The Reilly/Bosch Incident

Date Posted: 20:48:29 06/18/03 Wed
Author: Reilly
Subject: I would be very exciting...and also very scarey to be in such a wild environment all alone and knowing what it will become. Now, if you'll pardon me I need to post a picture of one of my favorite paintings inside, because it is sooo appropriate for the subject matter. If you please>>>>

I hope this isn't way too large, but it really has to be large in order to spot all the crazy creatures in the painting. For those of you unfamiliar with this painting it is by the Dutch artist, Heironymous Bosch, and is called "The Garden of Earthly Delights". I just love this crazy painting and wonder what this guy was "on" when he painted it. is art. ; )


  • Thanks for the hilarity everyone! I needed this! I'm going to save it so I can read it anytime I need a good laugh. (NT) -- MJT, 16:56:14 06/19/03 Thu
  • Re: flowers in the bum guy>>Okay this might sound gross but here goes....I was watching that older Canadian woman Sue- something or other (the sunday night sex talk show) she was discussing butt plugs could this be the earlier model we are witnessing in this painting????? (NT) -- AmyGirl, 18:23:00 06/19/03 Thu
  • You know, maybe it's just me....but....has anyone else noticed that not one single person is actually having sex in this picture???? Earthly Delights *snerk* - oh HUH!!! (NT) -- BluEyedDaizy, 19:28:52 06/19/03 Thu
  • OMG you guys kill me! I'm sitting here lmao and the DH says "are you still laughing at that picture?!? You were laughing about that this morning when I went to work!!" (NT) -- Shana who is still laughing at that picture, 18:39:36 06/19/03 Thu

  • OMG, I am so sorry I am late for class! I just now logged on to see what the test will be on! I have to now do an "all nighter" just to keep up with the rest of you hosers! Thanks Reilly for a great laugh! (NT) -- Bandruidh, 20:03:52 06/19/03 Thu

  • *in her most humble Oscar persona*'s just a thrill to be nominated...*giggles* Well...I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves and my painting. My four goals in life are to be educated, to educate, to be enlightened, and to enlighten. And I think I've accomplished all of that in this one post. *LOL* I'm so full of hot air...glad you guys enjoyed. ; ) (NT) -- Reilly, 20:55:52 06/19/03 Thu