what we were thinking ourselves! (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 15:39:51)

            Valeria: Did someone say "sausage"? sausages Multiple sausages!!! :) (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 22:21:55)

            • Chris: And such nice WARM sausages! :-) (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 14:24:09)
              Amanda S: Hmmmm, what I could do with three hot sausages....... (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 15:18:53)
              M&M: Is that the sausages of the three stooges? (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 16:54:43)
              Valeria: Perhaps alternative Book 5 title could be The Fierey Sausage ? (n/t) (16-Jul-1999 16:17:38)

          M&M: LOOK AT THAT!! (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 23:38:36)

          • Amanda S: I knew you would like that M&M....Thrust - Parry, Thrust - Parry, Thrust - Parry (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 15:36:43)
            Robin: Rofl!!!! (n/t) (16-Jul-1999 09:31:30)

O.K., getting back to this image of Darcy wi' a hmmmphmmmm..... all those hosers whose eyes are irrepressibly drawn to that funny flap apparatus positioned just so on Darcy's wedding trousers, raise your hand!!
Tuesday, 13-Jul-1999 13:27:19
  • Message: writes:

    Merc, wi' her hand held high! :-)


  • Bev: Me! (I think they called it a fly in those days too, it just didna have a zipper.) (n/t) (13-Jul-1999 13:53:52)
    • Amanda S, having so much fun: What, like one of these.. zipper ? (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 14:30:21)

    KellyW: Oooh man! I missed this! Gotta go check out my P&P tape again. ;o) (n/t) (13-Jul-1999 15:56:23)
    Amanda S: How about raise your hand if you were able to look ANYWHERE ELSE!!!!! ;-) P.S. I am really practicing my HTML now, see!! (n/t) (13-Jul-1999 16:34:11)
    Valeria: Yep!!! Phew, no longer feel like deviant, obsessed person I felt like before when I caught myself looking there! :) (n/t) (13-Jul-1999 21:38:34)
    Mel: To Continue the Discussion of Mr. Darcy's Trousers.... (13-Jul-1999 21:43:58)

    • Valeria: Ooooh, Mel, thank you for that--it was really interesting! I think it's so great that 3 million people were gaga over the series! But especially loved the trousers bit! "No one could live in trousers like that without the tension finally getting to them." :) Don't know about that, but I do know that the, er, tension sure was getting to me! Thanks for that!!! :) (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 03:52:20)
      • Sues: Thank you thank you thank you Mel! That's a great article!!! "Filled with the joys of Spring" Indeed!!! (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 08:59:01)

      Bev: Thanks for the 'informative' article, Mel. It's always nice to know we're part of a mass hysteria! (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 10:23:40)
      Amanda S: Yes, it is always nice to know that others think the same way. Then what you once thought of as an abnormal fetish, suddenly becomes socially acceptable as "fandom". Well, at least in our group. :-) Lets hear it for Mr Darcy's trousers!!! (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 12:52:48)

    Sues (raising her hand high!): ME!!! (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 08:44:37)
    Rita: hand (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 14:13:54)

    • Amanda S: Someone has been visiting the animated GIF page. Good one!!! (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 14:23:32)
      M&M....crude....but couldnt resist.: Now Rita if you could just put a sword in that mans hand i think he will be all set! (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 00:08:14)
      • Valeria, chortling through nose in a very unbecoming fashion: I am excessively diverted! :) (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 02:00:49)

    Merc: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I THOUGHT so!!! (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 19:08:49)

Ladt go now
Friday, 09-Jul-1999 08:10:37
  • Message: writes:

         Jamie my love are ye out there?



