Buying books from Amazon

Buying from Amazon - US, Canada, UK

On many of the pages at Ladies of Lallybroch you will see some graphics that look like these:



Click on any of these to take you to (US), (Canada) or (UK).

You will also find individual items linked throughout the LOL web site. Clicking on those will take you directly to that item at Amazon.

If you look at the  Books by Diana Gabaldon page you will see all her titles there, in many editions.  Her books are directly and individually linked to Amazon.  If you click on any one of those titles it will take you to that book's page at Amazon. 

Enter any of these Amazon sites through a link and add items to your shopping cart. If you are then ready to place your order, please do so. Once it is complete it will count towards my commission. If you decide not to place your order at that time you may return at a later time, but in order for it to count as a commission for me you have to return again through a link on the LOL site. You can add items on as many different times as you wish, but when you are ready to place your order just make sure you return through an Amazon link through LOL and when you finally place your order it will count towards my commissions. And your support is very MUCH appreciated. :-)

Hope this sheds some light on things for you. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me here. Thank you.