This page is dedicated to Lady Niki...
We may be the Ladies and Laddies of Lallybroch,
but she got it right when she dubbed us:

"Clan MacHoser"

MacHosers are loyal, and proud of family achievements...

images/takeoff2x1.gif images/takeoff2x2.gif images/takeoff2x3.gif images/takeoff2x4.gif images/takeoff2x5.gif
images/takeoff4x1.gif images/takeoff4x2.gif images/takeoff4x3.gif

... and the family that plays together, stays together...

images/beerhosers1x1.gif images/beerhosers1x2.gif
images/beerhosers2x1.gif images/beerhosers2x2.gif

"Say it loud, and say it proud:
"The MacHosers are here!!!!"

This public service announcement brought to you by Clan MacHoser.
Memberships currently being accepted. Offer good for 200 years!
Get yours today. "Beauty!"

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