  • Jamie: Och, beggin' yer forgiveness, lass. I was so busy watching those two clotheids Mr. Darcy and Liam clashin' horns, that I missed yer post. Aye, lass, I'm here. I'm always here. (n/t) (10-Jul-1999 18:50:24)
    Claire who is sounding a bit like Loaghaire today!: Give it up Gwen, he is mine. Mine I tell you! All mine! (n/t) (11-Jul-1999 17:39:54)
    • Jamie: Och, Sassenach, dinna fash. I was only tryin' ta reassure Gwen. Ye ken ye are m' only love. (n/t) (11-Jul-1999 19:16:14)
      • Claire with little puffs of steam from her ears.: Jamie, dont you remember that whole "Brothel in France" conversation, two hundred and twenty years ago! (n/t) (12-Jul-1999 10:10:56)

Continuing my Colin Firth / Bridget Jones's Diary obsession w/ a linkie!
Monday, 05-Jul-1999 22:15:04
  • Message: writes:

    Daaaaarcy! Colin! Okay, so it's Mr. Firth to me. Anyway, a friend sent me a very funny "interview" of Colin Firth (Wallpaper Man on this board, and Darcy in the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice *sigh*) conducted by the fictional character Bridget Jones (a.k.a. Helen Fielding, who wrote Bridget Jones's Diary) printed in London's Independent about two years ago. Bridget, who has a Firth/Darcy obsession, "interviews" Colin. There is much discussion of the Darcy character, and in particular The Wet Shirt Scene is a hilariously recurring topic. There's also a bit about Darcy's sex drive at the end that's, um, actually quite exciting (or I could be unhealthily obsessed, or have a pathetically sedentary existence, etc., ... but I prefer to think it's actually quite exciting!).

    If you're a fan of Darcy from the BBC P&P production, or a Bridget Jones fan, you might enjoy this. Here's the link (I hope!):

    Colin + Bridget

    The whole interview isn't on the same page; if you want the whole thing you must clink on the "more interview" link at the bottom of the first linked page.

    Hoping you will forgive this off-topic, Darcy post!



  • Doh!: I should use the HTML practice board to practice HTML!!! The linkie above doesna work; hopefully this one does: Colin + Bridget--REALLY! (n/t) (05-Jul-1999 22:20:34)
    Merc: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA *gasp* hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah OMG! Too funny! Gotta look for this Bridget Jones Diary! Thanks for sharing this on the secret Darcy board Valeria! :-) (n/t) (06-Jul-1999 10:47:18)
    • Sues: Found you Darcy-a-holics!!!! heeeeee (n/t) (06-Jul-1999 11:35:48)
      Valeria: So glad you liked the link!!! I laughed my way through Bridget Jones's Diary--in fact send me an e-mail with your address if you'd like me to loan you my copy of BJD through the mail, since it's just sitting here useless on my shelves! It's a very funny modern take on Pride and Prejudice--I think it's being made into a movie! :) (n/t) (06-Jul-1999 21:21:30)

    Mel: Imagine Darcy with a.....classic! I love it! Great link, Valeria. Any more where that came from? (n/t) (06-Jul-1999 18:36:31)

    • Valeria, babbling about Mr. Firth :): I spent altogether too much time last night imagining Darcy with a ... I didna think females were supposed to have this problem of sex on the brain! :) Anyway, I don't have more links that are that funny, but if it's the romantic yearning aspect of it that appealed you might want to check out another part of the same site where Firth talks about Darcy and how he was trying to play him, etc. That link is (I hope) Firth on Darcy. Again, you have to keep clicking the "more" buttons at the bottom to keep going. The whole Firth site might be worth checking out of you're a real fan (I can't take credit for that link; I think Rita posted it several months ago). To explore the whole Firth site, just go to the end of the first interview posted above and use the links at the bottom of the page. (More interviews are posted under "Articles.") Enjoy! :) (n/t) (06-Jul-1999 21:35:05)
      • Merc: Och, there's a P&P sequel on this site! If you are interested in reading more fan fiction RE P&P, check out the Bits of Ivory section of the Republic of Pemberley site here....Republic of Pemberley I especially enjoy everything written by fan author Ann2. And I also spent WAY TOO much time envisioning Darcy with a.......! *g* (n/t) (06-Jul-1999 21:55:49)
        • Rita: ROTFL!!! Valeria, that link is awesome! So you ladies tell me I was not the only one who had visions of a mmmphming Darcy??? ;-) (n/t) (07-Jul-1999 05:41:30)
          • Mel: No, fact, you pretty much need to get in line here. *g* (n/t) (07-Jul-1999 10:31:44)
            • Rita: o-k! I'll take any place in that line... this thread just made me go for my P&P tapes tonight... allow me to "Daaaaarcy!" (sorry Liam! I'll be over this tomorrow) (n/t) (07-Jul-1999 21:02:08)
              • Darcy (adjusting neckcloth): Who is this Liam character? Have him brought to me forthwith so that I may call him out! (n/t) (07-Jul-1999 21:55:18)
                • Rita, swooning...: oooooohhh!!! (n/t) (08-Jul-1999 09:12:20)
                  • Darcy *heroically swinging into action and catching the swooning Lady Rita*: My dear! Let me get you to a couch! (Hmmm, where I will be able to secretly admire your supine form whilst you are unaware...) (n/t) (09-Jul-1999 02:08:38)
                    • Rita: Catching me when I swoon? Heroic indeed, dear Mr.Darcy! As soon as I'm recovered you must remove your shirt, Sir, so I can properly massage your strained shoulders and back.... (n/t) (09-Jul-1999 05:44:52)
                      • Liam: Oh, excuse me. Am I interrupting something here? (n/t) (09-Jul-1999 14:08:15)
                        • Rita: Huh... Hi, Liam! This is not what it seems! 8-} (n/t) (09-Jul-1999 19:14:43)
                          • Liam: No? Then would you care to explain, Dear Rita? I do believe there was something mentioned about the removal of clothing and massaging. (n/t) (10-Jul-1999 13:48:08)
                            • Darcy *going white & smacking Liam with gloves -- [oh noooo!]*: You have maligned my lady's good name, and we both are under her spell, so the only remedy I can see is to name your seconds and meet at dawn, Mr., er, Liam. (n/t) (10-Jul-1999 17:29:27)
                              • Liam: Uh, Mr Darcy, are you sure you want to do this? Have you seen the movie Rob Roy? You'd probably be better off not challenging me, sir. (n/t) (10-Jul-1999 18:21:12)
                                Rita, going for heads or tails...: Now, now, lads! No need to fight! Believe me... there's more than enough for both of you! (n/t) (10-Jul-1999 18:35:40)
                                • Valeria: :-D (n/t) (11-Jul-1999 20:53:04)

        Valeria: Thanks, Merc! I read a few of Ann2's chapters--she can really write! (BTW, I was the one who was curious about Mary Jane Lamond! Thanks for the mini-review!) (n/t) (07-Jul-1999 21:50:33)

    Amanda S (drooling on the keyboard) : Oh, Valeria!! I just came here to practice my HTML and I got a hot flush!!! OHHHHH Mr Darcy!!!! I have had a break from work recently and watched the mini series all over again. (Yes, I paid $100 to watch him when ever I wanted). My DH walked in the door from work and said "Oh NOOOO not P&P again". Ha Ha Ha. Rather funny though. An old german girlfriend said to me one day: "You know something, your husband reminds me of one Mr Darcy I saw recently on a BBC mini series. DH was flattered, but I asked "In looks or maners???" **snicker** Well, I'm off to check out the site you kindly linked for us. If I don't find the image that you used for the wallpaper can I ask you to e-mail me the higher resolution file????? Thank you for making my day!!!!!!! I'll work on my HTML tomorrow. (n/t) (07-Jul-1999 22:44:07)

    • Amanda S: OK Valeria, I give up. I can't find that image anywhere! Could you let me know the address of it's location on the web? Or could you send it to me via e-mail? Thank you so very much!!! (n/t) (08-Jul-1999 02:33:06)
      • Rita: Och, Amanda... if you mean the wallpaper in this board, it's a small image that I used. I enlarged it to make a big Darcy, but it looks awful unless it's faded like this... anyway, if you want it, post a note here, and I'll look for the original. (n/t) (08-Jul-1999 09:10:39)
        Mel: Might want to go here: clicket.  I could look at Mr. Darcy all day! (n/t) (08-Jul-1999 10:13:57)
        • Amanda S: Thank you Rita and Mel! I have snagged the image for my collection. I had a thing for Mr Darcy from the original book even before the BBC series! Maybe I get out the tapes again, after all it has only been a few weeks... Ha Ha :-) (n/t) (08-Jul-1999 11:10:25)
          • Valeria: Oooh, I'm glad Rita & Mel could help w/ the image b/c I don't know how to do anything w/ images besides gaze at them longingly! :P Am v jealous of any lady whose dh reminds people of Mr. Firth in P&P! *sigh* (n/t) (09-Jul-1999 01:55:25)
            • Amanda S: I seriously think it was more his maner that his looks. Perhaps the smoldering eyes are the same. Most say he looks like Neil Diamond - though I don't think so! (n/t) (09-Jul-1999 13:20:26)
              KellyW: Och, the only thing my dh and colin firth have in common is the same birthday! (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 10:47:56)

    Morgan: Re: Continuing my Colin Firth / Bridget Jones's Diary obsession w/ a linkie! (08-Jul-1999 00:36:59)

    • Rita: Hi Morgan! You're more than welcome to join Lallybroch! And yes, Mr. Darcy makes practicing HTML a pleasure, doesn't he? (n/t) (08-Jul-1999 09:23:04)
      Valeria: Hello there Morgan! Just jump right in; the ladies at Lallybroch are about the friendliest on the net! All this, and a secret Darcy board disguised as an HTML practice board, too! :) (n/t) (09-Jul-1999 02:00:59)

    Valeria: It's official! Welcome to the SECRET DARCY BOARD, everyone! LOL, Rita!!! :) (n/t) (10-Jul-1999 17:34:00)

    • Chris: WOOHOO! IT's the SECRET DARCY BOARD! I just love "practicing" with him! (n/t) (10-Jul-1999 20:56:24)
      She who lusts for Roarke: Okay, Darcy is great, I'll agree, and I'm so glad he now has his own secret board, but now I wanna know...Where's the secret Roarke board? (n/t) (11-Jul-1999 02:01:49)
      • Chris: Guess we'll have to find one, eh? But then, Roarke.....does he even HAVE a picture? (n/t) (11-Jul-1999 12:04:15)
        Valeria: The secret Roarke board is sooooooo secret that [groan] we dinna ken where it is, exactly. :) (PS: I like Roarke too! I give Darcy higher brooding points!) (n/t) (11-Jul-1999 21:01:40)
        • V: should be a "though" or a "but" in that last sentence. :) (Hey, at least I didn't misspell "brooding" as "breeding"! :)) (n/t) (11-Jul-1999 21:06:00)

      Sues: Move over I come Darcy Dear!!! (n/t) (12-Jul-1999 10:10:41)

    Adrian in his best Jan Brady voice...........: Darcy, Darcy , Darcy! ! ! (n/t) (12-Jul-1999 10:24:49)

    • Judie: Mr. Darcy WISHES!!!! (n/t) (12-Jul-1999 18:41:45)
      CF: Och, Adrian...dinnae fash, lad. No one does brooding better than you and your Duncan. (n/t) (12-Jul-1999 18:41:50)
      Rita: Adrian dear, you have to get on line like the rest of us... But somehow, Adrian honey, I think you're even less Mr. Darcy's type than I am! (n/t) (12-Jul-1999 18:54:37)
      Mr. Darcy, sniffing: Adrian--that's a girl's name, eh? Voice sounds a little high to suit me, but might be interesting to hear her with my sister near the pianoforte. (n/t) (12-Jul-1999 22:10:46)
      • Adrian: Uh, no more than Darcy is a girl's name, laddie. I'd watch myself, sir, or you'll soon be the one singing soprano. (n/t) (13-Jul-1999 19:27:29)
        • Liam the chosen one! ! ! : I can handle the lot of you with the double ended light saber thingie that I stole from the Episode One set. (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 00:17:48)
          • Judie and Adrian : Mr. D-ARSE-y :-) (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 01:23:41)
            • Valeria, choking back laugh & trying for damage control cuz that was a good 'un :): Geez, guys, are you transfixed by the manly form he cuts in his breeches, too? Most people can't take their eyes off the "straining trapdoor front," but you have a point, the back is nice, too. Maybe if you ask, Adrian, Mr. Darcy will give you the name of his tailor. Though I'm not sure he does dresses. :) (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 04:04:33)
              • Mr. Darcy's tailor: Er, sorry, not sure there's much I can do. duncan (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 04:47:16)
                • J. Austen: Oh dear. Please, I would be most obliged if you all would treat each other with kindness and respect. And you, Mr. Paul, Mr. Neeson...return to the Social Board at once. (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 13:35:31)
                  • Valeria: Beg your pardon! (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 21:58:13)
                    • J. Austen: Oh dear, now I've done it, haven't I? I meant no offense, Miss Valeria. I merely wished for those two lads to go back to where they belong, rowing on the Social Board, not here, where they were upsetting the perfect balance of Darcymania. (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 22:13:54)
                      • Valeria, with self-exasperated sigh: This will not do at all! I really meant to beg your pardon! Not to sound missish! Sorry! (Ms Austen, if you will permit a confidence, my language skills have been impaired because corset is too tightly laced, sucking all the blood out of head, which was already preoccupied with thoughts of trousers.) :) (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 01:37:48)
                        • J. Austen: Trousers? By my life, I do not recall scribing anything about trousers. (n/t) (16-Jul-1999 01:13:07)

    Bev: Valeria, the interview was a complete stich! and this thread is incredible! It's been going on so long! Somebody save it for posterity! I do love Mr. Darcy (have ever since it was Laurence Olivier playing him!), but I've never thought of him in such . . .such. . .erotic ways before! Thanks all for the LOL. (n/t) (12-Jul-1999 15:48:40)

    • Bridget Jones: Don't you think the word erotic is quite an erotic word? ;) (n/t) (12-Jul-1999 22:19:56)

    Amanda S: OK, I just HADto get out the tapes the other day to keep me company whilst doing the bills. And would you know those darn things took six hours to do!!!! Well, that is what I told DH anyway! Thank you for reminding me what a smolderingly passionate devil Mr Darcy was!!!! (n/t) (12-Jul-1999 18:48:01)

    • Mr. Darcy, perplexed: Er, was??? (n/t) (12-Jul-1999 22:21:37)
      • Amanda S: Oh, Sorry Mr Darcy I thought you were dead these last couple of hundred years. (I should know better than to use past tense with this crowd, time is not relevent!!!!) Of corse you are still a sexy passionate devil!!! (n/t) (13-Jul-1999 16:40:42)

    Miss Elizabeth Bennett..ahem..I mean KellyW: I wondered where the hell everybody went! Don't check the HTML board for a bit and *see* what I miss! (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 10:35:44)

    • Amanda S: Oh No Kelly W, how could you miss Mr Darcy's trousers!!!! (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 12:59:15)
      • KellyW: If I had my way, lass....he'd be missing HIS trousers! ;o) (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 17:30:13)
        • Mr. Darcy, peering out from middle of lake at Pemberly: Where the devil are my trousers? (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 22:02:40)
          • Crazed Darcymaniac standing on the shore waving said trousers back and forth, the button flap flapping in the breeze : Oh Mr. Daaaarrrrr-ccccccyyyyy! Over here, dear! (n/t) (14-Jul-1999 23:21:44)
            • Mr. Darcy, sounding surprisingly Jamieish: Ma'am. You have me at a disadvantage. :) (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 01:53:44)
              • Mr. Collins, waving a ridiculous hat: *flap flap* Oh DEAR! Such behavior will NOT secure the condescension of Lady Catherine!!! You will NEVER be invited to dine at Rosings again! (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 20:06:19)

          Amanda, ROFL holding her aching stomach: Oh god, I just laughed so hard I strained my gut muscles!! (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 15:25:02)

          • Amanda S: Whoops, I was laughing so hard I forgot my last name!!! (n/t) (15-Jul-1999 20:38:46)

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